Vastu Symbols and MahaVastu Remedies | Dr. Khushdeep Bansal | वास्तु प्रतीक एवं महावास्तु रेमिडी |

Our Inner Mind or Universal Consciousness,
Inner Consciousness, Inner Space & Outer Space,
The Universal Space,
How do we bridge this with the help of Symbols?
The entire game is that of the Subconscious Mind.
Your Bhawan or the Building in which you live,
In which of its zone, which Sign is there,
Which Symbol is there,
Depending on that your Life starts changing.
Because, whenever you are about to,
Do something in life,
Then from your Avchetan Man,
Or Subconscious mind, instructions arise,
How to do it?
Your choices too are made by,
The messages that come from,
Your Avchetan or Subconscious Mind.
The messages that come from,
And your Avchetan Man,
Man or your Subconscious mind,
From where does it create Messages?
where in your different zones,
which symbol or which object has been placed,
It gives you messages based upon that.
For example, Mixie,
Grinder or Mixie.
The zone of hour house in which it has been placed.
Whenever you are about to address,
Any domain of your life,
And if it is such that you need Social Interaction,
you need to work in association with people,
And the Grinder has been placed in the East,
Then your thought process will be such that,
No, No,
it’s a very troublesome work!
We won’t do any Social Interaction.
Manthan will be started the moment,
You think about Social Connectivity.
Churning will be started.
You will be thinking that somebody might think,
That your thought process is such.
But as per Vastu,
As per the Space Alchemy,
We say that the Mixie kept in the East zone
Is not giving you to have comfort,
With what?
With Social Connectivity!
Each and every Thought process that you get,
With which you do a Karma,
Or take an Action,
With which you determine a thing,
That each and every thought arises out of the 16 zones.
And in the 16 zones, which Object, which Painting,
Has been kept in which way
Comes in the same way!
Now, when we will discuss,
That this is the Problem,
This is the Difficulty.
The child is not studying.
So what does he do?
Whenever you ask him to study,
Then he starts remembering cartoons.
The child will tell, if parents are not telling this.
The child is not studying.
So, you make the child sit beside you,
And ask him,
“Son, what is the matter?”
What comes to your mind,
When you are asked to study?
Then the child will say,
I feel like watching cartoons.
I feel like playing,
I feel like chatting,
I feel like doing X, Y, Z.
When you see in the West-South-West.
Then you will find that if a TV has been kept there,
Then the child starts remembering cartoons.
If a Bat-Ball has been kept,
Then he remembers to play.
If there are photographs of his with his Friends.
Then he feels like going & sitting with his Friends.
Whichever object has been placed in,
The West-South-West,
Whenever there are talks related to Studies,
Then that Child’s Mind….
Goes to that place.
Because the meaning of Studies.
Became Bat-Ball.
In the Sub-Conscious mind,
What has been feeded?
These 16 to 16 zones are basically the Zones of,
Your Sub-Conscious Mind!
Whatever has been kept in these 16 to 16 zones,
From there itself, your Sub-Conscious,
Mind has been created.
If you place books there,
And if you say that Son,
You have to study then, he starts seeing books!
This is the Secret of MahaVastu & Programming!
This book that you are taking along with you!
MahaVastu Coursebook,
Keep this book in the West-South-West.
And within 45 days, without studying,
This book will be transferred in your mind.
We are talking about that Science.
We are talking about those Symbols.
You take a Compass & keep it in,
The South-West of your house,
If you close your eyes and tell the directions.
Then also, you will tell it correctly!
Because in the place of Skills,
When a Compass was kept,
Then your skill about Directions will become very strong,
This is the Magic of Remedies!
This is the Magic!
So, there are thousands of Remedies.
It’s not necessary that these are the only Remedies.
Each thing is a Remedy!
Each Object is a Remedy!
You should know how to use it.
And this Knowledge is Brahmastra!
Because we know that,
Pace or Speed,
How to change it?
You have to do it. Isn’t it?
I am, I am a very slow learner.
