Why So Much Chaos Now??? October 2019 Energy Update | 2020 Forecast

Have you noticed that everything’s getting
a little bit weird lately?
Maybe it’s accelerating; maybe you’ve got
a lot of discomfort going on.
Well, what the hell is going on?
In today’s video I’m going to tell you what
the hell is going on, and also, what is about
to happen in 2020.
So, this is my October 2019 energy update
with a look at what’s going to happen in 2020.
Stay tuned!
“So the big question is this: How do we, those
of us who feel deep-down that we’re much more
powerful than we’ve been led to believe, and
that there is something to this Law of Attraction
stuff, actually create our own realities?
What’s the process of simply stepping into
the reality of our choice?
What about those of us who need this process
to make logical, intellectual sense?
My Name is Melody Fletcher; you’ve got questions
about the technology of reality, and I’ve
got the answers.
Welcome to my channel, where the Law of Attraction
finally makes some freakin’ sense.”
Hey guys, it’s Melody Fletcher, and if you’ve
been watching me for a while, then you know
that I don’t normally do predictions.
In fact, you’ll be hard put to find any kind
of video that I’ve ever done that gives any
kind of prediction.
And the reason for that is – because nobody
can really tell you exactly what the future
will hold; all anybody can ever do is see
the potentials, perhaps strong potentials,
weak potentials.
But, here’s the thing: You have free will!!
So, even if somebody could see a strong potential,
you could make a different decision, like
that, and change your future instantly.
And so, it’s very hard to do predictions.
But, when patterns emerge, I will say something
to people – usually I haven’t done this publicly,
I do this with my private clients, but today
I’m very inspired to do a more public video
about what I’m seeing, and really strong messages
that I’m getting.
So, this isn’t going to be super specific
because your experience is your experience;
your manifestations are your manifestations.
But, I think, it’s going to start to make
a lot of sense of what you’re probably already
experiencing, as we speak.
So, a few years ago I did a video series on
the ascension symptoms, I call it the ascension
series, and you can find it on my blog or
on YouTube, where I talked a lot about the
things that people are experiencing as they
were going through this ascension process.
And, the ascension process is, of course,
just us waking up to who we really are, the
fact that we’re not these powerless little
worms that are just floating through space
on this ball of dirt, that there’s a lot more
going on here.
And, you know, that series got a lot of really
good feedback, so I’m going to update that
now (and you can go back and you can watch
it), but I want to update that now with some
of the symptoms that I see happening, and
that I’ve also experienced lately.
A big one is going to be time dilation that’s
coming really, really big.
I don’t know if there’s anybody that I’ve
met in recent months who has not experienced
And, that doesn’t mean everybody in the planet
has, but you’re running in certain cycles
if you are watching these kinds of videos.
And so, you’re probably experiencing that
time has gone a big wonky; you can’t really
remember things very well; your memory’s been
thrown out.
You don’t know if something was a week ago,
a year ago, for example.
You’re having trouble, sort of, accessing,
you know, “Why did I walk in this room?”
You’re having those, sort of, Dementia type
symptoms; but it’s not Dementia; you’re not
getting Alzheimer’s!!
You might be experiencing some brain fog,
having a little trouble focusing, having a
little trouble thinking.
And, that can be, kind of, scary when you’re
a person who tends to really rely on their
intellect and has a really strong intellect.
You’re going to be experiencing physical
issues, digestion issues, you know, constipation,
diarrhea, you know, gas pain.
Food insensitivities that just show up, and
were never there before, or also, some that
go away, even though you thought they would
be with you forever.
Menstruation problems – your cycle could be
completely off.
You either have more periods than you’re used
to, or you skip a few.
And, if you’re in your 40’s – no, that does
not automatically mean that you’re going through
Temperature differentiation – you get easily
hot or cold; you can’t control your temperature
that well.
Doesn’t seem to be any real reason for it;
although there is!
Weird aches and pains; muscles tightening,
Trouble sleeping; waking up at 3 o’clock in
the morning frequently.
Fatigue, lots of fatigue; having to lie down
a lot or, kind of, dragging yourself through
your day.
So, what is really going on with all this
Well, what’s happening is that you are a special
kind of person.
Again, if you’re watching this video you are
a leader of the light.
And, I’ll explain that a little bit more in
a minute.
So, if you’re a leader of the light, that
means, what I call a gladiator, right, you’re
going through a process now that the rest
of humanity is just very, very slowly starting
to go through, and you’ve been going through
it for a very long time.
And, you’re in the midst of this massive transition
as we prepare for 2020, and it means that
you are becoming more multi-dimensional.
Now multi-dimensional is a big topic that
I might need to do a separate explainer video
on, but if you just – the gist of it is – that
the more dimensions you have, the more information
you have; the more data you have.
So, a one-dimensional object would be a line.
Then you’re looking at it, you shift to the
angle of it and you start to see that it’s
a square.
Then, you shift the angle of it again, now
you’re in 3-dimensions, you see that it’s
a cube.
Now, imagine that you keep adding dimensions,
you would see more of that same object; you
would have more information, more data.
So, multi-dimensional doesn’t mean that we
go someplace to another dimension; the dimension
is here, it’s just means more information.
You see more, you experience more; you understand
more, you know more.
Now, in order to become multi-dimensional
we have to let more data in.
And, that means that our brains are literally
being re-programmed in how we access memories,
which memories we can access; how much information
we can let it.
It’s like we’re tapping into a bigger database.
We’re going from a smaller database – the
life that we’ve lived and everything that
we’ve experienced, to knowledge outside of
Which is what we do in the channeling state,
which is what we can often access in, you
know, sort of a meditative state; healers
