Hi everyone Welcome back you with Amira and this is your weekly reading for the new moon in Sagittarius from the 24th to the 30th of November 2019 I hope you’re all doing well Some of you have actually been commenting that you’ve been looking at some of the past years Monthly videos now actually resonate so sometimes that can happen. So if you go on to my playlists you can see the monthly videos and sometimes that can resonate also the 2019 videos as well for each sign because they go month by month. You might want to check that out as well I’m going to be doing each individual Astro sign starting with Aries through to Pisces and thank you in advance for the timestamps for those of you who like putting the timestamps below and The new moon in Sagittarius is one of my favorite moons I love a moon and such a moon in leo a moon in Taurus are my top three favorites And the moon in sedge gives hope inspiration things coming up that are going to be Exciting and activated it’s going to be four degrees sachet areas. So have a look where your Where Sagittarius is in your birth chart? What house it is? In and then you can get an idea of what is going to be activated on that new moon in such a new moon manifestations as well Okay, I probably I probably put some manifestations or so on my blog post For the new moon moving forward. So the new moon itself is going to be on the 26th and It’s going to be four degrees it’s on Tuesdays, so it’s going to be four degrees Sagittarius Okay So let’s have a look at the first sign of Aries Aries Sun Moon rising and Venus So let’s have a look at Aries. I’m going to be using the Tarot And also my love Oracle deck Amira’s love Oracle cards, which we channel from spirit They are available on my eBay store as well as my website and the links are here below to book a session or anything else So let’s have a look at Aries Okay Aries I Feel like there’s going to be a dynamic shift few areas. That’s what I’m getting the message. I’m getting through for you a dynamic shift You could be going in two different directions or have two different projects that you’re working on The king of rods and the page of rods could be you being an Aries, Leo and Sagittarius Male or female can be also a female as it is a general read Or you might have an a fire sign male coming in around you if you’re looking for a male There’s a lot of offers here There’s a big offer of love of your cup being full of feeling excited feeling like there’s a launch in general you might have turned your back recently on a situation that’s made you feel depressed uncertain unsure and On this new moon energy. It’s like a wave of new Energy and new positivity coming into your life So underneath we’ve got also the three of swords so there could have been some Loss distress grief of some description could have been a heartbreak somebody not Showing up for you in the way that you’d like them to The hanged man getting stuck so stuck in a situation. Maybe you couldn’t get out of for some time So it could be that now is the time that you are released from the situation and you are Moving forward we’ve also got mercury that’s starting to go direct It takes a while to build up the momentum before it’s back to where it was when it went backwards and that can also shift Your vision for the future as well moving into December. I would say Aries Shifting your vision for the future shifting your ideas So if you have been stuck with somebody it might be like okay or stuck with a past grief I feel like there’s a shift Coming up for you very very soon Okay, so let’s have a look for aries in the love oracle Okay, fun times ahead very nice having fun going to concerts events weddings You might meet somebody for a relationship at a wedding could be your own wedding serious relationship union card and fun times an offer of marriage as well or Receiving more than one offer as the dating queen sip receiving different contracts different offers Young male whizzing into your life could be somebody up to the age of twenty nine or a man significantly younger than you Could also be a sign of an automobile a new car coming in around you a motorbike a Vespa motorino some form of Transport could even be a scooter I’m thinking of it like a little scooter like one of those motorized scooters. Okay destiny taking its course unfolding Feeling like you’re aligning yourself with destiny open relationships seeking somebody somebody’s seeking you it might not have led into anything serious as yet could be something that Is in the pipeline? Or you might have various offers and one of those offers is an open relationship Offers somebody who’s not really wanting to have a serious relationship So you could be sifting and sorting through what you want what you don’t want If you want something serious, if you want something open, there could be two different people here are moving in different directions Taking you in different directions as well. So that’s something to consider as well Aries, but overall I feel like it’s positive You’ve got the union card the ace of cups Positive dynamic for you moving into this lovely new moon in Sagittarius for you So, let’s have a look at Taurus Taurus Sun Moon rising and Venus Taurus Okay, Taurus, I Kept