I forego this is your love reading for
mid month August through the end of August and we’ll see what messages come
through for you okay that just flipped out the strength card what a beautiful
card but these cards were next so I’m gonna go with these and we’ll see what
comes up so the number 80 in this for me represents leo so strength compassion
control gentility kind of almost like killing them with kindness but we’ll see
what else comes out so I’m going to deal the rest of the spread oh we have the
king of swords in Reverse the ace of Pentacles in Reverse the Ace of Wands in
the upright position I’m also hearing as one door closes another one opens
so and the seven of wands at least it’s in the upright position okay I have been
looking underneath but something’s leading me to look the magician so we
really have three ones here with the magician the ASA Pentacles in the Ace of
Wands okay so let me ankle this a little bit better so you can see it and
there’s no glare there so Leo the fire signs I mean obviously you are an earth
sign Capricorn forego Taurus and then the fire signs may have some
significance Leo Aries Sagittarius but I can’t help
it ignore that we do have the king of swords here
and it’s in Reverse but this swords represent Gemini
Aquarius and Libra and I think for some of you there may be some difficulties in
dealing with loves or especially with the king of swords here in Reverse he
can be a bit combative in Reverse there may be lack of communication or lack of
using one’s more logical sense where the emotions or passion kind of overtake a
situation so I feel like it’s kind of important to be a bit logical or think
things through when it comes to love the ace of Pentacles here it can represent
you since you are an earth sign and there may be some challenges now I’m
also getting there’s challenges in terms of I feel like energy wise somebody may
not be doing their part in a relationship and there may also be some
challenges with finances in a relationship but you know the the
Pentacles also represent health to me so I feel like for some of you you may be
taking care of somebody in August if you are coupled up they may not be feeling
up to par maybe they’re recovering especially with the strength card
sometimes she reminds me of an doctor or a nurse or
so I feel like somebody is taking care of somebody now it may also be a message
that what I’m hearing is that there’s a need for you to take care of yourself
especially if there is somebody that you’re dealing with that is not putting
in the energy into a relationship that you would like and if that is the case
you may be moving on to somebody new now this is also the replanting of new seeds
of regenerating something that there’s new beginnings or especially with the
magician new beginnings potential for a new beginning so this can be that if you
are in a coupled up or whether you’re married or in a relationship there may
be some struggles or you know with the strength card here with these cards here
sometimes this card can come across as somebody being a bit manipulative trying
to silence somebody and I think that if that is the case some of you are going
to be moving on and moving away it may be a struggle for you to do that but I
do feel that you are going to be moving onward now for some I feel like you may
be having to confront some issues and it’s you know you’re taking your
standing your ground you’re defending somebody may be coming after you over
and over and over again you are not withdrawing you are fighting this battle
okay but just be careful where you put your energy okay because some battles
are worth fighting for some are not now for some of you that are single there is
the potential for somebody new to be coming in especially with these three
ones now you may have already ended something with somebody in this
in the past that was a bit manipulative and you are going to be meeting somebody
could be a fire sign or somebody that has a lot of fire in them or a lot of
those traits you know they’re very passionate people energy energizing
people on the move on the go and there may be more than one sooner is what I’m
hearing but I feel like somebody’s coming out on top now could also be that
you have ended a relationship or maybe someone ended it with you and you’re
single now and there’s going to be a lot of people coming after you that may be
interested and you might have to fight them off but I’m reading this card more
as there’s a need to kind of stand your ground and maintain your boundaries and
not allow jealousy or envy to affect you okay and I feel like you will get
through this so there could be somebody here that is trying to come back into
your life and you’re gonna have to decide whether or not you let them man
so these are just some messages that are coming through
remember if you would like a reading for me Virgo you can reach me at moon water
Turo calm thank you so much for watching and I will talk to you soon
all right bye

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