William Optics GT81 Telescope Review

Hi this is my review of the William
Optics GT 81. So this is what you get it’s a triplet apochromatic, which means it’s got three elements in the objective. 81 millimeters in objective diameter it’s very nicely finished like all William Optics scopes quite substantial it weighs probably at 4.5 kilos quite
a lot more than you think it would to look at comes the really convenient
built-in carrying handle which has to be one of the best features I’ve come
across integral dovetail mounting block underneath it’s got a two-speed rack and
pinion focuser which has got a nice smooth motion. I’ve not discovered any problems with slip when it has a camera attached. 2 inch focuser It comes with a reducer as standard. When you get the scope it has a set of rings which attach to the top of the handle these can be
detached easily as you can see and they are able to hold a 50 millimeter finder
or guide scope so if you’ve got a small webcam guider or a small auto guider
you can put that on the back of the of the finder and then the whole package
is set up for guiding astrophotography one edition I’ve made is to put a finder
onto the scope I’m using the red dot finder from William Optics which is
very simple to use quite tricky to attach when you’re trying to do it like
this quite simple to use, easy to adjust brightness and because it’s not got any magnification it’s easy
to look at the sky and find the object that you’re you’re looking to image okay what
is it else is there to say so it’s got a quite fast focal ratio F 5.9 you can buy
a reducer if you want to make it a little bit faster. it’s got focus lock screw generally it’s a really nice piece of kit good optical performance no false color, solid easy to
carry great for grab and go great for imaging.
Thoroughly recommend it William Optics GT 81

  • do you use this for Visual? if so how does Jupiter look? small? I am interested in buying this for visual and AP but visual first and i want CA free views. let me know please!

  • Hi Michael. The planets are small, but the quality of the optics means that you can use quite a lot of magnification and still have quite a crisp image. I would say that visually it's strengths are a wide field and a bright image free of CA, but not necessarily planets. I use a Mak and webcam for planetary imaging as I have always found visual planetary observation a little underwhelming unless the seeing is very steady. For grab and go views of the moon and sun (filtered of course) and for large deep sky objects like M31/42/45 the WO is hard to beat. For me its size means i use it more than a heavier scope, but it's true that this brings compromise in other areas. A longer focal length scope will give a better visual view of Saturn for example, but then you might need a better mount or guiding for AP. Tricky to have it all! Graham

  • A question, How would you rate its imaging capabilities? I had a bad experience with a WO Zs71 (lots of chromatic aberration) I got the flattener for this scope but wanna know if this scope has a good color correction. Thank you very much.

  • hi…thanks for the video…I have a wo gt81…it has ring but I am using it for guiding…my scope doesn't comes with the finder mount attached to it…can you tell how you have attached your finder mount to the scope? thanks.

  • Graham as always im still searching for a nice grab and go package i can pack into a large camera backpack with a vixen porta mount and manfrotto tripod to take to dark skys. would the william optics flt98 pack a little more punch in your view for visual use? i know its expensive but i will use it for astro work in the long run. i looked at the c90 and sw 127 maks which are good but i am swaying towards better optics compactness with a bit mor fov. i decided on the 98 as a way of viewing jupiter and saturn at high mags but also to have the benefit of brighter deep sky objects too. any feed back from you and others will be much appreciated. thanks Rob πŸ™‚

  • Graham set up my megrez 90mm just viewed the moon and is very good. very sharp . is on par with my 8inch newtonian without doubt. very impressed!

  • Update. megrez 90 now rides on the vixen porta mini. handles the megrez
    with ease πŸ™‚ even with the 2inch wo star dia and 24mm 82 degree
    explore. 2inch explore barlow on order and 6.7 mm 82 degree. last i tried with cheep 2x barlow and 8.8mm explore ep on moon and the results were amazing! the moon doesnt look flat but a globe. absolutly amazing! dark sky cottage booked in wales for sept cant wait! keep up the good work Graham πŸ™‚

  • Hi Graham, thanks for sharing and on your website. I just bought an GT81 OTA and wonder what equipment I should add. Could you elaborate what elements you have on your GT81 to do DSO? Only your DSLR with T mount on the flattener? No finder? No guiding camera? For visual, what can of eyepiece/diagonal/… would you recommend? Thanks!

  • So you think i should take one of those better than a mak 127 !?
    Do you have videos speaking of what you can see with it on Deep sky objects ?

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