picking up team dynamics team players playing in a team Working together with people in a team something to do with team dynamics Team effort so if you feel like you are the one that’s pulling in all the effort It could be that in a relationship or in a work situation. It could be that a Team effort is required and you might have like, okay I’m sick of just pulling the weight of everything and that’s what it feels like with this chariot card it’s like you could be the horse driving the carriage and It might be time for you to let go of the reins a little bit let somebody else do the pulling and the take the weight of The burden of something could be to do with money finances getting money finding money having more options to reap rewards Underneath it could be somebody who was sick not well you could have been meditating on something They could have been delays. You might have had some sort of an illness or a depression of some description or you might be just meditating praying and waiting Feeling like there’s an insight there. We’ve also got the new moon symbol on the High Priestess here So there’s something that’s going to come into you through the third eye like a download of information The Fool is going on a journey taking off in a new direction starting at zero stepping into the unknown Going on a trip. So you might be going on a trip for Thanksgiving Counting your blessings it could be also going on a road trip with the chariot There could be somebody also with under the sign of cancer coming in around you which is the chariot Somebody activating You know an energy to move into your life or moving forward with you in a situation like a team player situation Team effort you feeling like there’s been options and choices around you about What do I want to do? But you’ve been just sitting and waiting for the right shift the right inspiration to take you forward Taurus Okay hearing about someone through the grapevine You might meet somebody through neighbors or friends or around the block where you live or in the building. That’s a gossip card Past life feeling like you’ve got a DejaVu through eye contact you might want to do my audio download past life regression which is part of my eighth audio package, which is only 1999 and get a lot of information in those eight audio downloads of all different types of topics ice queen being more discerning being more clear Having the guidance of a female advisor a mother mother-in-law mother figure Courting man man-about-town somebody who wears a business suit for work or a uniform Could be in the military could be a doctor dentist flight attendant Short-term relationship short term situation Okay, so something is going to be like over and out you might even hear about somebody that’s just broken up with somebody else in your neighborhood or in your inner circle and That might be pleasing to you. You might be thinking. Oh That’s you know, I’ve been interested in that person. I’ve been waiting for them to break up or You might not have seen it coming it could be somebody in and around the work zone Meaning somebody through work or around your neighborhood is important coming up for you could be also that if you are tired of Pulling the weight at work. You might just step out of it short-term step out of it break up and Move in a different direction Taurus. So that was good Okay, let’s have a look at Gemini Gemini Sun Moon rising and Venus. I am picking up a D initial Gemini for you a Doug David Doreen, Danna Dolt Dorian drew first or second name with a D Det, Donna Diana Okay Gemini Gemini Sun moon rising and Venus Jumper out We’ve got the eight of swords and the queen of rods and this one is the chariot. Okay? so I Feel like that is telling me oh It’s a wait and see just wait and see I feel like things will be clearer in seven days Wait and see in seven seven days, okay There could be also something coming up in Saudi Arabia Internationally, I don’t know where I got that but I just got that flash. There could be something brewing in the Middle East Gemini It might not be for you personally but it could be something that you’re interested in or that you’re following Okay, Queen of Rods is there again? Somebody who is a fire sign Female Aries Leo Sagittarius could be you if you have a moon or rising in fire or a lot of fire in your chart Okay, see it’s kind of like dynamic energy She’s also showing us to have passion about what you’re doing to move forward with conviction to apply yourself I feel like some of you are going to be applying for new jobs and Showing off your talents You’re going to be indecisive really about what it is that you want to do or where you want to end up But it doesn’t really matter because the right thing will come – Gemini there’s also romance here for you as well Feeling like you’ve got romantic Connections romance is in the air also a harmony with children some of you might want to work with children and Strengths they could definitely be somebody under the sign of Leo if you don’t have a strong leo energy in your chart or Finding your straight somehow so it could come up definitely in seven or eight. Okay So we’ve got an eight here with the strength so it could be something coming up in There’s also a six