Virgo November 2018 Tarotscopes with Carolyn Clairvoyant

hello Virgo and welcome to your November 2018
Tarotscopes hello Virgo and welcome to your
tarotscopes for the time of November 2019 so here we go just giving me everything
you’re really good shuffle he just want to see if Spirit has any areas that they
want to cover also and to help with your reading as in being able to give you
some further directional clarity all right I don’t know you seem to be doing
everything pretty right then whatever it is might be enough in our fibre space
cuz we’ve only had a couple of cards come out so here we go alright so we’re
gonna have a look at your home and family where you are within yourself
right now career goals and aspirations or things you’re trying to achieve well
look at your finance help and well-being and of course your relationship areas so
the first thing that you do have around you at the moment is the three of
Pentacles in Reverse now this governs the home in the family it means you’re
going back you’re finishing off the chores or the areas of your life that
have been outstanding for some time this is the poor workmanship this is where
you have felt a little bit let down by circumstances or situations you may be
finding that you were looking at plans and goals manifesting but you just
didn’t have that that exact same energy as you had hoped or anticipated in in
order to be able to make it possible therefore right now you may find that
this is a time to go back and channel that energy again and see what you can
do is there something that is adaptable or fixable or
or capable in order for you to be able to get this done and if that’s the case
then it’s going to present itself throughout this period of time now you
may also find that this enables you to be able to restart now if you’ve had
plans on hold just say for instance we’re selling all the house or looking
at investments or you’ve been looking at ways in which family could be more
flexible or adjustable or fit into your lifestyle then this is going to be a
very positive time and you’re going to find that this enables you that chance
it’s like you get a chance second bite of that cherry you get a result your
career goals and aspirations look there are some unexpected developments here
and actually this is gaining results but just not exactly the way that you expect
it so just say for instance you’ve been coming in and asking for that promotion
or that raise and you’re thinking yep I’m a shoe-in for this I’m definitely
going to get it and then all of a sudden you realize she didn’t get it somebody
else got it but you got a better job or a better position from that you still
got a raise and you still probably got a better job but it come out of a way that
you didn’t expect so this is what spirits saying open
yourself up to the unexpected open yourself up to other avenues don’t close
your thinking in and just generalize what you feel you want you may be
finding it is obtainable or attainable through other avenues as well so it
shows here great success and great benefit or financial benefit being
received because of this and you may be quite surprised to see who the
beneficiary is or what options are available for you now if you’re looking
for work obviously like I’ve said you may be finding that there are programs
or or areas that you can be employed in – you may be finding like I said that
you have streamlined a lot of your your career or your personal directions
towards being able to see just one focus and yet you find that look oh my
goodness there’s all these other options that are open for me and this is going
to be quite prevalent now for your financial areas you have some
fantastic success setting in here for you on your financial fronts however you
will find that this is a time in which you are going to need to also focus on
the areas that are going to require you to put a little bit more energy into
your financial positioning and this will come down to going back to areas that
are plans or goals that have been in the very early stages and seeing them being
a positive result for you this may not be something that can happen overnight
but like I said there is an opportunity around here and success will come once
again when you least expect it there’s some unexpected developments or
surprises coming through which could finally actually give you the support
that you need now the ten of cups sitting in reverse the ten of cups in
reversed how you here that you’ve been going through a period of time of
feeling quite separate you’ve needed something to get you more active or out
there or feeling as though you’re able to gain a result from your energy and
effort because this is not really nominating a particular house but I do
have the number 10 here I’m going to look at the house of Capricorn which is
the tenth house this rules the teeth the bones the joints you may be finding
yourself going through elimination diets or areas in which will be coming a
little bit more proactive and in doing this you may gain the results that you
are hoping or anticipating can be possible the one thing I do feel that
Spirit is asking you to do is just to take a little bit of extra care now if
you have been avoiding the dentist then you may be finding extractions or
fillings or caps may be important if you’re looking for a knee joint or hip
employer replacement this could be the time there is quite a lot of change
coming around in that betterment and well-being but it’s going to help you to
really exercise getting away from what has been incompatible with the body and
with your energy relationships this is the Hierophant in
verse in the – in Reverse tells you that there are quite a lot of adjustments
you’re doing things quite differently and because of this you may be attracted
to different lifestyles cultures different people different ways and this
is one way in which you may find your so quite experimental this month for
instance if you’re single you might be attracted to someone much younger or
much older than you or somebody from a different background or a different
culture and if you’re in an already settled relationship you might be
wanting to spice things up and try something a little bit different maybe
you have a very unconventional relationship you both have the greatest
sense of pure freedom because you pursue your own goals but you know that you
both are genuinely in the relationship so this is going to be a very strong
time of flexibility and adjustment sitting around you may be finding that
flexibility comes back to going back to what has been important or significant
in your life as far as the home in the family maybe this flexibility is because
changes in the career path and goals or changes in the finances or changes in
the betterment and well-being this is all about supporting this because what
you start you must finish this month even though you may be thinking it’s a
little bit premature right now when you least expect it the opportunities are
there and you’re really going to challenge yourself to look at this
situation and see it with a new set of eyes now you only had one cut pop out
and it’s the Emperor and the Emperor represents government male energies
masculine areas contracts and agreements and you may be finding that this is the
time that you’re really going back and reestablishing what your thought
patterns are on areas that have supported you in the long term and this
could be whether you are ready for retirement or whether you are ready for
children or whether you’re ready to move on to a new era in your life whether
you’re selling your house whether you’re helping somebody else who’s been
neglected there are areas that are going to be significant where this is
concerned and this is why spirit is showing here for you at this current
time that it’s a chance for you to put everything back
into perspective for yourself so finish what you’ve started you might feel that
things are quite premature at the moment you’ll go back over a strong time of
reflection when you least expect it you’re going to be finding yourself
tidying up some of these areas and I feel that this will have a lot to do
with the way that you support those in your life but also the new plans and
goals that you are trying to manifest as well I thank you so much for your
beautiful time and connection and I hope that you have enjoyed your November 2018
tarot scopes

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