What is lying in my true inner self? Tarot Reading by Alejandro Jodorowsky for Vaidotas A

Dear Vaidotas That name is very difficult for me. But I need to say thank you, because you gave your help for the post-production of our movie Endless Poetry. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will read the tarot for you but, as you can hear, I don’t speak English very well. I will do it in Spanish, and you will have subtitles. What was your question? What do I need… No! What is lying in my true inner self? Incredible question. These were the numbers that you asked for: 7, 5 and 21. Here are the three cards. Then you feel like you are not acting with your own truth, but you feel it, your truth. You see? But your ego is a lie. I mean, ego is the familiar, social and cultural influence that they have disguised you with. Not only you, but also most of the people that are born in this world, who have been distorted by their mother and their father since they were in the womb, and who have genealogical trees that depend Grandparents, great-great-grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. Uncles, aunts… They depend… Brothers… All that family that doesn’t depend on itself, but on the familiar, social and economical situation, on wars and human exploitation, on everything that is happening in the world, even on poisoned air. Then, how could we be true if the world is such a liar? But you want to be true. Then this means that you have a deep spiritual ambition, because there is only one truth: spirit, which has a body, and a body that serves spirit. Intellect can serve spirit through its words, but intellect uses words to lie. Emotion can be true through sublime feelings that not only involve the loved one, but also all living beings. It can, but there are hearts that are ironclad because they are hurt. They are ironclad. Then they live in a prison, in a sort of negative prison. And desire, desire is increased by fake goals, by fake pleasures, by publicity. Sexuality is completely used by industry to keep us in a constant state of arousal. In fact, normally we should have mating seasons, like cats, which I know, like the elephants that I used to ride in India. They have a mating season; they are not in heat all the time. We are artificially aroused all the time, although not only by sex, but also by success, by power, by so many things. But there is something true inside us: it’s knowing that nothing belongs to us, that we are in a river and that things are lent to us, that even the hole body is a loaner, and that some day we will give everything back and leave this world for another world, no matter which one, in a completely immaterial, completely spiritual state. Look the first card you get… I think I am making a mistake because I got carried away explaining: I didn’t turn the Tarot, didn’t I? The first card you get is the chariot. In the chariot there is a prince who doesn’t have reins. Look closely. Focus the camera well; show the card very clearly. This chariot doesn’t have reins; the horses don’t have reins. He is letting the chariot carry him away and thinks that the chariot is carrying him away, but if you look at the wheels of the chariot you will see that they are buried in the ground, they are not moving forward. What is really moving is the planet: the planet is spinning. Then the real movement is the movement of the stars, the movement of the universe. But people tell you that you need to move on to take over the world, and you can believe that you are taking it over. And you are looking towards an order that they gave you in the past, because you are looking this way, where it starts. I’m going to count to 3: 1, 2, 3 What are you chasing? You are chasing the moon; you are chasing the maternal hopes, that’s what you are chasing. The maternal hopes. Maybe she wanted to make you a great person, , a great person who would conquer the sun that she didn’t have. After that you have the wizard. The wizard has everything on the table, he has a great gift and a lot of characteristics, but he has two things in his hands: the coin: money, economical success; and power, power: the power wand. And he is looking this way, I mean, he is looking towards the chariot, he is looking towards the conquest of the world. So that’s the lie they inculcated in you: “you need to take over the world”. That’s what they didn’t tell you: the arcane 14. What is the arcane 14 doing? He knows that he has a negative side and a positive side, a red side and a blue side, a man side and a woman side. He knows that. This angel is telling you: “your truth is that you are dual, and your truth is inside you. You are not a warrior who needs to conquer the world, you are an androgyne who needs to conquer himself.” I repeat: you are not a warrior who needs to conquer the world to give it to his mother: you are an androgyne who needs to conquer himself, like ying and yang, blue and red, positive and negative. You are a totality. That totality is in a circle called Tao, and the Tao is an old symbol, the circle, which is the egg of the world. The egg of the world is the divine, white and primary energy, the primary energy that takes genuine actions, where the essential duality of the human being is. When essential duality is accomplished, and dreams of power and the obligation to do what you are not, what you don’t want to do, are left behind, then comes joy, joy, joy, joy, joy, joy, joy. Thank you for collaborating in the creation of Endless Poetry, because you are a poet. Thank you very much.

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