Why am I still alive? Tarot Reading by Alejandro Jodorowsky for Erick

Dear Erick Manolo Galvan Thank you for contributing to the creation of my last movie that I’m about to end Psychomagic, a healing art I will read the tarot for you in return Your main question… You’re 28 years old and you had four almost fatal accidents And your life is good, you’ve got a good profession for an important office But you ask: Why am I still alive? I’ve been close to death because of those accidents and I survived Let’s see! You chose 3 cards The card 1 the card 7 and the card 22 The fool, that can be number 0 too Well, this is your choise Look, they all are men The magician is a man who has chosen his life He has a table with some objects on it and he has chosen his favourite objects: power and money And the rest of the objects are opportunities he didn’t choose He chose those opportunities Then there’s another man a prince, a worthy person who lets himself be guided by reality he dominates it, and is triumphing in the world So what matters the most is power The power to choose and realize The third card is the fool that quits this situation You’re not living what you really want You’re not living what you really want In the tarot, the card 1 goes with the card 11, the card 2 with the card 12, etc. the card one goes with the card 11 in the tarot Look, it’s the strenght the card 7 goes with the card 17 The star The fool goes with the world Look carefully: a woman a woman a woman This woman is complementary to him she has what he’s missing he chose power things that correspond to the artificial ego the strenght is working with her eros with her animal with her lion with her sexual strenght, her creativity They have the same hat so they have the same intelligence But this woman is the opposite of the magician And the same here, the magician goes where the world takes him while the star has a knee on the ground she’s giving her strenght to the world she’s a sedentary woman and he’s a nomad man He wants the power and she wants to live a simple life on earth she’s an ecological person Then you have the fool who quits everything he’s the essencial emptiness and the world, she’s the essencial full she’s full of life he’s not in love with life, you’re suicidal you’re suicidal because in reality having 4 times an accident means that you want them that you don’t want to live so what happens? Here you have your father, and here your mother you have been educated by your father according to the tarot because of your father you chose power and money You don’t like your life deeply, in reality and the woman who represents your mother she’s a real woman a life lover a nature lover generous amazing But you’re satisfying your father And perhaps you don’t satisfy the artistic side of your mother who is a frustrated artist in reality she is tied to your father’s power That’s all I can tell you I have chosen 3 cards by chance, I mixed them up and I have chosen the numbers 1, 7 and 22 the numer 1 is the card 7 again unbelievable…then the second card…. I swear it’s true, I never lie about the tarot I’m not doing a magician’s trick, it happened By chance you have the fool who wants to quit and here he gets to the power again In reality you love it I’m wrong, you really love what you do You love money and power What you don’t like is being an employee of an important politician of an important trader and you’re in conflict with the power of the father that’s it Your father is very strong and crushes you That’s what bothers you You have to create your own business You have to accept for a moment to be at the service, until you are promoted and then run for presidential office one day or governor, a place of power You can you can You have no reason to commit suicide You can You don’t have to complain about not being the little girl your mother wanted someone just like her You’re virile Power Money You’re good in politics you have ambitions, accept yourself just as you are, accept yourself You can get it Paint your whole body in golden someone has to paint your body in golden and wear your office worker suit and go to work like that, with your necktie etc. but entirely golden You’re going to cause a shock And if someone asks you, you can say a fool read me the tarot, Jodorowsky told me so that everything goes well between us I will bring luck to everyone I have to wear entirely in golden I’m sorry, I do it for you many thanks, that’s all


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