six seven and eight six days Six weeks Seven weeks or eight weeks That’s a bit of an interesting one for you German I feel like your energy is a little scattered and that’s okay because it’s going to come it’s gonna come clear Early December. I’m also picking up Italy for you as well. There could be an Italian connection Germany Okay, let’s have a look at cancer Cancer Sun Moon rising and Venus Okay, I’m getting the words coming through rewind and repeat cancer Rewind and repeat whatever that means to you hanged, man Could be that you’ve got to stop something from going forward you rewind repeat and reboot. It’s sort of like you’re reactivating something in your life You might be going back over the past Something that’s happened to you or it could be that you’ve got to redo something from scratch It could be repetitive it could be dating it could be applying for jobs It could be going back over a project it could be Resetting an exam. It could be repainting a picture The hermit Five of Pentacles and the tower. Okay, so You have a guiding light Here that is giving you insights into money finance and how you’re going to change something You might be cleaning out the closet doing a yard sale a garage sale getting rid of things Sort of before Christmas you might be doing a bit of a sale of some description or selling something is what I’m getting Romance is also in the air for you feeling like there is something on the cards with a romantic interest with dating Going on a journey an adventure starting from zero having a step into the unknown Healing your wounds and also Maybe you’ve broken up with somebody here because we’ve got the three of swords as well So there could have been a breakup. You know that you’re healing from It could be something that in the past that’s still lingering around you you could be also you know being Drawn into situations of always helping people who have problems so you might be just sick of it cancer You might be like nuts I’m tired of that. I Want to change things go on a new adventure So the reboot repeat Rewind and repeat could be going back to a former Vision you had about your life a former goal Before you got bogged down with something in your reality. That just wasn’t resonating with you. It could have been a former Role that you played a form a relationship that you were You know in use you might have been married or engaged and you want to be engaged again to somebody else or married You could be going back into a job that you did some time ago that is different to what you’re doing now Wallflower looking after yourself living up to your full potential taking note of You need to do to activate your energy mental physical spiritual energy to become Or overcome obstacles to get where you want to go The Ice King could be somebody coming in around you who is an entrepreneur a father figure a boss figure somebody who could come in for advice or as a Interest Fair mail somebody lightish for their cultural background Destiny taking its course opening up for you Destined things are in the air cancer Mature man there is a man potentially coming in around you unless you are the mature man yourself Somebody mature for their age not necessarily mature in age and You know, he’s I think he’s coming in or if it’s you To create some sort of a shake-up. There’s a shake-up here with the tower So some of you might be moving shaking something up Rebooting something is what I came up with before. Yeah, if you want me to go into that in depth we can do a personal session Okay, let’s have a look at the next sign of Leo Leo Sun moon rising in Venus Stars are shining Leah. I’m getting the message. The stars are shining stars in your eyes starry nights Okay, so you might be actually off on a new tangent Some romantic links some romantic vibe Some ideal there’s an idealism here coming through for you something that you feel is an ideal What is it you’re wishing for wishing on a star? Okay, the world feeling like there’s a sense of completion coming full circle the tower has come up again We’ve got the nine of Wands as well. So You might be going somewhere Leo somewhere international or finishing something up Finishing off a cycle of a project of a situation Finishing up a living situation Going somewhere else you definitely on the move Wishing hoping attempting at designing something new moving forward seven seven days or weeks Letting go what is behind you and Romance, this card has come up for a lot of the signs Romance is in the air Enjoying yourself having more fun looking also at the world through childlike eyes I see that card as sometimes being that having more fun and dynamic energy in your life If someone’s going it’s you that’s what I see happening Someone’s going it’s you Money, you might be going for the money the money the fame the success leo the prestige Wishing on a star so you’ve got star alignment star quality It’s also a connection potentially with Africa you might be wanting to go to Africa doing some sort of African Studies or Some sort of Visits somewhere in Africa could be South Africa Safari could be visiting somebody that you know, there could be doing some sort of missionary work as well a Friendship Connecting with people friends associates