Westsider Books NYC – THE LUMINARIES by Eleanor Catton

Ok my pick is THE LUMINARIES, Eleanor Catton
I think she was the youngest winner of The Man Booker Prize
I think it was also short-listed for The National Book Award
Great book – it’s all about the gold rush in Australia
In I think, the 1850s, maybe a bit later
So it takes you through the whole sort of gold business
And how the gold is dug and the different people who benefit
Not just the diggers but the people who supply them
With opium or clothes, the prostitutes, the bar owners….
And some gold has been appropriated and it moves sort of between the characters
Some people aren’t even aware that they have the gold
I just really enjoyed it. It wasn’t like anything I’d read
I’d never read anything quite like it before
Pretty compulsive reading.
It’s a big book but I read it in just a few days
It was unputdownable! Very very interesting.
That’s my pick!


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