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Hello soul friends. I’m Marie Seshet and
today we’re gonna be discussing numerology, your soul number and what
your name means. for those of you who don’t know
esoteric numerology is the art and science of understanding the spiritual
significance and progression of all manifestation. every word vibrates to a
number and every number as an inner meaning. when this letter and number code
is rightly understood and applied it brings us closer to understanding
ourselves and the universe around us the soul number which we will be
discussing today, is just one of the four personal numbers in your numerology
chart. your soul number is your real personality. the you that is only known
to you. if you embrace the philosophy of reincarnation, the soul number also
indicates what you’ve been in previous lifetimes this part of your personality is not
easily recognized by others unless they know you very well.
the so number is also what you in your inner secret self desire to be. if
however your soul urge remains repressed or hidden throughout your life by
outside circumstances and the soul fails to fulfill its purpose, it may need to
repeat the same vibration in a future life until it finds true expression…
because of this knowing what your soul number means is very important so let’s
get started. Today I will be briefly looking into the name Emilia
Jean Emerson. she emailed me asking for a quick overview and I chose to do so in a
video. if you would like the possibility of having your name chosen for the next
numerology video, please email me or leave a comment down below. I do offer
private in depth numerology reports and readings and if you would like to
purchase a deeper and fully detailed look into who you are and what you were
here to do, the details are in the description box below… so after breaking
down Emilia’s name using only her vowels, her
soul number comes to 46 10 1 now for this video I’m only going to be
discussing the single-digit 1 but in my private readings I do discuss the
significance to the double-digit numbers which contrary to popular belief are
very important and do provide a deeper insight into your individual soul makeup
so we will be looking into this card the musician number one. number one as the
soul number as most people already know is about independence. the leadership won
in past lives now brings a desire to continue striving for higher
consciousness. you are independent regarding your beliefs and although your
desire for free and independent thinking continues to occupy your innermost
yearnings, you should not let this strong drive stop you from achieving practical
goals in this lifetime. you are always conscious of your inner strength and
would have difficulty taking a secondary position among your contemporaries, your
co-workers or your peers… if marriage or partnership is considered as a soul
number one you should investigate the inner
yearnings of your prospective partner to safeguard the successful outcome of your
relationship. if your individuality is too strong it could express itself as
bossiness and be a detriment to personal happiness. so firm is the intensity of your focus
and so strong the memory of self-glory from past lives and you are quite
stubborn in your convictions even though it could disrupt important
relationships… because of this, it is very important to understand the two sides of
yourself and learn how to balance the positive and negative aspects within
yourself. I’m seeing that your inner strength gives you something to rely on
when the going is rough and because of this you can be a tower of inspiration
to others in times of trouble. so that was soul number one. normally I
would go deeper into the 46 and the 10 but this is just an overview, this is just a
quick read just surface. if you do want to go deeper into your soul number, the
details are in the description box below. thank you so much for watching. please
like, subscribe and leave your name in the comment section below to be selected
for the next video and I’ll see you next time

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