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By Bismillah Rehman-ur-Rehman-ul-Islam Alaikum Viewer Haider Jafri from November 17, 2019 On November 23, 2019, you will be in the audience with Weekly Prediction Now let’s talk about Weekly Prediction of Star Wars Vargo, the sixth star of the System Bridge Before we do, we will request that the two videos be eclipsed and Look at the effects that have been uploaded and see them Specifically the videos in which we mentioned his remodels are three Spain Mentioned November-December January-Hippening November-December and January We hope you will be impressed with a secos Requests that all our videos be listened to in a sequel overbase. So that we are giving you the Ghadins who will reach you Blessing Element Is Strong Inside Them Of Pleasure Inside Them There is a lot of stroking but still you can understand a little bit of the thoughts inside them. An increase in thoughts and thoughts that are within them
The rest is not such a big problem Hurrying is going on inside a man Not that things are happening but they are good This week is a great week for Vargas as we did Earlier also, eclipse impacts are coming into their own energy and finances Support is to go ahead and not waste the issues that arise in December It needs to be in your focus to stay in power Keep yourself transformed It is very important that we detail this Two videos are spoken in addition to the November video which is the opening video I also mentioned that we would like to see the video in addition to that Had said that knowledge was increasing in addition to the spiritual within them And Crete is filling things up with some issues and hindrances This eclipse will hinder some of their issues but keep coming In the mean time they will be fine too, so not a big problem A lot of their cretos will be kept by people who are talented gentlemen HRM is from any writer or writer is from the media Things are getting a lot better for the financiers at the moment It will feel good inside, but I urge you that on November 25th Things will change afterwards. This eclipse is not normal green. Usually the effects of eclipse are 15 days The first one is fifteen days later, but the effects of this eclipse are over a month ago It will take about a month from 25 to 25 days after the effects start to take effect This is why many people who are telling Weekly productions up to 23 will focus And what we are telling you about is important Better times for social people Time is better for political people There are as many people related to gardening as well as more people from Beautification Relative are related to creativity, which is related to the performing arts. Things have improved a lot more than that on the Import Export Traders The effects of these products are very good, and on top of the manufacturers Things are getting better The development has become a very good time Insha Allah! Lucky numbers will improve if we talk about Lucky numbers There will be two or more references to the spirit of double minded and negative thoughts Because it relates to both Positive Negato at a time when The first negative forces that will affect you are the psychic that comes with you Relationships Come on Your Love Matters Comes Inside God Things will get better and the problem is not so much but then Even two to three Chinese are very important in terms of love when it comes to variations Breaks up are divorce rates rise other marriages Impact of Multi Relation Comes Impact of Natural Relations Fills The other thing is that your secret relationship is the relationship you have with someone Can’t tell people they don’t want to share with, they open up to it And the angle of disgrace that has become too much this week has become a precaution What packs in one session over and over becomes a lot of things We can’t tell you the story here, yet we try to do as many things as you can Let them be very clear. Be careful to pack these natural releases into your star It is going to be a lot of time as it is a beautiful and time of development The chances of both marrying Eringe Marge and Lloe Marge have been high Their things are getting better and their conditions are getting better They have gotten much better when it comes to relationships, which is a legal marriage The love that has no material or physical benefits is very successful in them Great caution is essential to great success, even to the unintentional loss of your relationship The rest of the overhaul is good, the conditions are good enough no matter what Giving a charity this week will be great. Not too important if you give If you can, give a red cloth to someone and give something to someone Charity We tell you how to give, who to give to you in our previous video If you look at it, you will find that you have a long discussion or talk about it No need to talk about health if things that are becoming a problem If you have a problem with the European track or the reproductive system You have venereal disease or a reproductive disease For this you need to be very careful the rest is such a big problem There may be little gastrointestinal issues other than a small one Problems will not be such a big problem other than people who have other diseases There are phobias, etc. They will also feel relief in their illnesses They are very good and are going to be very beautiful if we talk about Lucky Day If Allaah has called it a Blessing Day in the Friday of Friday, You will be present at the service of the Holy Prophet upon the final day The more you offer the doctrine of blessings, the more you will be empowered from within When it comes to travel, you will be very supportive of travel You’ve traveled to a larger connection business with a job connection Business Travel Travel Investing Your time for a new business start-up is great They go from one city to another if you go from one city to another The travel connection is very strong if you want to go to Umrah with a little effort If you do, then you will have the means, then if you come here you will The blessing would be great to meet a spiritual person who is in a spiritual place If you want to go, success will be great for this, plus layer trap The connection remains very strong if you are with your family and legal relationships If you plan on doing this, it will be very good for you Travel is very successful in terms of immigration The work is inshallah your things will get a lot better If you talk about Lucky Colors, Lucky Colors will be Blue. All shades of Blue will give you Ross will come and support you as much as you can focus on yourself The closer you are to God, the better the Blue will be Believed to Hazrat Ali, the Blue is also known as the color of the Wisdom Also called the color of knowledge, it is the great knowledge of knowledge within you If you include Blue in your costume, talk about students As I said, it will create a Spain of knowledge within the student body It is also a good time for the students to improve their affairs The more you can focus on yourself the stronger you can be The better it is, the less disturbed it gets. Stay tuned for your studies Insha Allah Almighty successful and at peace What is important is that success is important for almost all students A very high proportion of all field students will be successful, but especially so Students can get a lot of success or they can get a lot of support She is a Relative Student from Designing is a Relative Student from the Performing Arts. Related to Art is Relative to Creativity is a great time for them They will have a lot of success in Distance Studies too Chance is the reality that is becoming the greatest force in the world of distance educational success If you are in one city, then you are in another city If you take a test in a university in the country, you will get a lot of success God bless you forever and will still tape off Speaking of Week, what if they want to plan a similar layer? So try to reduce driving a little bit at the moment is your number Just because he is a bit down from the driving side doesn’t mean an accident Maybe that means a problem can be a bit self-focus Do things, insha Allah will open your path and You must support if you drive If you are a driver, ask them to drive your own car When it comes to housewives, it’s a little time consuming There has been a bit of a sensation in relationships right now. Focus yourself a bit Because fighting is not enough to resolve disputes if you Hasbind and your children are from Vargo, if any of them appear to be active It is very important that you are careful to listen to the things you understand Focus on yourself as much as you can. May Allaah have mercy on you The closer they will be to Allah, the closer they are to God Karmawazi will face insha’Allah, who was also in favor of you earlier And we will stay here later Tell her the predictions in each video that it doesn’t have to be that way Impressive but it is made on the basis of Mostof That affects 80 to 90 percent and not even 10 to 20 percent It doesn’t have to be productions, so it affects We make you grow if you want a personal taste. Contact us at the number that is already on our channel Let them subscribe so that we and you stay in touch except what is already on our channel. 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