groups Meeting somebody through groups and networking somebody who is younger than you or a male up to the age of 29 Could be you if you are a male up to the age of 29 true gem potential somebody valuable for their influence in their in your life Could be a true gem potential as in also an engagement ring a commitment ring choices and decisions to make triangular relationship Young female Somebody who is in fashion and music Could be up to the age of 29 as well to young people taking back power and control in a situation Taking back your own power and control in a situation So if things have gotten out of control, you’re going to take it back in control the earth. This is really positive something whizzing into your life very dynamically and clearly a nice energetic mix of a person that you’re going to choose between maybe or a Choice that you’re going to choose between maybe a couple of different options Interesting indeed. Okay. Next side is The go go go Sun Moon and rising Duggal I feel like you’re creating something new you’re working on something some of you might be also doing some sort of magic ritual magic spell lotions and potions Making something out of herbs and oils even or lotions Okay So what do we have here Virgo for you If you are a male Virgo, this could be you there go Taurus Capricorn male either you or somebody coming into your life You’re looking further afield and casting a wide net to make more money further afield There could even be a connection with the wines the wine business somewhere that grows wine So that could be in in California. It could be in Parts of Europe, Italy and France and Spain could also be in South America or South Africa Links with those places you’re working at something I feel like some of you burgers are going to have luck in a job like in a a Luck and money coming through a job opportunity a job situation a bonus a pay rise a Promotion a new contract. Yeah, there you go. You’ve got the contract there. You’ve got the justice card so Fingers are on track for you Virgo. You’re going to start the new year in a very Dynamic and positive way that is going to make you feel like you’ve manifested this You’ve aligned up with it You’ve created it lotions and pose so some of you might be doing Candle magic you could be casting a spell doing a manifestation Candle which list ritual etc I would highly recommend you to do that because I feel like whatever it is that you wish on this new moon It’s going to come out either in December or in the new year There we go Okay, taking back your power and control in a situation feeling mature in your own essence having a mature Female coming around you if that’s not you fun times ahead meeting somebody at a concert an event celebrating going out for celebrations going out for Events True love potential meeting somebody at an event for true love Concert could be outdoors sense of freedom Throwing caution to the wind spiritual growth some of you might be going on a spiritual retreat going to in a spiritual event or some of you might be going to a pilot an event and you that’s what you’re going to Just to enjoy yourself and and set yourself free. The work thing. I feel is already done like it’s already Manifested it’s already done. You could have submitted something for review or To sell something and it’s already in the pipeline. So don’t worry about that. That’s already done That’s I feel it’s going to be an extremely positive time for you Virgo moving forward into 2020 Okay, next sign is Libra Libra Sun moon rising and Venus I’m seeing boats around your labrum seeing you casting off sailing away somewhere It could be just a pleasure cruise a trip about God a yacht weekend the sense of just like Detaching from You know Wi-Fi internet except you’re like disconnecting disconnecting from everything that’s happening Okay, your hands might feel tied to do with a relationship so you’re just waiting and seeing waiting and seeing waiting and singing Libra I’m picking up Southeast Asia for you Libra Southeast Asia’s, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand Philippines Bali you might be going on it on a vacation, okay Or a honeymoon or a wedding Okay, so we’ve got celebration here with the three women. You’ve got big changes coming up in your life But I feel like they’re personal changes personal changes You might also lose some girlfriends as well You might be cutting off some people out of your life that are no longer serving you that’s you Libra There could be a legal thing around you as well that you’re looking at legalities legal things looking at contracts legalities Visas credit card debt or something like that page of pinnacles Keeping things simple is what I’m getting out of that card the tower has come up for a lot of the signs and Not so much the death car, but the tower so something is going to change Libra whether you like it or not Something is going to change Choices and decisions, you might meet somebody at a party an event a wedding You might be going to a wedding You could be having your own wedding or three of cups can be Crowded relationships that you’re seeing or with this has other women around them or other men around them Okay Libra Okay short-term fling friendship