Week of October 27, 2019 Spiritual Guidance with Sloane Rhodes

hi everyone its Sloane Rhodes I’m here with
your spiritual guidance video for the
week of October 27th 2019 I hope
everyone’s doing well I did want to give
a quick shout-out to my home state of
California and all the people who are
affected right now by the fires and the
power shut offs and a special thank you
to all of the firefighters and first
responders who are helping to keep
everyone safe as best they can such a
tremendously difficult job and a very
difficult time for many people here in
California so I’ve been thinking of everybody all
right I also wanted to let everyone know
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intuition okay so for the week of
October 27th 2019 got a card I’m using
the numerology deck today by Michelle
cannon self-disciplined my fiery energy
41 which I add together for number five
we are still in a period of change the
respective self discipline it sounds
kind of boring and it sounds arduous
okay wants to have self discipline you
know it’s always on me I have to do it
when’s the support gonna come in when’s
the help gonna come in remember you’re
not exhibiting or creating let me put it
this way you’re not utilizing
self-discipline in order to stop
yourself that might not feel that way
but actually self-discipline is an act
of self-love self-discipline is an act
of self-care right I’m not going to do
something that’s going to harm another
I’m not going to do something that’s
going to harm me we look at that and we
think oh that self discipline you’re
really self disciplined you stopped
yourself from enjoying something that
you and that you like or you stopped
yourself from a seemingly bad behavior
and then you know you pray it you get
praise for yourself to split you praise
yourself but you know it’s truly
self-love it’s truly self-care it’s
truly a loving and not to keep yourself
from something but to allow yourself to
be in an energy that feels healthier
that feels more loving towards your
physical being your spiritual being your
your mental health your emotional health
so you’re not keeping yourself from
something you are opening up more
turning on the lights
more to all of the ways that you can
show love to yourself many times when we
think of self-discipline we think of an
end goal right I’m gonna do this now as
an act of self-discipline in order to
either stop myself from getting
something or or in order to achieve a
end goal and then that’s fine um and you
can certainly continue to experience it
that way
but if you back it up
even more deeply into the true energy of
self-discipline it’s about self-care
allowing yourself to be more in the
energy of what you do want many times
there’s a lack when we think of
self-discipline I’m going to forego this
in order to get something later but if
you can bring it to the moment of as an
act of self-care I’m choosing to do this
activity maybe I’ll end up somewhere
else maybe I’ll end up with a healthier
body or a goal that I’m wanting to
achieve more money you know I’m not
gonna I’m gonna use self-discipline and
I’m not gonna go out to lunch all week
I’m gonna you know just bring a lunch
you know and then you and then you get
rid of your sad because your co-workers
were going out and you’re sitting there
eating you know out of your your your
lunch box but you know and you might
tell yourself well I have to do without
in order to get what I want later you’re
not doing without in the moment you are
celebrating yourself for taking time to
consciously make a choice that will
allow you to get into the flow of what
you’re wanting more so it’s it’s a
little bit different if we’ve back it
back you know keep backing it back into
the energy of what you’re wanting which
is a more abundant life it’s difficult
to have that more abundant life if you
are enacting self-discipline from a
place of I’m doing without you know so
it’s something to play with this week
let me see what else I get from the card
again you know because of the fires I’m
really drawn to all this fiery energy
and I do want to say that in many ways
you’re burning through older patterns if
you’re feeling like you have to have
self-discipline in order to get
something the again if you back it in to
the energy what you’re doing is you’re
burning through older patterns that no
longer work for you so it may feel like
you’re having to do without but truly
what you’re doing is you’re shifting
you’re pivoting away from something that
felt maybe wasteful if we use the
analogy or the the metaphor of you know
having a box lunch as opposed to why not
to lunch
you are pivoting away from what may have
felt wasteful or not honoring the very
nature of money you know but you are
focusing your attention more on how you
spend it and the ways in which you’re
gonna self care you know making your own
lunch is an act of self-care and it’s in
and of itself you’re caring for self you
are taking nourishment for yourself
you’re creating nourishment for yourself
so there’s lots of different ways to