tend to access this.
So, you’re probably already accessing multi-dimensional
information, and everybody is to a degree,
by the way, human beings are multi-dimensional,
but we’re starting to do it much, much more
so, to a much larger degree; and much more
deliberately, yeah, so that we can control
that process more.
And, that’s why your brain is going wonky
and, you know, you’re having some issues.
Your body is going multi-dimensional as well;
every cell in your body is changing.
You’re probably doing a lot of purging, getting
rid of a lot of old energy.
Some emotions are coming up to be re-worked,
and some physical stuff is coming out to kind
of heal.
We often call those healing symptoms, yeah,
or purging.
And so, there’s a lot of that kind of unsteadiness
happening at the moment because there’s a
lot more information coming in.
And, it can be a little bit difficult to handle;
it could even lead to some anxiety, even though
you might be really good at handling fear
– “And, I’ve got really good at releasing
fear, Melody, but now I’ve got anxiety.”
– “Hmm!”
– “Doesn’t seem to have a belief associated
with it.”
– “Hmm!”
Yeah, it’s this levelling up that’s going
And so, why are we doing this?
Why are we doing this?
And, why now?
Because – and I’ve gotten this message so
many times, that I’m just going to go out
and say it publicly, and I’m certainly not
the only one doing so; you’re seeing this
from a lot of teachers – is that 2020 – oh
my God, if I’m speaking really fast today,
it’s because I’m so excited!
I’m so excited!!
Because, what’s happening in 2020 is like
this tsunami of a wave is coming.
It’s an energy wave.
And, this game that we’re in, we’re really
going to kick it off now.
The awakening is going to build (it’s been
building momentum), but it’s been building
exponentially every year, and next year you’re
going to see that!
Now, what does that look like practically?
It means it’s going to get really volatile!
It means that the people who do not know what’s
going on, they’re going to have a very hard
time because they’re not going to understand.
You know, I like to say, well, I don’t I like
to say, but I’m willing to say, is that waking
up is a bitch!!
In the beginning; doesn’t have to be a bitch
the whole way through, but in the beginning
it’s like somebody turns off your morphine
It is really, really hard, and you, if you’re
watching this, you are not in the beginning
stages of waking up, you’ve already done that
to a certain degree.
And now, it’s time to level up because you
are a leader of the light, and the world is
going to need you next year.
You don’t have to do anything; you just have
to be.
You just have to be.
You’re like a lighthouse; you’re shining light.
And, if you want to, and if you’re so inspired,
you can go out and you can actually talk to
people and you can reassure them, and you
can tell them that’s it’s all going to be
But, simply by you realizing it’s all going
to be ok and holding that space, it’s going
to help other people automatically, inadvertently.
So, this is not an obligation of any kind
that you have; it’s just a way of explaining
what’s happening to you and what you’re here
to do.
So, you are a leader of the light, and you’re
getting ready for this wave, because those
that understand what is going on, those who
are already awake enough and can see what’s
happening, we can ride that wave like a surfer
versus getting the shit kicked out of us by
it hitting us in the face.
Imagine there’s a tsunami and it just crashes
down upon you, or there’s a tsunami and it
comes and picks you up and whee, away you
One is super fun; one is super not fun!!
And, we want to have super fun, right, in
our community.
So, that is essentially what ‘s going on.
So, does that give you any kind of specific
idea what is going to happen next year?
But you can already see it happening.
More and more people getting angry; more and
more revolution in every country.
More and more people becoming disenfranchised
with politicians and leaders, and kind of
realizing that they can no longer outsource
their power to authority figures who are just
going to magically fix everything while we
go back and make no changes at all.
People having to really get in touch with
their powerlessness and start to take responsibility
for their lives, for their vibration, for
their energy, in whichever way they’re going
to do that.
People realizing that, you know, they have
to be the change basically.
And, so again, for those of us who have already
done a lot of that work, we are going to be
able to experience this time in a very, very
different way, but if you do see a volatility
in the world – which we already see – that’s
just going to kick off more, know that it
is a really, really good thing.
So, hopefully this has given you some clarity.
But, if you’re really confused right now,
and you’re going, “What do you mean gladiator?
What do you mean leader of the light?
I’m not a leader of the light; what are talking
about Melody?”
Then, I want to tell you that I’m going to
give you a lot more information about that
next week, where I’m going to be inviting
you – this is another reason why I’m so excited;
I’m multi excited today, on multiple levels!!
We have been working balls to the wall to
get the new site finished (which is why you
have not seen me post in a couple of weeks),
to get the new portal finished.
The front website is going to change, just
a little bit, but the backend has received
a lot of changes.
And, in order to kick that off, I want to
have a little party next Sunday, where we’re
going to, you know, invite you all to come
to my new home, right, which will still be
at, but it’s going to look
a little different, and I’m going to give
you a free course.
A free course that’s going to explain to you
– it’s a video course – and it’s going to
explain to you exactly who you are, and what
you’re here for.
Because, I could only barely touch on it here
in this video, but I do want to give you that
And, I thought a YouTube video’s not going
to do it, I’ve got to give you a whole course
in order to fully explain that.
And, that is coming next week!!
Unless, everything falls apart; which it won’t!!
Good vibes, good vibes!!
So, watch out for that next week, either on
YouTube, or make sure you’re on my email list,
so that you get the email inviting you in,
and you’ll be able to get, not only that,
but a whole bunch of other goodies and freebies
because “Melody likes to throw a party; she
likes to be a good host!!”
So, I don’t know why I’m talking about myself
in the third person!!!
Anyway; that’s my video for you guys this
I love you!
Huge smooshy hugs.
Can’t wait for 2020!!

