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hi everyone and welcome to another
segment of’s
Weekly Forecast my name is Terence
Guardino the week begins on Monday
November the 11th and mercury is still
in retrograde until the 20th we’ll be
crossing over the Sun so that Sun
Mercury is always a good day for ideas
and communications and learning and
writing because mercury is this a planet
of ideas and communications in
retrograde this is going to be a good
day to be re-evaluating where you’ve
been where you want to go tweaking your
plans now Tuesday the 12th is the full
moon in Taurus and this is actually
going to be a few days that’s going to
resolve a lot of the challenges whether
it is individually or economically in
the world politically in the world
because this full moon always brings
matters to a culmination brings matters
to light and this Taurus New Moon our
full moon is going to be very supportive
and favorable with powerful transforming
Pluto Pluto is also the planet of
secrets and there’s been a lot of
secrets being revealed in the world
lately and this full moon can certainly
bring more answers more insights in a
more favorable way with these secrets
Mars ambitious Mars also during the full
moon is going to be in harmony with
expansive Jupiter Mars Jupiter is very
favorable for successful work projects
it could also be a project and
that you’ve been working on for a while
maybe the last couple of weeks the last
month and now it all comes to a
culmination with that powerful positive
influence of Pluto where you’re seeing a
big positive change and the Mars Jupiter
is indicate also indicating the success
and love so however these forces have
been unfolding for the past couple of
weeks in an intense and secretive
Scorpio this full moon on the 12th
but these full moons the energies can be
lasting several days is going to put a
lot of these matters to rest now on
Wednesday the energy just continues to
be favourable as communication mercury
retrograde but it’s going to be
favorable with pragmatic sensible Saturn
and intuitive compassionate empathetic
Neptune and also on Wednesday the Sun in
Scorpio is going to be favourable with
Pluto where it’s more exact it begins on
Tuesday it’s culminating on Wednesday
the Sun to Pluto is very powerful for
revealing the mysteries and the secrets
because that’s what Pluto represents and
the Sun is putting a spotlight but this
is all this positive change it’s also
really good for any kind of repairs
construction cleaning out your closets
getting getting your home ready and
cleaned up for the holidays but this is
also a good day with mercury spirit
Wednesdays and Tuesday and Wednesday
good for tying up loose ends with old or
previous business projects with Mercury
degrade you don’t want to start any new
projects that are really important you
want to wait until after the 20th but
this these last couple of days that
Tuesday Wednesday you could really be
wrapping up and a lot of old business in
a positive way by Thursday the love
planet Venus is going to be in tension
with confusing nebulous Neptune
now all this good business sense that’s
been going on but now and we’re dealing
with love with personal relationships
there might be some disappointments or
you could be getting swept away with
some romance but it’s you need to get
more grounded because not everything is
what it appears to be and when Venus
also rules creative projects and this
could be in very inspiring creatively
but then you might lose your focus
because of the Neptune energy so you
want to just take it slow by Friday the
moon that sets the emotional tone is
moving into cancer which tends to be
more self protective more inward more
emotional but it’s going to be favorable
with Uranus and it’s Friday and Uranus
can real group activities and
friendships so this could be not wanting
to be in a large social event because
the cancer energy wants it more more
personal more private more low-key but
this could be a great Friday evening of
have and
hang out with friends here and with
mercury and retrograde may unexpectedly
be hearing that the premon old friend
that you lost touch with and then we get
into the weekend and Saturday the moon
still in cancer is going to be in an
opposition or confrontation with
cautious restrictive Saturn and power
struggle Pluto so emotions are going to
be running really high but the moon is
also really excellent with communication
mercury and empathetic Neptune so in
other words there might be a crisis with
relationships that could also include
business relationships but if you just
breathe and calm down for a minute
then the moon excellent with the moon
with the mercury and the Neptune you can
then come to some more insights and
understanding and maybe make some real
progress as you confront some challenges
and then on Sunday I think because the
moon is still in cancer that’s the last
day of it but it’s going to be in
harmony with the Sun and when the moon
and the Sun are in harmony whatever you
are hoping for it’s it just kind of all
blends and falls into place so whatever
you are confronting and trying to
resolve in any kind of relationship on
Saturday it certainly looks like by
Sunday most of you will be finding this
happy middle ground
so before I sign off I want to remind
you I’m available for the one-question
offer for a nominal fee you can find a
direct link to order it in the
description box below if you the time of
birth is always important even in
it’s an approximation and if you could
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in with the question
it’ll make sure I have all the
information correctly I want to thank
you for tuning in I hope to see you next
week with my next segment until then
have a great week


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