Your Food Horoscope: Pisces | Food Network

– Hello. I am Angel Eyedealism, and I’m
here to tell you what the best foods are for your zodiac sign. Pisces is one of the most
creative of all the signs. And when it comes to food,
they are incredibly creative. Being the fish of the zodiac,
they take to seafood– any kind of seafood. Lobsters, clams, bass, striped– they love it, OK? And they feel that
it’s brain food. They get very
spaced out, and they just sort of leave the planet. And the protein from
the fish just helps them be a little bit more grounded. They’re very, very sensitive
people and therefore have sensitive systems,
so they must honor this with not too spicy, lots
of variety, seafood, light vegetables, and lots of greens. [music playing]


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