I need a lot of time to understand a particular thing.
What happened?Just yesterday, you were a fast learner!
No. I had told to increase my speed, Sir.
Yeas, Yes!
My speed is slow.
I wanted to you known,
Enhance the speed of my Grasping.
Yes, Yes…
So that I am able to…
Get the core of the product,
That is being discussed.
And I get it right into my head.
Where do you stay?
You stay in Shaktinagar!
All Right.
Where in Shaktinagar, do you stay?
Address is 20/54
Facing of the house is in which Direction?
Facing is in the North-West.
In the North-East,
Is there a small store?
Built either in the Mezzanine.
Or, just above the Ground Floor,
In-between the Stairs,
Or, on the first floor,
Is there a small store built in the North-East?
We have our Kitchen in the North.
I am asking about the North-East.
In the North-East…there’s a Store in the Mezzanine.
Aa… There was a lot of junk in it.
I have taken a lot of things out of it.
But there’s still something there,
which needs to be taken out.
That’s it! The speed will change from tomorrow itself,
When you empty that.
I painted it a strip of Green on the wall.
Empty it.
The occupied mind that you have,
slows down your entire speed!
And the occupancy of the mind is because
The store that is there in the Mezzanine floor
has so many things filled in it,
and that it is slowing the mind.
So to fasten it,
what should you keep there?
So that it becomes fast?
Whose mind was the fastest,
Or is fastest, or in your information,
Whose mind works even faster than a Computer?
Is it Chacha Choudhary’s?
Even if you place a picture of Chacha Choudhary there
Then your mind?
Even Chacha Choudhary will work!
It will work.
The Logic should be captured!
From tomorrow, your speed will be fast.
There’s no day after tomorrow in MahaVastu!
In fact, from Today itself!
Sir, please give one-one minute to everybody,
And tell in whose house,
which object has been kept in the wrong way.
Old Sewing Machine
Has it been kept in the South-West of your house?
may be, I went to Manali recently,
So there, I bought a needle…
It has been kept in the South-West?
Yes sir, there’s a Drawer beside the Bed.
From the time you have kept the needle there,
you are trying to maintain each relationship,
but nobody is able to understand you!
Remove the needle from there,
And you will feel the difference within a week.
This is the Power of Symbols!
And you have to reach till that accuracy.
That which speed/pace is,
getting misfired where?
You have to remove the Inverter from,
The East side of your house.
Where has it been kept?
In the North-East.
It’s in the East-North-East.
I have not gridded.
Arey! Just now it got gridded.
See the face and tell which object,
has been kept where in the house.
You have to reach till here!
I am sending you with a Gift!
that though I have everything,
still I am not able to enjoy life.
How should I enjoy?
Shift those batteries from there.
And the coming week,
where will you make a programme to go,
This, I will not say publicly!
I’m just joking!
Enjoy your Life Dear..
After Sunday.
Perfect, Thank You!
Your special gift of looking into everyone’s homes.
Through your Intuition,
Does it go beyond India into Africa?
What is it that you want?
What do you want?
What do I want personally?
I think.
I think Inner Fulfilment!
I have a beautiful husband who loves me.
I have a good life.
But there is a sense of feeling unfulfilled,
aam….I think that’s a,
having a purpose in life!
Getting up every day,
a true purpose.
Have you gridded your home?
Aam, No,
I tried to grid it,
Thinking about it.
Your home is North facing?
Slightly, North-East.
North-facing, Yes.
On the left side of it,
You place shoes.
On the inside,
On the Balcony, Yes.
Just Change it!
And you will get it.
Thank You!
Sir, let’s go to Punjab!
Your Hometown.
No, I will not go.
Now, you all have to go everywhere.
I have S5,
& S …..
7 Entrances.
Doesn’t matter, what do you want?
To come out of that.
Money problem!
Behind the house, you have some open space.
You do washing there.
Close that.
And new opportunities will start coming.
Ok! Then in which direction should I shift that?
Do it in the terrace,
In the sides.
Somewhere else.
