The Russian Kilo-class submarine is nothing new. It’s been around in some form or another
since the 1980s. But Krasnodar represents a significant evolution. Moscow’s keen to export them for desperately
needed hard currency, given the swath of sanctions that have been applied against the country
since it invaded Crimea in 2014. As such, it’s marketing Krasnodar and the
submarines of its class as the quietest in the world. In this video, Defense Updates analyzes WHY
KRASNODAR IS RIGHTLY DUBBED AS ‘BLACK HOLE’ BY U.S & NATO ? Putin had warned NATO that the submarine would
be passing through friendly waters. NATO knew the new submarine was passing by. And new submarines are items of keen interest. How noisy is it? What are its unique sound signatures? How long can its batteries last? Does it carry any new equipment? Any info could be useful in any future conflict. Several specialist NATO anti-submarine frigates
were following, determined to find out. The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS George
H.W. Bush put its sea-scanning Seahawk helicopters to the task. As was a flight of new P-8 Poseidon sub-hunting
aircraft based in Italy. But the Russians weren’t going to play. The submarine had travelled on the surface
— in plain sight — through the North Sea from Russia’s northern naval bases. NATO warships — including Britain’s HMS
Somerset kept a watchful eye on it, waiting for it to submerge, but it didn’t. At least not until it reached Libya, where
Russia’s Defence Ministry abruptly warned international airlines that it would be taking
part in military exercises off the coast. It was part of a sales-pitch to Egypt, and
others, who are in the market for modern — quiet — conventionally powered submarines. NATO lost Krasnodar in middle of the exercise
and , out of the blue on May 29, a series of cruise missiles tore through the air towards
targets around Syria’s besieged city of Palmyra. They were Russian missiles and they came from
the Krasnodar. This changed everything. The submarine was able move from Libya to
Syria a distance of more than 2000 km undetected even with significant number of NATO assets
trying to track it. It also posed a troubling question: who was
hunting whom? The submarine has a max range of 6000 to 7500
mmi & a max speed of 20 knots. It has an endurance of 45 days. The submarine posses an excellent armament
which includes: * 6 x 533 mm torpedo tubes for a total of
18 torpedoes * 4 Kalibr or Club missile for land-attack
, anti-ship missile and anti-submarine role * 24 mines
* 8 Strela-3 or 8 Igla-1 Surface-to-air missiles “They were flexing their muscles,” said
Rear Admiral Kenneth Whitesell, commander of the USS Bush strike group, told the Wall
Street Journal. “One small submarine has the ability to
threaten a large capital asset like an aircraft carrier,” said US Navy Capt. Bill Ellis, commander
of US anti-sub planes in Europe. Naval analyst and historian Dr Alexander Clarke
said the design of Krasnodar is interesting, and appears to be very successful. “It’s probably the quietest Kilo, and
all powered down running just on batteries in the noisy Mediterranean, that could start
to cause worry — even for NATO.” “And the Russians will not only build more
for themselves, they’ll probably be building similar vessels for others. Vietnam, Algeria, India and Iran will all
be interested in that capability … and you can be sure China wants to match it.” “With the likes of Krasnodar now having
cruise missile capability, they are pretty much the kingpin of Russia’s sea denial/anti-access
forces … a mobile minefield which is also capable of precision strike. It’s what Australia wanted from the Collins
class, Japan from the Soryu’s and Israel from the Dolphins. The difference is Russia seems to have got
it and are confident enough to flaunt it.” The new phase of a deadly old Cold War game
appears to panning out after a Syrian jet fighter was shot down by the USS George H.W.
Bush’s F/A-18 aircraft on June 18. Moscow threatened to shoot down US fighter
aircraft in retaliation. Russia has worked to enhance its naval capabilities
since 2000.The Russians are also building two other new designs. Both are nuclear powered, The Borei class
are Russia’s new generation of ballistic missile submarines — the cornerstone and
most survivable part of its nuclear arsenal. The hunter class, called the Yasen, is intended
to destroy US aircraft carriers like USS George H.W. Bush. And the Wall Street Journal speculates one
of these — the Kazan — may have secretly shadowed the USS George H.W. Bush and Britain’s
newest aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, during August exercises in the North Atlantic. This all adds up to presents a major step
back towards the level of submarine activity that was a feature of the Cold War.

  • And what if the Americans and NATO have always had the Krasnodar on their radars during the 2,000 kilometers and are pretending that they didn't so the Russians get overconfident about it, for when it is about the real deal they could easily destroy them. How are the Russians find out that they weren't in there radars, or excuse my ignorance.

  • If it was "invasion" on Ukraine why Americans put sanctions on Crimea? Why America violates the rights of the Crimean people?

  • This is why I'm waiting for the new royal Navy type 26 frigate which will be world leading and it will know when those pesky russian subs are about the type 23 we have now are good and have all the latest and greatest updated tech…….

