What is the Difference Between Tarot Cards & Oracle Cards!?

Hi. Welcome to Feathers of Wisdom. I’m Stacey the Black Feather Intuitive. This week I am talking about the different
between a tarot deck and an oracle deck. I recently just had a friend ask me, “Well
I don’t get it. What is the difference? I’m working with a tarot deck. I’m working with an oracle deck. I don’t really understand why I’m doing what
I’m doing. Why are they separate? Why are they different? I don’t understand.” And so I thought okay, what a great topic
to discuss this week. So a traditional tarot deck is 78 cards. You’ve got major arcana and you’ve got minor
arcana. The minor Canada … Ah, Canada there’s my
Canadian background coming through. The minor arcana can be equated to a regular
deck of playing cards. You’ve got four suits. You’ve got clubs, spades, diamonds and hearts. And so the minor arcana is wands, swords,
pentacles or coins and cups. So that’s the minor arcana, and then you have
the royalty cards. So you’ve got kings, queens, jacks and what
do have in the regular playing deck? In the tarot deck we’ve got kings, queens,
knights and pages, traditionally. So it follows suit with the playing cards,
the suits in the playing cards. The major arcana is 22, a pattern of 22 cards
laid out and it’s all about the beginning of a person’s journey and there are three
different segments, three different phases within that 22 cards that sort of lays out
a person’s life and goes over a person’s life. Speaker 1: And major arcana cards are all
about the big things in life, the big themes of your life, dealing with your life’s purpose. And the minor arcana are more about the everyday
issues, the everyday things, and speaking to that, giving them sort of a level of intensity
for what you’re supposed to be looking at. With oracle deck, oracle decks are not as
structured. So I’m going to start with this Oracle of
Visions. This is one of my favorite oracle decks. When I first got this deck, when it arrived
… I bought it on Amazon and when it arrived I was like, I mean the cellophane was still
on it and I was like ahhh. I can feel the energy. It was very, very exciting, so I really like
these cards. Speaker 1: So, an oracle deck does not have
to be 78 cards. There’s no set structure in terms of, or set
number in terms of how any cards there are. So there’s a lot more freedom for the creator
on an oracle deck to do whatever they would like to do. Also, oracle decks tend to have a theme. So this one is the Oracle of Visions, so each
card is a different vision of an aspect of our lives. And as you can see, each card really tells
a different story. There’s a lot of colors here. The card deck, the cards themselves are larger. They are wider than a tradition tarot. That fives you an idea of the size of it. This is also by the same … This is a tarot
deck by the same author and artist. So with oracles, the creator of the oracles
has much more freedom to sort of design a deck around whatever theme they would like. Some of the oracle decks, as you can see there
is no words, there are no wordings, only numbers on these decks, so the picture really tells
the story in this particular deck. Now in this deck, we have Wisdom of the Hidden
Realms. This is a Colette Baron-Reid oracle deck. Great deck. It’s a new one that I’ve been working with. There’s the back cover. So if you can see, this is how hers are structured. The Hawk Prince, so she’s all about hidden
realms. She’s all about getting deep into the subconscious
and bringing that out. So the Hawk Prince has spirit communication
and paying attention. So that is the theme of this card. That is the message of this card, is communicating
with your higher guidance, with your inner guidance and paying attention. There are signs all around you about various
different things. Oracle decks also come with … This one is
a nice thick book and in it, she gives a description. So the Hawk Prince is 11. So she gives a written description about the
card, forward and reverse. In tarot you can read the card right side
up or upside down. Upside down is referred to as reverse and
it’s basically the … You look at the positive and the negative, two sides of a coin. When it’s upright it’s the positive side of
the coin. When it’s upside down, read in reverse it’s
sort of the negative side of the coin, or the opposite side of the coin, so two different
sides of the message. I don’t read reversals because I read intuitively
and I get the message that the individual needs right off the hop, in term of where
they’re going and what perspective they need. But if you do happen to work with reverses,
she does this as well in her oracles. So here, the positive side of the coin is
ally and I’ll just give you a little brief idea here. The Hawk Prince appears with good news. He flies into your life to alert you a message
is coming to help you manifest your destiny. She goes on. Then she also has a challenger. So if this were upside down she says, the
Hawk Prince challenges you to pay attention and listen to the warnings being sent your
way. Are you pushing forward in spite of others
cautionings about the direction you’re headed? Are you refusing to listen to your own inner
voice? So thing nice thing about oracles and one
of the reason I really love oracles is, when I’m reading for other, the messages just flow. There’s no block of any kind. When I am reading for myself, sometimes using
tarot doesn’t always work well for me because I’m too close to the situation and I’m not
able to get to the heart of the matter of the message. Speaker 1: My brain gets in the way. I’m thinking, oh could it be about this or
this? So it’s just I don’t get enough clarity. With an oracle, because the message is right
there in your face and in the book, it really helps to, for me, to get the message. It’s very clear. It’s very concise and then I’m like, oh I
know exactly what that’s about in my life. So basically those are the differences between
tarot and oracle cards. Oracles really are about directing a specific
message around a theme. Angels, so we have Angel Prayers oracle decks. These are all angel cards which I will go
into in a different Feathers of Wisdom. There is a deck here that is Ascended Masters. I have a beautiful bird deck, a deck with
all sorts of birds. And they all have different messages and different
themes around how they’re approaching the message. With tarot, it’s basically a pattern. It’s a set pattern. You know basically what you’re looking at
and once you sort of learn the pattern, when you get the cards, then the cards themselves
and the spread that you choose tells the story. So, I hope that helps in terms of understanding
the difference between a tarot and an oracle deck. And I look forward to seeing you next week. Take care.


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