White Magic, Witchcraft and Astrology can’t save, Only Jesus

So Sophia, thank you so much for coming
up here. Can you just tell us where you
are from and why are you here at Hungery Gen? Um, so I’m from Vancouver, Washington.
I’m 17 years old and I’m here for
internship. It’s my second time here.
Come on, so can you start off with telling us
how did you hear about Hungry Gen and
how did you get here? Um so actually, I
was born and raised in a Christian home
but when you’re born and raised
Christian, you kind of become numb to
Christianity. And God doesn’t really
touch you because you’re so used to all
the time. And when I was around 15 years
old, I got into a very toxic
relationship. And I was so attached and
so afraid to lose this person that I
started seeking out other
spiritual mediums that would help me
look into the future and help me keep
this person in my life and help just
keep me in check. And so I got into
astrology and I got into white witch
magic and I would I would practice that.
And it got really bad to the point where
every night I would wake up at 3 a.m.
and I would see demons. I would
hear them I would everywhere I go they
would torment me. And yeah it was
really tough and my parents were praying
for me this entire time
they kept believing and they kept
praying. And one time I remember my mom
was like hey we’re going to Seattle. And
without my consent they brought me to
Raise to Deliver here and that was a
shocker for me. And that day the first
day I remember, I saw deliverances for
the first time and I was in so much
shock because I didn’t know that
Christian people could have demons I
didn’t know that demons could live
inside of us because I was I was raised
my entire life believing that Oh
Christian people they’re so holy,
they’re they can’t be attacked. You know
life is so perfect and I saw that and I
didn’t sleep the whole night I’m sure
that I was in complete shock. I was
just amazed. And the second day, God
began to work on my heart and I was
just opening up to Him and I was like
okay yeah.
On the third day, I gave my life to Jesus.
Come on! Hallelujah! Our God is so good.
Now, there’s so much more to your
testimony but I want us just to touch on
this; is that you were looking for
answers to the healing of your broken
heart from that toxic relationship. You
went to astrology, you went to white
witchcraft, you went to all of the
new-age things trying to get that
fulfillment and then you receive Jesus
Christ. Can you please tell us who truly
was the person that brought the solution
to you? Jesus is so good I kept looking
at astrology I thought that would heal
my brokenness. I kept looking for other
spiritual experiences that would heal my
heart and help me out. And then when I
experienced the Holy Spirit, that
completely healed my heart and I felt so
full. And for the first time in my life I
truly felt happiness. I truly felt I felt
the love of God which I’ve never even
knew existed. Amen! Hallelujah! Now I know
that you’re on a journey with Jesus
Christ and we will show a couple of
pictures of her baptism that just took
place. What was it last week? Yes, that was
last week that she got baptized. Come on
and she’s here for a second time around
with the internship and tell us a little
bit of why did you come back because you
came to the internship was it with your
parents forcing you to come to the
internship or was it on your own? I
signed up on my own for internship. And
the summer internship was more of a
healing process for me. Healing from my
relationship and I wasn’t able to focus
so much on God as more He was focusing
on me. And this internship, I can focus on
Him and I can fully immerse myself into
the Holy Spirit and with my walk with
God. Amen! Come on. You know you mentioned that when you
were diving into the darkness of
different false religions you were
saying that you received torment over
the night and you were seeing demons
when you receive Jesus Christ in your
heart is that still happening today? No
after the conference, it was completely
gone. I never heard them again I never
saw them again
I could sleep finally I didn’t have to
wake up anymore. Come on.
That is truly our God. Now Sophia, I
wanted to ask you for those that are
here watching on livestream or those
that are here at our service many people
are looking for a solution to their
broken heart or issues that they’re
going through what would be your word of
encouragement for those that are seeking
answers? Jesus is the only answer
astrology is not the answer
other spiritual experiences are not
going to heal your broken heart only
Jesus is the way. Amen! Good enough for us
Come on, thank you so much Sophia.


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