  • I have been following this sub for over two years now. It has become even more efficient than it was just a year ago. I was in the military and overseas for from ‘04 to ‘07. Although I wasn’t in then Navy I have a love for subs that’s why I’ve been doing as much research as possible on this particular submarine. It truly scares me. The US and NATO are extremely capable however the sub is very dangerous. And the Russians know it!

  • China will buy than copy the sub and equip it the new type of batteries that have long lasting energy with run & rechargablity of fast recharge time and uses low electrical energy consuption equipment on board.

  • The Russians did not invade Crimea! They were ask to intercede by them to protect them from the Kevi Nazis , do you ever get it straight , Christ will ask you , is that how you would say it if the tables were turned . You are wrong and so are a lot of those in the political pit . You know we are only treating Russia badly be cause of the Rothschilds , but I guess you think because we are ruled by the Devil that Russia should bend over like the blood drinkers . And I bet you are a real piece of work in history class .🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🐅🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🎩✝️🌡🌡🌡🌡🔯🚁🚁🕎🕎👑👽🐯😎🎩🐅🐅

  • Of course, if the Navy did register the acoustic signature of this sub, do you think we would know about it on Youtube??

  • The U.S. better stop their bullshit before they get theirselves into something they REALLY dont want! Im American and I really don't wanna a war with Russia. I like Russia and dont want our leaders to get into a pissig contest! It will be the normal people that suffer on both sides. The leaders will be safe in some bunker. While we the people take the beating.

  • First and foremost Crimea was always russian.Its holy to Russians to.This is where the kiecsn rush got baptized It was USA that 0kaned to invade Crimea

  • And how many Americans are dying from red flag laws or basically bad government in America? These American idiots create the need for these “black holes “ it’s called balance of power which keeps God in charge of his creation!

  • USA will not stop until they "bring" democracy in Russia. Its a fact.

    And someone here said Russia invaded Crimea. People voted, you know. To vote, it is the first thing in democracy. To vote. And they did. No invasion. Only paper and pen.

  • The narrator is being paid under the table to try and sell this " Black Hole ". The Russians were wise not to submerge while out in the Atlantic, being as going below 200 feet, the " Black Hole would implode from the pressure and suck every living thing into it`s collapsing hull. We do not need any more artificial reefs in the Atlantic Ocean. Any country stupid enough to buy a " Black Hole " would wind up sinking countless millions into a black hole, trying to keep this soon to be artificial reef, a float. Maybe they should rename it the "Black Whale". It is slow, and needs to come up for air, and makes whale noises underwater.

  • One thing about temperature its subjective to fluctuations. Cold WAR WAS ON ICE. NOW THE FREEZER IS THAWING. AN EXERCISE LIKE THE KRANDOSAR IS JUST THE DEMONSTRATION.

  • If you think that the USA does not have countermeasures and 15+ years of advanced tech warfare know how then you are a fool, even are stealth aircraft from the late eighties can do a cakewalk over anything they have to offer today, our S71+ blackbird from the late 60’s has not been surpassed in speed and altitude. We pioneered not only sub launched nuclear misses but nuclear sub’s. The only breakthrough’s that Russia and now China has ever gained in their military was through, espionage, theft and hacking. The have no integrity and are complete anti human rights, anti humane pieces of communist – supreme rule pieces of shit and a detriment to a peaceful planet! They rely on lies, absolute power and chaos!

  • My brother works sonar and other sound gathering platforms on a US ship. He told me that Krasnodar is causing a big stir with NATO and US Navel assets. He mentioned that although our aircraft carries seem robust and 'unsinkable' — he said they are terribly vulnerable .. much like the outdated battleships WWII. He also said, that although this video states it traveled 2000 Km undetected, that is not true. It was detected.
    but Naval intelligence had eyes on her the whole trip… and did not want the Russians to know , we knew exactly where she was at ALL times.

  • Russia didn't "invade" Crimea you idiots, Crimea returned to Russia on a democratic vote WHILE THERE WAS A COUP AND A BLOODBATH IN KIEV AND DONBASS. Таким дурацким комментарием. #Unsubscribe watch the truth about Crimea in my film: Through the Eyes of Crimeans

  • This Krasnodar is simply spectacular with amongst other things , its stealth capability. The Russians have not been sleeping on watch, it seems!

  • How silly would it have been for the US to do anything other than pretend they couldn't detect the Russian sub?
    "Oh, yes, you have completely eluded us, we have no idea where you are at all….completely invisible, we promise".

  • Only proves the point, that ALL of this is worthless. We could be in the stars right now if ALL this BS was rightfully ended.

  • First thing that comes to mind is that NATO is unwilling to disclose it's true ASW capabilities and is promulgating a disinformation campaign hoping that Russia is naive enough to believe it.