And on the terrace,there are some old things.
Iron rods, etc.
No, there aren’t any iron rods.
Are there frame kept there?
On the terrace?
There is a water tank there.
Yes it is!
They are kept on its side.
There aren’t any frames.
There are some iron rods, which have to be thrown.
You click a photo and get it.
Please clean it.
Because it’s on the Western side.
Then gains will increase.
New opportunities will come.
Put red tapes there.
On your Entrances.
Red tape on the Entrances.
And what?
On both?
Lobby & Main Entrance.
Thank you!
Do you understand, Kaliren?
(bridal accessory used in Punjab)?
Aren’t they kept in the almirah?
They are in the Western side,
In the West-North-West.
Shift it to the South-West,
And everything will be alright!
Thank You..Haha…!
Do the Course.
Do the Course.
All these you people have to do!
I am just setting an example for you.
Just we have one question.
You had said earlier,
And earlier also, we have seen in the YouTube,
That mostly in our places,
Above the gate, Lord Ganapati is placed,
Sir, we worship Him.
Now, it’s not possible for us,
to explain the elders in our house,
That we should it from there.
Or, there should some method to remove it.
Like, He should be immersed in water.
You just tell them one thing
The Khushdeep Bansal says,
Quote me,
& say,
That when Goddess Parvati had made
Lord Ganesha to sit at the Entrance of the house,
Then what had happened?
Isn’t it?
Just say this much,
And everything will be alright.
Sir, after removing Him,
Can we immerse Him?
Or, place it?
Immerse Him!
Thank You, Sir.
Lord Ganesha is not a Doorkeeper!
Isn’t it?
So, this is the Magic,
And this is the way you have to perform it.
For that, you have to do Sadhna or Practice.
Will you meditate daily?
You will do it daily! Isn’t it?
Those who will meditate for 15 days,
If they have any problems,
I’ll come in their dreams and give Answers to them!
And those who meditate for 3 months,
You have to meditate in the Morning & Evening,
There’s no Restriction!
You have taken bath, or not taken bath,
it doesn’t matter!
And you have to do it without bath.
Just get up in the Morning,
And become fresh,
if you have the pressure of going to the toilet.
So just get free from that,
if you are feeling thirsty, then drink a little water.
Not more, and sit for Meditation!
And 15 minutes, just meditate.
Those people who will do,
Meditate for 3 months (90 days) regularly
when they will be doing some Vastu work,
then they will feel that in their back tape,
Khushdeep is saying”
“Not like this, Do like this.”
“Not like this, Do like this.” “Not like this, Do like this.”
Will this work?
Those who meditate this only for 6 months,
you stand at the place of site,
and start speaking without understanding anything.
your voice will start matching with my voice,
and whatever you recommend will happen!
Things will be accomplished.
Will you do this?
I need Governmental Power to get some work done,
then which Symbol should I use?
Which Symbol represents the Power of a Government?
In India, if you have get a Governmental job done,
Then where should you place the Ashoka Pillar?
So Simple.
If keep it in the Zone of Support,
Then you will get Governmental Support.
If you have to enhance your Political,
Contacts & Background,
then keep it in the East & that will increase.
Are you able to grasp the Logic?
This is the Logic!
Because if a Needle lying in their,
place can create an effect,
If Junk placed in their place can create an effect.
If batteries present in their East-North-East,
can create an effect,
Then these Symbols Remedies which are decades old,
And your Sub-Conscious mind understands,
their language very well.
The language that you write,
the letters that you write,
in fact, the too are certain Symbols!
A collection of those Symbols form a Word,
And, a collection of Words, make a Sentence
A collection of Sentences, Make a Message!
And, through that Message, the World is Created!
So, this is the seed Mantra.
Which is understood by,
your Sub-Conscious Mind for decades!
The property of an Eagle.
we have made it like a Garuda,
What is the Property of an Eagle?
When there isn’t Farsightedness,
When a person is not able to see far,
When in business, he is not able to see far,
It will be placed in the Zone of Skill.