friends-with-benefits a Feeling like something is over and out or it’s on or it’s off meeting somebody through friends That could be quick could just happen very quickly in a short timeframe Dark male, somebody dark for their cultural background dark hair dark eyes not necessarily dark skin Networking and events is two men here fair male somebody light each for their background as well brunette female could be you or somebody coming in around you there seems to be people here influences, or various people Past love trying to return to you You’re not feeling it or you might be healing from some sort of grief or loss to do with the past love still you might be Resetting yourself from a past Situation so it’s a reset It’s like I’m seeing you know you put your finger on the record player and like the old cassette players and it’s like You it’s like you you just press play So it’s kind of like okay, we’re going to start from scratch. We’re going to let this one roll So it could be that you’re putting back. You’re putting the past to rest and you you’re just moving forward with everything Yeah, so it’s good Libra. So let’s have a look at the next sign of Scorpio Scorpio Sun Moon rising and Venus and Even though Scorpio starts with an S. I’m picking up an s initial samantha surge, Steve So Joe Sarah Seraya Sam Samuel s first or second name Scorpio I Also got a message for your score pure love comes in all different colors So I’m seeing something being dyed or tinted like you’re dyeing your hair or tinting your hair So that could be that you just might love to have a different hair color Or you might be going to somebody who’s very different from what you normally go for Okay Lovers the tower is there again, why is the tower coming up so much? It must be something really shifting in the energy right now with this Sagittarius abrupt heightening of you know Fire flames dynamic things the waves the wind the air the clouds. It’s all happening all happening Somebody’s going to strike you with a thunderbolt. Like you’re gonna feel like you’re gonna be You know hit with a thunderbolt with some lover Some love is going to come at you. You’re gonna feel Wow taken, you know swept off your feet swept off your feet Lots of emotion lots of grace but feelings steady around it feeling settled Steady somebody offering you their cup of love Feeling like you’re sitting pretty you’re in your Garden of Eden, you’ve got everything that you want to need more connection also with nature Is going to set you free Scorpio, that’s what’s going to set you free so It could be that you that you’re your own worst enemy and a sense of wanting to stay in a situation that’s no longer serving you or Getting enticed into situations that are not good for you. So There could be a warning there. Okay, small one. Not a big one No small one So don’t get swept off your feet too quickly. If you think it’s going to end in disaster But if you feel like it’s appropriate then by all means Okay, Scorpio, let’s have a look at the love Oracle Looking at the world through childlike eyes more focus on children looking at to have children planning children having more fun New love pregnancy having more fun having a new pet come into your life as well past life Feeling like you’ve got a deja vu a connection with somebody through the eyes Spiritual growth as well. So you could be doing a past life regression Which would be quite good for you to do right now You might want to get my audio download package of eight different audio downloads for only $19.99 including the past life regression and it’s going to awaken the Pandora’s box Lift the lid of the Pandora’s box, which can be extremely healing Meeting somebody where you’ve got a deja vu you feel like yes You’re going to if you are looking at meeting somebody it’s going to be through friends Associates networks and groups, so going out to events networking in groups and through friends Interesting one Scorpio Okay, now let’s have a look at surge and Happy New Moon surge and happy birthday or happy early birthday to Sage Okay Sagittarius Competition feeling like this competition is a few too many that jumped out there competition around you feeling also energetic feeling dynamic energy sexual energy with somebody Sagittarius Okay, subject area Sun moon rising You’ve been confused you’re looking at the moon you could have a Pisces around you or even a cancer You could be confused you might be meditating on something waiting for the moon to move as well waiting for a new Passenger of something. I’m picking up the words rites of passage. You might be just waiting for that time to click in for you Page of pinnacles having an earth sign coming around you could be a younger person or somebody young ish or has a youthful energy and Then we’ve got strength bringing you strength ideas opportunities money as well the money could come through somebody who is Wanting to to help you will start something with you or assist you in some way. It could also be a Leo to Strength you want to travel you want to go on a new adventure? You might be going on a new adventure for work creating something new could also be for studies Having new ideas about what you want to do Sagittarius moving forward into 2020 Feeling