What question to ask to the Tarot? Tarot Reading by Alejandro Jodorowsky for an anonymous

Dear friends, followers, people who have followed
these tarot readings, there were 100 readings
and I have 12 readings left in order to finish this psychomagic act in which I read 100 tarot to… thank the sacred collection that was made to make my movie Endless Poetry. Today I cannot thank someone in particular because she didn’t write her name. There’s no name,
it’s an anonymous person, she’s a woman, she’s 40 years old. That’s all I know. And then I answer all 40 year old women who have the same question as my questioner. The question is: “which question to… that is useful for me now should I ask?” So I don’t give you my name, so you can’t talk to me and I don’t ask you any question be cause you say:
“which question should I ask?” You ask me
which question you should ask. So you are testing me. Let’s see… Let’s see if I can pass the test. There are 3 cards: number 17. One thing at a time. The star: here you’ve got the judgement: card number 20, and here you’ve got the world: card number 21. What do these 3 cards have in common? They have a lot in common but what they actually have in common
is 1 naked woman, another naked woman and a third naked woman. And all these naked women have a great potential. This naked woman with the star, thanks to her communication with the planet Earth and… and the whole cosmos, is receiving this great energy
and giving it to the world. Shall we say she is a happiness sower,
she is giving to the world, isn’t she? Without ego. She has defeated her ego. Here the naked woman has a true relationship
with a naked man, you see? She is looking at the man, the man is looking at an… an absolutely spiritual purpose and they are creating a poetry, artistic, philosophical profound work together. They’re creating a work. And here this naked woman is the full fulfillment of the soul. The eagle of the fulfilled intellect, the angel of the fulfilled
emotional center, the lion of the fulfilled sexual center, this flesh-colored animal with no halo (the 3 others do have a halo. These 3 are energy, this one is matter.) is also fulfilled. And the woman is dancing hapilly and she has the active stick in one hand and the receptive stick in the other hand. That is to say it’s the absolute fulfillment of a woman. Maybe… Maybe you have already defeated your ego,
or maybe they gave you no ego. We will know… I will assume that you’ve already defeated your ego and I will move on to the fact that you lack something,
namely you have no personality, you don’t have your own personality. How could a being possibly don’t have its own personality? I saw an example. Well, number 17, which is so sedentary, meets a young man… a young man which is the chariot, number 7, you see? Active, action in the world, but in motion. It’s elusive. It is possible that when you were born
your family wanted to have a son. That’s possible. They wanted to have a son and you were born. And because you were a woman, you disappointed your father maybe, in a way, or your mother, who wanted to have a son
in order to be agreeable to your grandfather herself. Well, genealogical tree issues, right? Then if… if you… if you didn’t have the right
to be a woman because a man has your place, that’s where the problem is. That’s why you don’t have
a paternal, nor maternal family name, nor first name, and that’s why
you don’t have a question to ask. You want someone to tell you
which question you should ask, to tell you which is your value
as a woman. That’s the essential question. Which is my value as a woman?
That’s what I’m searching for. Well, then this person who… who doesn’t really see that she is… that she is a person who has
a marvelous soul, as you can see here, you see? And she knows it,
she unconsciously knows the brightness of her soul. She knows it, you see? What can she do in order to stop this thing that comes from the past,
you see? Of not being
what the others wanted her to be, and therefore not deserving… not deserving love. She tells herself: “I don’t deserve love.” So here comes… comes the card that will tell you: “if they wanted a man
and you are a woman, then what are you going to do in order to get to be loved? You will search for a man with who you can have a masculine boy in order to make your father happy, or maybe your mother. So that they are happy
and find the man in the grandson, the much-awaited son. Then you will put yourself to the service of that desire of your parents that comes from the deep patriarchy,
doesn’t it?” We’ve been saying for ages that the first child has to be a man so that he receives the inheritance. First a man, then a woman:
that’s perfection. And when in the macho,
patriarchal society first comes the woman and then the man, the woman has to fight tooth and nail in order to hold on to the place of importance that her little brother has. There’s a rivalry to achieve it. That’s where this situation leads to. I’m going to create a son
in order to satisfy my father. Well, then by telling yourself… by telling yourself “you can reach the opening of consciousness. You have a marvelous consciousness in you.” There’s the wheel of fortune
under this card. Namely here is the body, which is despised: it goes down. But here you’ve got the spirit, which goes up. And here is the enigma
you need to solve: “what is my value as a woman?” You need to solve it. You do. And I say it’s a fake problem because a human being as perfect as a man or a woman doesn’t… doesn’t have to search for solutions like
“why am I like this or like that?” I am what I am and that’s it. I am what I am. It’s the answer one has to give. So here the fortune wheel tells you: “one has to end with these problems and to live oneself, to live oneself complete, right? Calm and confident mind, right? United emotional, right? United with the world. Satisfied sex, healthy and… and loved body, you see? Full of activity, of happiness of living, of happiness of recognizing oneself. This oval, which is like a maternal sex, you see? Gave you birth as a woman and knew
you were going to be a woman. The body knows what he’s doing and it gave you birth as you are. And that’s divine. And under the world there’s the solution: the fool, which is… called the “mat” in French, but “the mat”
is not a known French word. It’s a mixture of 3 words that may come from the ancient Egypt. The “mat” was a marvelous night Goddess. But what is the “mat”? Once the “mat” has found himself,
he leaves free, problem-free, doesn’t he? He leaves towards the world
to live his life with what he actually is, with his tamed ego, his essential being, you see? His musical, artistic talent,
or whatever it is, his audacity of choosing the right way, that is to say if everything is an illusion to choose the most beautiful illusions, right? And to walk freely
towards I don’t know what. I don’t know what. I will shuffle the tarot. I will shuffle it 3 times and I’ll pull this card out. Where are you going? Look: you got the hanged man. And what does the hanged man mean
according to everything I’m telling you? Lets’ put these 3 cards aside (I understand now) in order to do this: you see? You got the hanged man,
which seems to be the symbol… the symbol of separating oneself, of entering in oneself, isn’t it? Of stoping to take rash steps and of stopping a little, of cutting strings… of cutting strings with the genealogical tree, these strings that bother us, of not thinking that one
doesn’t have the right to… to live. And to slowly accept oneself. To accept oneself. To accept oneself. Silent mind. Under the words, the silence of the spiritual peace. Heart full of love, Satisfied sex and thankful body for being what it is. Thankful body for being what it is. We find the hanged man dancing. Music is his soul, you see? That’s all I can tell you, anonymous woman without any questions who wants to know what to ask. Who am I? Where am I? Where am I going? How can I do it? No, without any questions. I live. Life has to be lived. It has no intellectual definition; it has to be lived. That’s all I can do for you. Thank you.

  • The Jodorowsky Constellation is streaming on Amazon Prime. (In reference to the opening scene) 24 years later and you are still around to observe and expand!! (Isn't it odd that in aging we expand out mind and soul yet typically our shells wither away within the same time frame? As if one is feeding off the other. Of course, in a way one IS as the mind opens wider the shell becomes less of a dressing and more of a vessel I suppose. It may need more care but what it looks like matters less than how sturdy it will be for the long haul! ) Back on topic-One can only Image all the magic you have observed and created in that 1/4 of a century!

  • Excelente Alejandro, muy buena respuesta para una pregunta sin preg… hermosa lectura, ojalá la chica anónima la vea. ¡Un abrazo! ¡Saludos! <3

  • Creo que esta mujer anónima merece un canto…
    Una flor un corazón un perdón un permiso y una eternidad de ternura.
    Gracias gracias gracias.

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