What Your Lip Color Says About Your Health

hello my beauties
so as you may or may not know
we all naturally have different color lips
why is that your lips are actually kind of indication of your health status
so by determining the color of your lips
it kind of gives you an indication of
what’s happening inside of your body which means
then you can know what to do
and what to eat to help correct that problem
so I’ve talked a lot about lip products
and what color lipsticks and even treating dry lips
but today I want to share with you
how your lips can tell you about your health
they say your eyes are the windows to your soul
did you know your mouth is the door to your health
so we’ve covered dry chapped lips often signs of dehydration
and can also be indication of allergies
and some studies say signs of diabetes
but what about natural color of your
what do they tell us about our bodies
I mentioned to you before
the natural color of my lips change every now and then
it is mostly because reflects the stage of my health at that point in time
so today I’m going to share with you some of the common health concerns
relating to the color of your lips
number one if your lips are pale white ashy gray
you often see that in movies where people are in hospital bed
and their lips are dry and pale and most
of times a week and fragile
this usually means that you’re anemic and your body needs more blood
so you need to up your intake in
foods with iron like broccoli, red meats
and red dates another indication that goes along with pale lips is
when you have cold hands and feet
and even when it’s not in winter
this usually links with your digestive system
and your stomach might be too cold
so you need to warm up your stomach with young foods
number two when you have super red lips
and I don’t mean like classic Chanel lipstick red
a lot of the times it links with bad breath
and cravings for snacking
this usually indicates that your body is overheated
and your liver and spleen is working overtime
so in this case drink some chrysanthemum tea
and up for vegetables like bitter melon and celery
bunny is also great for balancing the inside
but remember the important thing is
try to sleep early before 11:00 p.m. and
don’t stress
number three when you have purple green
it’s pretty common during cold winter days
but when you constantly have it
then we might have a problem
this usually means that there is some sort of problem with your heart
and/or your respirator system
in these cases I’d suggest you go to your doctor to seek some professional advice
number four when your lips are dark red leaning towards black
this is linked to your digestive system
I would suggest to go easy on processed foods
try and eat things that your stomach can process like congee
sweet potato tofu
you can also add a little bit of lemon to your water
to help cleanse out any unwanted toxins and kickstart your metabolism
lastly is if you have a dark line around your lips
almost like a natural lip liner
but the color is usually purplish black
this is an indication of an imbalance of eating
and yang in your body
so you might be both up fire and cold at the same time
I know that sounds super strange
but it can happen
it has happened to me before
the best way I found is to make sure that you rest and eat well
avoid eating foods during your menstrual cycle
and avoid eating spicy processed food for a while
if your lips are naturally rosy pink
then you are perfectly healthy
so just keep it up
sometimes you’re just born with it
so just embrace it and rock it like you own
so that was it I hope that was helpful
if you have any other questions
leave your comments below
and I will get back to you as soon as I can
thank you guys for watching
I hope you had a lovely week
and I will see my next video bye


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