Because Foresightedness is a subject of Skill.
Or, it’s a practice of Studies,
Through the knowledge of his Subject,
if he’s not able to see far,
Then if you place the Eagle in that place,
Your capacity to foresee will start developing!
And for this, you don’t have to see or ask.
And for Foresightedness, when you feel,
That the person is not able to see far,
Then you need not tell anything to him,
Just silently, keep the Eagle,
And after 15-20 days, you will realize,
That the person has developed,
the capacity of Foresightedness!
Similarly, the Lion that we have,
what does it symbolize?
& Individuality,
Individual Power.
Many people, who make themselves,
so submissive in their lives,
they allow people to dominate them so much,
that their Individual Identity,
itself starts Diluting.
Those people who make,
the first Word of their Names,
if somebody’s name, For example,
say is Khushdeep Bansal,
Then, if he writes K. Bansal,
then that person wants others to dominate him.
You in your Signatures,
start writing your Names completely,
And, then you will find there is a Change in your Life!
All these things are connected!
They are not different from each other.
Those who rotate,
the First Letter of their Names completely,
They do not remain Expressive.
They cannot share their talks with others.
Tell them to stop encircling before their Names,
Then they can share themselves with others!
Check it Yourselves.
Who all got this Truth in their respective Signatures?
This Truth,
is Science!
And the thing that is not True,
Is not Science!
Try to Hold to the Truth!
Try to practice seeing the Truth!
So that your Sub-Conscious mind,
gets habituated to choose the Truth.
Become like that Swan,
who is towards its journey to attain the Paramahansa!
So that whatever is relevant in life,
you learn to choose that.
The one that is Important, you learn to choose it!
The one that is useless, you learn to leave it.
Then wherever, your attention falls,
That thing becomes correct!
Wherever your Presence is,
Things start getting alright there!
There’s a story of Sufism, in Punjab
It’s a very famous story.
I share it often.
Sheikh Wajid was sitting under,
a Berry tree and meditating.
Children came from the school.
They, to pluck the sweet Berries from the tree,
Started pelting stones.
Those who are from Punjab,
Even in other states too this might be happening,
Even I have pelted stone on Berries,
To pluck the sweet Berries, they started pelting stones,
Suddenly, one of the stones,
hit Sheikh Wajid on his forehead,
And blood started pouring from the wound!
All of a sudden, Sheikh Wazid awakened,
he was meditating.
He was very angry, He shouted loudly,
He shouted loudly, “who has thrown the stone?”
Children became scared!
“Baba, we.” “We have done this mistake.”
Why did you throw the stone?
Baba, we were plucking Berries.”
Sheikh Wajid was filled with anger.
Then, there was silence for two seconds!
Now, that child might have been an inborn simple Yogi,
When Baba said,
repeatedly said,
What happened?
Why did you throw ?”
He said, “Baba!
when I hit the Berry tree,
then it gives Sweet Berries,
Today the stone has hit the Baba,
Baba, what will you give Us?”
All of a sudden, Sheikh Wajid felt, “Oh, What happened?”
Sheikh Wajid then said,“Child!
I forgive you from this World also,
& from that World too!”
I have cut all your karmas or actions!”
And when all the actions or karmas of a person get cut,
he rules the world!
then he becomes a King!
Before that, one cannot become a King.
Before that, you cannot achieve,
the completeness of life!
So, this Karma or Actions that you have,
has to be cut,
and Vastu helps in cutting your Karmas!
So that you are able to complete all,
your Karmas (Actions).
and get ahead in life.
The language of your Sub-Conscious Mind,
is hidden in these Symbols!
It is hidden in these Symbolic Stories.
These Red Horses,
when placed in the South direction,
where Relaxation, etc., becomes more
and that has to be broken,
then what should we say?
“Run like Horses!”
So, when in the Zone of Relaxation, etc the South Zone,
you put Red Horses,
then basically, the moment,
the person’s mind starts getting relaxed,
then his Horses,
start running.
Hence, those persons who have
a problem of Procrastination.
