#YorkUConvo Class of 2017: Physics and Astronomy

Mom! (laughter) In physics and astronomy degree the most important thing about it is that they teach you the side of theoretical physics, so you learn about cosmology and kind of expand your mind, but then on the other side because you’re learning observational, and you get to actually, physically, go look at data and evidence of these things that exist you end up having this battling thought in your head and my favorite part was: are you going to sit and expand your mind with theories, or are you going to be the type of person that needs evidence to believe that these facts are true? I’m a hardcore observational astronomer Evidence all the way! Having the observatory at hand allows us to apply the knowledge that we’re learning, not only through physics and astronomy, directly into the work force field, so if you’re somebody who wants to go work in an observatory after this, or go do research, at this point in your undergraduate degree you do have that hands-on experience which will allow you to A) know if you want to do that from the beginning and, B) be able to excel at it the minute you do enter that world

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