like you’ve got a lot of really strong or dynamic Interesting passions emerging in you so It’s like it’s like you are You could be the page of Pentacles in a sense of looking at through a different lens through a youthful lens through a young lens the Ice King jumped out Entrepreneurial could be an entrepreneurial idea a boss father figure somebody who is a male around you could be an influence in Your life an older male somebody who’s an entrepreneur manager or boss or your father Giving you strength as well Twin flame that hasn’t come up for a while Travel and family family coming to see you or you going to see them feeling like you’ve got soul family connections here Family could also surprise you you might meet somebody who feels like soul family. There could be twin flame relationship somebody from your past Somebody who you’ve liked in the past Hearing about a past love through the family so it could be that you’ve got gossip through the family about somebody that you’ve been involved With before an ex. They could be getting engaged If that’s not the case, then you could be getting engaged Okay, so you might hear about someone getting engaged or you could be getting engaged Moving forward so Duty Ria’s so that’s interesting Interesting one for you, very nice Okay, let’s have a look at Capricorn Capricorn’s on moon rising and Venus I’m getting a connection to Dolly Parton one of her songs Just singing and enjoying yourself having fun there could also be a connection to Texas Capricorn as well Capricorn Sun Moon rising and Venus So whatever Dolly Parton means to you or there could be a song with her and Kenny Rogers I think is a couple song Islands in the stream. I’ve got that before in a reading heaven. Sometimes it pops up Could mean something to you. Why is this tower coming up for different signs? Okay. So there’s Upheavals to do with money You could suddenly win something Feel like you suddenly have to pay something big Impulses or ideas around money Something happening quite quickly as well. So hopefully it’s a win and it’s not it’s not that you have a big unexpected Financial thing come up around you that you have to deal with And you’re going to deal with it quickly though. It’s going to be okay. We’re going to deal with it quickly It’s not going to be the end of the world All right you might have to reshuffle something and look through the archway into the horizon to see really what is out there for you to Transform you could be at kind of at a bit of a loss as in mmm I don’t know what to do next. Like what should I do next? So It could be just an indication to sit and wait and see what comes up at the moment Capricorn Open relationship dark male somebody with dark hair dark eyes Not necessarily dark skin could be you if you are the dark male communication coming in somebody’s wanting to be with you It could be if you are the dark male, you might be reaching out to somebody or they could be reaching out to you Could be a brunette female combination dark hair dark brown to black hair They might be reaching out to you with gossip Or it could be somebody that they’re gossiping about somebody about their workplace You might meet somebody in and around where you work or where you live. The gossip is about The block where you live the neighborhood and the work is like working on something you could be working on Communication with somebody or you could meet somebody around your work or around your neighborhood if you’re looking for somebody Some of you might be just wanting a fling and that person could be coming in for a fling Or looking out for you. They could be looking at you they could be obsessed with you Actually, that’s what I’m getting Capricorn Somebody could be a little bit in a good way obsessed about you whether you like them or not is the deciding factor But they could be a little obsessed so Somebody might be very interested in you, okay? Let’s have a look at Aquarius Aquarius Aquarius Sun Moon rising and Venus Okay, I’m getting the Caribbean view Aquarius Mexico the Caribbean the Gulf of Mexico You might be looking at going there in the new year or in Summer or for a vacation? So something is coming up for you around the Caribbean Aquarius Also Key West is practically in the Caribbean as well so that can be valid. That’s at the bottom of Florida All right, you know God the depth card again, there’s so many so many signs that were getting the death or the tower okay, so We’ve got here you feel like things have been delayed and then all of a sudden it’s like Mmm, we’re gonna we’re going to get things moving. You’ve got strength here. You’ve got strength coming in numbers Okay coming around you through you beside you I’m also giving the Mediterranean here and also something to do with Egypt and Islands with volcanoes could be Hawaii as well. It’s a few different locations for your Aquarius Being indecisive in two minds about something but you’re gonna work that out and the full coming up Starting from 0 starting from scratch going on a new journey Launching a new idea taking off in a new direction Leaving what you had behind you. So if you’ve had any heartbreak any sort of Disappointments with anybody it’s like, okay You’re just gonna move forward and you’re