  • China all ready have them, they been swaping information, remember it was China that brought a diesel sub right next Aircraft carrier on a USA excise off the Asian coast

  • Crimea was a part of Russia from the time of Catherine the Great till 1992, when many people of Crimea first came to know of an old secret memo document signed alone by Nikita a Soviet General Secretary. The reason why Queen Catherine (Katrina in Russian language and German) made Crimea a part of Russia is that an extremely large percent of Crimeans in about 1783 wanted Crimea to be part of Russian kingdom, which her multi – ethnic generals of Imperial Russia strongly advocated. The locals of Crimea had been writing to Moscow and were screaming and shouting at Moscow since 1954, expressing a desire to be part of Russia.

  • 1965-1973 – Vietnam War. The largest use of US forces after the Second World War.

    1964-1973 – An armed operation of the USA in the fight against the Pathe-Lao front in Laos. Over 50 thousand people participated.

    October 25, 1983 – June 1985 – US military operation "Sudden Rage" in Grenada in order to overthrow the left government of the island state.

    April 1986 – after the introduction of economic sanctions, the United States launched military actions against Libya. The residential areas of Tripoli and Benghazi were bombed.

    December 1989 – the US military operation “Just Cause” in Panama with the aim of removing from power the head of the country, Manuel Noriega, accused of drug trafficking and the promotion of terrorism.

    January 17 – February 28, 1991 – the military operation of the United States and its allies to liberate Kuwait from the Iraqi occupation, codenamed "Desert Storm".

    1991-1995, 1998-1999 – interethnic war in Yugoslavia and NATO aggression against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

    January 17, 1993 – The United States launched a missile attack on a facility located approximately 20 km from the center of Baghdad, where, according to Washington, were working to develop nuclear weapons.

    June 26, 1993 – The United States launched a missile attack on the Iraqi intelligence main command and control complex in Baghdad in response to the alleged plans to assassinate US President George W. Bush.

    September 3, 1996 – The United States attacked cruise missiles at Iraq after Iraqi forces launched an operation against the Kurds in the area of ​​the city of Erbil in northern Iraq.

    August 20, 1998 – a blow to the "terrorist targets" of Afghanistan and Sudan in response to the terrorist attacks against the US embassies in Tanzania and Kenya.

    March 24, 1999 Serbia – Operations "Allied Force". This historical review is especially interesting in terms of how the USA and Co. behaved in a situation when one independent country tried to pacify one self-proclaimed republic.

    October 7, 2001 Afghanistan. The United States is conducting an operation in Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom, allegedly launched in response to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack.

    March 20, 2003 The Iraq war was a military conflict that began with the invasion of US forces and their allies into Iraq, with the goal of overthrowing the regime of Saddam Hussein. She bore the code name "Iraqi Freedom"

    August 2008. Armed conflict in South Ossetia. The failed US attempt to start a war with Russia using Georgia.

    March 19, 2011 The war in Libya. Under a false and false pretense, they created an excuse for invading Libya.

    2014 Ukraine. Nazi seizure of power.

    US openly claims to spend $ 5 billion

    Now the United States brings “democracy” to Syria …

    Who is next?…

  • Its only real threat is the mines, and the unknown locations they get placed. Go active early, thats how you track a non nuke.

  • Quiet does not eliminate a magnetic signature. Quiet does not evade active SONAR. Sure you must know where to start looking, that is why you never take your eyes off of them.

  • All Navies is the world will never confirm that they can detect an enemy submarine otherwise that enemy sub will get improved or replaced with a quieter version.

    The NATO will always say they can't detect a submarine because enemies can use that information to estimate how good their sonar and other detection methods.

  • From Canada.
    I love these Russian subs.
    Can you just see them waiting off the American shores. Little moveable middle platforms
    Just awesome!!!!.

  • Russia’s poor and weak there economy is in the toilet there military is a there only carrier needs a tug to follow it for when it breaks down and it catches fire now there government has left 🤣🖕🇷🇺💩

  • So at this juncture it seems appropriate to mention, nazi information was seized changed and replaced during WWII when America and Russia seized this information the cold war started the black hand of the devil not the oss(at the time calling themselves the dark hand of the devil, to get through Nazi defences). Now then there is quiet subs from Russia, and stealth aircraft from America… You thought maybe they had sided with one country or another? Like Iranian treaty with Russia? Nope they tried to setup endless wars to control populaces and governments through suffering. (Same people came up with "Sharia" "Law") wake up!

  • This is the stuff of a Clancy novel. The Kilo class is a scary machine manned by some serious seamanship only matched to the US NAVY..

  • I know many comment about how the USA is so much better than Russia and vise versa. No matter what tho…never underestimate your enemy. Both nations provide different and unique weapons we can all agree used properly can and will be destructive.

  • Russia and Philppines Much Love we Will Buy more from Russia Again and again …As a Comeback in Asian Tŕade and Protection

  • I trust Putin more than the filthy globalist scum at NATO and the totally corrupt and totally useless United Nations.

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