West Wing Week: 10/23/2015 or, “I Love Astronomy Night!”

Astronauts: Welcome
to West Wing Week. Narrator: Welcome to
the West Wing Week, your guide to everything
that’s happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And in space. This week the President
welcomed to the White House the President
of South Korea, the Prime Minister
of Pakistan, hosted CEOs who were
tackling climate change, travelled to West Virginia
for a community discussion on drug abuse, and spent
an evening stargazing with space lovers for the White
House Astronomy Night. The President: The kids are
so excited about meeting some astronauts here. Narrator: It’s October
16th to October 22nd, or The President: I love
Astronomy Night. I love Astronomy Night. (applause) Narrator: On Friday, the
President met with President Park of South Korea
in the Oval Office, and then held a news
conference in the East Room. On Monday, the First Lady
launched the Better Make Room campaign, a part of her
Reach Higher initiative to encourage young people to
pursue a higher education. Mrs. Obama: I was determined
to be a first generation college graduate. Narrator: Meanwhile, in
the West Wing the President hosted a roundtable
with CEOs, and announced that 81 of
the largest companies in the world have pledged to take
steps to reduce carbon pollution. The President: Well I just
had the opportunity to meet with CEOs from across the
country who are acting on climate change. Narrator: The conversation
continued that afternoon, as business leaders
discussed the commitments that they had made
to the effort. Kathleen McLaughlin: And
all of the effects we’re starting to see, we’re
seeing those in our supply chain. We have to make those
chains more sustainable. Narrator: And later, the
Vice President joined the discussion. The Vice President: You have
more impact on the nature of this debate going forward
over the next five to ten years than any other
part of the economy. You. And I can’t thank you
enough for stepping up. Narrator: Later, the
President made a phone call that was out of this world. The President: We’ve been
following your Instagram feed down here. It’s spectacular. Narrator: And that evening,
in the spirit of space exploration, the White
House welcomed students and scientists to the South
Lawn for the White House Astronomy Night. The President: We are
sending you loose. We’ve got some incredible
exhibits all over the place. Not just this telescope,
but we’ve got a mini planetarium, and virtual
reality, and real reality, and– (laughter) –so
there’s all kinds of good stuff. I hope you guys have a
wonderful time tonight. I hope that all of you are
inspired the way I am by science and by space. Narrator: On Tuesday, the
President met with the 2014 Enrico Fermi reward
recipients to celebrate their achievements in
physics and energy research. On Wednesday, the President
joined the Vice President, who made an important
announcement in the Rose Garden. The Vice President: But
while I will not be a candidate, I will
not be silent. I intend to speak out
clearly and forcefully to influence as much as I can
where we stand as a party, and where we need
to go as a nation. Narrator: Later, the
President travelled to Charleston, West Virginia
to meet with members of the community, and hear
firsthand how prescription drug and heroin abuse are
ravaging local communities not just in West Virginia,
but all across the country. Male Speaker: The bottom
line is, we need resources, and we need to find a way
to put those resources into effect. So that we have
the facilities. Because there’s so many
people that want help, like our daughter. But it took forever to
find a place for her. Mr. President, I want to say
that it is– I’m going to take this opportunity. It is wonderful to have
an intelligent, caring, thoughtful person
in your position. Narrator: Meanwhile the
First Lady travelled to Akron, Ohio, alongside
favorite son LeBron James. They joined a
fired-up crowd. (music) To talk about her
recently launched Better Make Room campaign. Mrs. Obama: We want to
make room for you and your stories. So instead of everybody
always talking about folks like me, and LeBron, and
the next reality tv show, we want them to talk
about kids like you. Narrator: On Thursday,
the President hosted Prime Minister Sharif of Pakistan at the White House. The President: Thank you. Narrator: Later, the
President answered questions about criminal justice
reform in a conversation that was hosted here at the
White House by the Marshal Project. The President: First thing
they did when they came, brought in new recruits,
they just put them in the neighborhoods where they’re
going to be serving, and they had to walk,
basically for 24 hours, right? And if they needed to
go to the restroom, they needed to get
to know some people. (laughter) And so they
started meeting local businesses, and the chief
talks about sometimes we know who the
drug dealers are, instead of arresting them,
where they’re just going to be released, he’s going to
have an officer stand right next to them. And so, and talking to him. And asking them, why
are you doing this? Smart community policing
really can have an impact. Really can make
a difference. Narrator: That evening,
the President vetoed a bill passed by Republicans in
Congress that would rely on an accounting gimmick to
fund our armed forces. The President: I’m going
to be sending it back to Congress. And my message to
them is very simple. Let’s do this right. Narrator: So stay
engaged with us online, and remember, you can find
out more information about any of these topics, and
see complete videos of these events at Thanks so much for checking
out this addition of your West Wing Week. The President: Thank you. I appreciate you guys. You’ve been running
around a lot. Especially the camera man
with the big things that they’re wearing. You guys are staying
in shape, though.

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