not gonna look back Aquarius Aquarius. You very rarely look back anyway You just keep motoring Forward and you’ve got the strength to do so there could be a nice leo coming up around you somebody under the sign of Leo Who is going to help you in some way or add? Some sort of value to your life. I am getting also Italy, too Why am I getting so many countries for you? Some of you might be working? Abroad or traveling for work or business You might be a flight attendant you could work on ships the shipping business cruise business So you might be on the move you might be on the move yeah Or going into it some sort of industry that You know deals with a lot of different places a lot of different countries continents places people places and things You could be even launching a product into these places. If you’re not actually moving somewhere like going there yourself Aquarius I Just got the message there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for you so Manifest it put it out there contract could be a marriage contract a work contract a business contract getting lots of offers being seen as the dating queen being seen as somebody special and by vital and having vitality Obstacles. We’ll see what these obstacles are all about Passion Passionate connection with somebody obstacles of karma repeated patterns Feeling like things are repeating themselves over and over again Why is it happening? Why are you going around and around in circles? The obstacles is because you have a sense of wanting to be free So sometimes you get stuck between a rock and a hard place. You want to be free But you also want this that and the other so it’s about creating a balance and that will also remove the obstacles that are Causing you to feel like you know, how do I decide on this? What am I going to do? How am I gonna be? Okay Queries, that was a good one interesting Okay lucky. Last is Pisces Pisces Sun moon rising in Venus Okay, I’m getting moon gazing whew Pisces and also rituals to the moon being neither see casting things into the sea doing a Gong bath or Some sort of chanting or meditation near the water or near the sea can be like if you don’t have to see around you Pisces Pisces I’m also feeling like you’re making big plans for new year Could be New Year’s Eve or the new year itself, but you’re making big plans you’ve got big visions and big plans for 2020 and it’s saying to Keep focused on those things because they’re going to come into fruition All right, put the king of Pentacles money coming in something through money finances or a male Earth sign Pisces Okay, son, very nice Beaches son I feel like you could be going on some sort of Island son beach Situation. I’m picking up Perth in Western Australia. I don’t know why also the Indian Ocean for some of you Some of you might be in a really nice relationship getting married in a relationship There’s more responsibilities coming upon you but it’s everything that you’ve wished for I’m balancing finances for a budget to do with a honeymoon a marriage a relationship a trip There’s a marriage again. Some of you will be getting married Putting the wish out there. Okay Pisces marriage is in the air Could be an unexpected marriage that pops out of the blue some sort of fusion a Fusion Okay Pisces sun moon rising and Venus There’s also a pay initial like a Peter Patrick Katrice Patricia There’s connection there. There’s that the true gem which is the engagement ring the twin flame The passion is a very strong connection with somebody Mitchell woman can be somebody around you Who’s a mature woman or somebody who or you if you are mature for your age? Friendship coming together through networks groups and friends If you don’t know this person you’ll meet them through maybe a mature female who organizes events or Through friends and networking between flame relationship. Very nice highest level of relationship Feeling that this person is on the same wavelength It’s fear male somebody lightish for their cultural background Somebody free tea should their East Indian or lighter than darker if they’re African descent Or if their Caucasian they’re going to be Farish with light-colored hair or eyes So this is the the person if it’s not you Pisces if you are the the fair male, then that’s you So I feel very much with Pisces here you wishes are coming true with relationships. You’re putting it out there You’re manifesting it it’s in the vortex. It’s coming in. It’s done. I feel like it’s a done deal Pisces. So Congratulations to you in advance. I think that it’s all fantastic so I wish you a beautiful rest of the month moving forward until the next video and If you’d like to book a personal session, all the links are here below in the show more section if you’d like to purchase my oracle cards they’re available on my website or ebay store and My audio download link is there as well for all of my audio download package as well? As my mediumship Academy if you’d like to join my mediumship Academy it is ongoing Basically on the weekends, we’re doing it three Three-arm days three sessions per month lots of blessings Thank you for likely subscribing and sharing and many blessings to you. Ciao for now


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