play with it but you know I’m throwing
all this fiery energy you know about
burning through older patterns and I
will say to that with this self
discipline card and rather than the leg
or the text on the card let’s just focus
on the color you know related to your
third chakra sexuality creativity
abundance inspiration this is where you
can really play with this idea of change
you know how can I be more creative in
this moment am I open to being more
inspired in this moment am I open to
feeling the love in this moment of
of being inspired by my my actions or
inspired by what’s around me how could I
be more creative in my lunch making you
know how can I be more creative in the
ways in which I care for myself not
because no one else will do it not
because I’m lacking anything but because
it’s enjoyable but because caring for
myself feels good when I love my can I
allow more self-care as opposed to self
discipline but there’s a change here
there’s a shift here and it’s really
really beautiful I do see what the green
we’re going to the heart you know the
heart is at the center of everything
here so when you you know when you say
to yourself I have to be
self-disciplined are you coming to the
heart as an active self-care as yourself
love as an act of change and pivoting
into more of the flow of what I’m
wanting as opposed to building up
resentment about what I’m lacking you
know and you can play with it from that
at that perspective let me just look at
what’s under the deck we have happy
ending you know right here
manifesting more of what you’re wanting
not as your end goal necessarily but as
a result of the actions that you’re
taking here it’s really really nice
but I do like to see I’m just gonna talk
about this card not from the text or
from the color but just from the
numerology here four plus one I’m adding
them together for five we have changed
you know it’s has been a very difficult
time for many individuals myself
included you know I felt a lot of energy
moving through my body as I picked up on
not only things were going on for me
personally the macro and the micro
always been marrying one another but
also on a planetary scale feeling a lot
of that surging energy and there’s a
shift here there’s a change it can’t
feel chaotic but I really do feel like
we had this this new energy coming in
that’s more more inspired more creative
and we you know the happy ending card
you know and that beautiful purple of
the center and the heart of the center
our spiritual awareness
being manifested presented in the world
more sorry did I say a third chakra i’m
in a second chakra here there’s chakra
here the yellow sacral chakra solar
plexus chakra
you know but they’re there together you
know the combined you know you have that
if you look at the sacral chakra and you
look at sexuality and what can occur
with procreation and then you have the
manifestation here you know bringing it
out into the world the happy ending the
end result you know so that’s really
interesting energy here I feel there is
a shift occurring continue your your
acts of self care self-love ask yourself
when you’re feeling mired and victimhood
are mired and in confusion you know am I
open in this moment to seeing the love
in this moment am I open to being more
loving towards myself am i open to the
possibility that there is love in this
moment but there is joy
underneath a lot of what I’m my ego is
showing me is the important area I need
to focus on I might open even just
asking the question am I open it’s more
self-care and more love my open to
seeing the possibilities of love one you
can use other words for love that work
for you if love makes you uncomfortable
the word love I use lava that such a for
me it’s means everything it’s open
complete openness am I open to being
more open to more possibilities for love
you know or for it for joy or for
happiness when I whatever words work for
you but by asking the question you allow
for change you allow for yourself to
recognize that for this way you allow
that there’s a possibility that you are
not identifying yourself as a situation
you are in but there is an opportunity
for more recognition acknowledgment that
you are more than the situation that you
are not the situation you find yourself
in you are more than that so when you
ask the question you you pretty rapidly
in that instant take yourself out of
victimhood and into empowerment for lack
of a better word so I hope that you find
it helpful I wish you much love as
always and remember the Sloane Academy
is gonna be coming down so if you
haven’t purchased yet 60% off all of the
online courses
the code is final sale and if you wanted
to put it with me you can email me for a
spiritual guidance um
I work with my clients via Skype
FaceTime whatsapp and I still have my
video readings available on my website
so if you want a tarot reading in video
format you can order those as well
I wish everyone much love and I will see
you next week or before if you have an


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