Why Pluto is Not a Planet

  • The Accurate Solar System:
    1. Mercury
    2. Venus
    3. Earth
    4. Mars
    5. Ceres
    6. Jupiter
    7. Saturn
    8. Uranus
    9. Neptune
    10. Pluto
    11. Hameua
    12. Makemake
    13. Eris
    (14 if count Sedna as 6th dwarf planet)

  • Pluto is too cold to be Planet. Look some other place like Proxima b (4.22 Lye) in Kuiper Belt at near of Pluto.

  • From what I’ve read, Pluto is being promoted as a planet again. I think it was because of how problematic the whole rebranding will be for textbooks, lectures, history etc., it’ll total chaos. Plus, we’ve known Pluto as a planet for so long, almost 80 years in fact, and now it’s going to be demoted. Again, that causes major problems. It’s all complicated but I’m glad they’re making Pluto a planet again. It’s good to have some exceptions in life. After all, when has science ever been consistent itself?

  • I, Hiroshi Nakamura, hereby redefine Pluto as a full genuine planet, first among the Great Dwarfs, on grounds of historical merit and popular demand.

  • People are too hung up with nostalgia of growing up with 9 planets to actually care about the science of why it was changed and understand how it makes sense.

  • i came here to do homework for science class. pretty helpful video! it also helped my cousin know why Pluto is no longer a planet.

  • Technically, Pluto is a type of planet. In our solar system, we have 3 classes of planet. There's terrestrial planets such as Earth and Mars, then gas planets without true surfaces like Jupiter and Saturn, and finally we've got the minor planets like Ceres and Pluto.

  • When humanity will start to extract ressources from asteroids (and maybe from some planets and moons aswell), is there a limit of mass we can dislocate until the solar system's balance breaks apart and the orbits become chaotic?

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