Do you understand what is Procrastination?
Procrastination means, “I’ll do just now, while sitting,
just changing the channels of the TV,
I’ll correct it just now.”
So, the moment in the South direction,
you keep the Red Horses,
the Productivity is enhanced!
The state of Relaxation that is there,
the person starts running,
but still remains relaxed!
Because the speed of a Yogi is the maximum.
But whenever you see him, or listen to his voice,
Or, see his face, or you observe his steps,
You will feel that he’s at rest.
whereas, His speed is the maximum!
So this is the Symbol or Remedy of Horses.
In the Sub-Conscious Mind,
bringing you in the relaxed state also,
it makes you active!
And the White Horses that are there,
they are all in sync with the Elemental balance,
The White Horses that you have,
when kept in the North-West,
then the Horses for Banking start running.
And what is the meaning of a Chessboard?
In your life, whatever rough,
or zig-zag roads are there.
how to master them?
When in the West zone, you,
keep a Chessboard.
or in the North zone you keep a Chessboard.
then you become a Player in getting New Opportunities!
Those who are in the field of Sales,
And have to sell their Products,
They have to create New Opportunities,
but their minds are blocked,
and are not able to understand what to do
what not to do?
then the moment you place,
the Chessboard in the North direction.
then you become such a wizard,
that you do not wait for the Opportunities,
but you start creating Opportunities!
& You start creating Opportunities.
Now, in the West direction,
if you keep the same Chessboard.
Then it teaches you all the tactics for Gains!
When a person feels that,
he is not able to achieve that Gain,
Gain which should happen.
Rest all is right and in systematic manner,
but those gains are not being achieved,
which should happen,
which I want to achieve.
But I am not able to understand anything.
then it makes that person the player of that game,
if a Chessboard is kept in the West zone of his house!
The Kamdhenu Cow that is there,
in the East-South-East zone,
if a Kamdhenu Cow is kept,
the activity of Manthan or Churning,
gets converted into Achievements!
The Kamdhenu Cow means,
a Granter of all Your Wishes,
the Kamdhenu Cow.
the Kamdhenu Cow, a Fulfiller of all your Wishes.
When you keep the kamdhenu Cow,
in the Manthan zon,or the Zone of Churning,
then you can stop any Manthan or Churning process,
And basically, put the blessings of wish fulfilment in it!
Because when the Devtas (Gods),
did the churning of the sea,
or the when the Devtas (Gods),
& the Asuras (Demons) ) churned the sea,
then among the 14 gems,
the Kamdhenu Cow was also obtained!
So, when the Kamdhenu Cow is kept,
in the East-South-East zone,
then things get concluded,
and become fruitful!
Love Birds,
A Pair of Love Birds,
when kept in the South-West zone,
then guaranteed, Relationships improve.
The Sun,
when placed in the East direction,
brings improvement in Social Interactions.
When a Yellow coloured vase is placed,
in the South-South-West,
then the expenditure gets reduced,
expenditures becomes worthy!
And Deer,
Deer, What is the speciality of a Deer?
Speed & Decency!
Speed and…..
Many people, while working,
become uncourteous & arrogant.
So, to maintain that grace,
in the West direction,
if you,
keep a deer,
then that grace will be maintained,
& the speed won’t be lessened.
The Rabbits have a habit to dig holes.
They dig.
So in the East-South-East,
if you keep a pair of black & white Rabbits,
then what will happen?
Your networking will be strengthened!
Those who are in the occupation of Liaisoning,
or Networking.
For them, it is a sure shot medicine.
This, we have created the alternative of,
Laughing Buddha,Kuber,
which is the original form.
we have painted that, and later,
we will make it like a sculpture or something like that.
so, when Kuber is placed in the North,
then you,
get New Opportunities,
and the North direction of Kuber,
basically the services that you are offering to someone,
the efforts that you are doing,
with respect to this, it could be the wealth.
When you feel that the services that,
you are offering to others,
and in that you are unable to,
get the right returns from that,
then by keeping the Kuber in the North direction,
this problem can be solved.