  • This chaos is destructive and creative all at the same time. The old story is crumbling and humanity is forming a new one to step into. Being a lightholder feels like being a conduit between the old and the new. So excited for the energies of 2020 😍

  • Could hairfall also be the symptom of the ascension (been experiencing severe hairfall contrary to how.i feel these days)?? I have been experiencung digestion, fatigue and sleeping issues for couple of years. But noticeable things is that I am feeling really really good, owning and believing my dreams and goals but my body doesn't seem to reflect that. Improvement in my emotional statw was like of all of sudden and since then it's been gaining momentum.
    I am not able to relate emotion state and physical state atm. Thank you so much for the video😘 !

  • Yay!!!! Can’t wait for the freebies to unroll . I’ve been experiencing severe skin rashes on my body , they come up anywhere , anytime they itch for sometime and then disappear . I’m also having yup digestion issue . Can all of these be attributed to the levelling up ?? Also , yes I’ve been feeling stuck like not being able to understand what’s going on , nothing making sense and I’m actually zen sometimes although my exams barely 12 days away but I’m sometimes terrified about being zen still? Yes things absolutely aren’t making sense , and I’m experiencing crows coming in my room window , crowing just when I need to wake up in the morning or just when I need to get out of my overthinking. Can all of this be due to the levelling up ?

  • Ive been pretty calm in the eye of the storm. My purging has pretty much subsided and its more of feeling the collective chaos and being able to discern its not mine. Im excited for 2020… my manifestation abilities are practically instant now it’s fascinating.

  • I’m having a lot of symptoms, especially digestive, but mine are chemotherapy side effects, so I’m not sure if this counts?! Some major, good changes are happening as a result of what I am currently going through, so 2020 is going to be really interesting.

  • Yeas.. I think the madness is going to speed up, and from a normal perspective this is looking crazy.. relationships are falling, timelines, corporate industries are collapsing, lots of purging in the collective.

  • I got anxiety, heart problems, I am very tired, I am waking up at 5 and I feel very lost. I lost my track and I am unhappy. It started mid August. Never have this kind of problems before. I thought it is linked with constant stress.

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