And the Swastik,
that is there, in any of the zones,
if that zone is out of tune,
After doing all the remedies,
only by leaving the Negative Zones,
By placing that colour of the Swastik,
which is,
fruitful for that particular zone,
In that zone,
by hanging a painting of Swastik,
that particular zone become completely fit!
So whatever effect you want to take,
in that particular zone,
you can use a Swastik.
Similarly, the Paintings that we have,
These Paintings also,
programme your Subconscious.
The painting that you see in the right side,
If you study it in the Wikipedia,
then you’ll find that this is world’s costliest painting!
In paintings, the most important thing is,
In that painting, what is the Expression?
What is the Feel of the painting?
If you observe a painting for a while,
then you will start getting the Feel of the Painting!
The particular zone with which it gets synced,
in that particular zone the painting should be placed.
For example, two friends are sitting,
They are sitting in a bar.
So, this painting can be hung in the East also,
but there should not any anti-colour of the East in it!
That little white there is no problem.
Similarly, this Green,
& Blue Lotus Flowers that are blooming,
can be kept in the North as well as in the East.
The Yellow coloured Flowers in the South,
West, South-West, in these places they can be placed.
Depending upon the Colours,
& depending upon the Expressions.
you have to decide the Painting, etc.
in which Zone which Painting should be kept.
Absolutely Clear?
So, protect Business Place,
Nandi in the South-West.
Nandi, the Vehicle of Lord Shiva,
is actually also known,
as the Ancestral God of the Ancestors.
That is why we place the Nandi,
in the South-West,
to get Protection.
A Village Scene when hung in the West direction,
then the Sub-Conscious Mind,
or the Universal mind gets this message,
that You in this village,
in this place,
in this area,
want to create a position of your own.
Whenever you have to purchase a Property,
in a Black Frame, if you hang a Village Scene,
then 100 percent,
you immediately will purchase a property!
Attract more Customers with Brass Sun in East,
But that depends upon Business.
You have to absolutely define it,
as to where,
for what, which Element,
or Remedy you have to use.
the one who is in Administration,
or the one who is a Manager,
The best Manager is considered as Lord Indra!
The Fengshui Remedies that we have,
have been actually derived from the Puranas.
Like, we talked about this Ashoka Pillar,
but in America, we can’t put the Ashoka Pillar!
Thus, there, we have to put their symbol only which.
Like Eagle, in the hand of an Eagle,
there are 13 arrows,
that one will be used for them.
Each Nation has its own Emblem.
That Emblem should be used,
then only you will get the solutions regarding,
any governmental problems.
And Lord Indra is
Indra means basically the One who govern the Senses,
There are 5 Senses,
and to govern them is the Mind.
So, the Symbolic form of Mind is,
Lord Indra!
Many of you might have read,
that in the court of Lord Indra,
the Apsaras or Fairies keep dancing.
Peep into your mind and see who all keep dancing?
Isn’t it?
Hence, all these are basically the language of Symbols!
That Indra is nothing, but your mind!
So, it is your Mind that is,
& that only is Symbolic.
And it is the Best Organiser,
& the Best Manager,
no one else is there.
If you learn to use your Mind properly.
And if in the East, you place a statue of Lord Indra,
then you can use your Mind in the best possible way!
No one can be a better friend than your own mind!
Because those who are like your Mind.
become your Friends.
Isn’t it so?
Those who are like your Mind,
become your Friends!
So, why don’t you make Friends with the Mind?
Why don’t you listen to your own Mind?
You listen to your Friends, don’t you?
So, behave in a friendly manner with your mind too!
Thus, when you start behaving,
in a friendly manner with your Mind then,
There isn’t anyone who is a better Manager than him!
Or else, you have complicated your mind with like-
What will happen to this?
What will happen to that?
In this condition, what will happen?
In that condition, what will happen?
You have got involved,
a fine person in some filthy work.
So why not, use it in a proper way?
And your belief,
or your conviction that you have towards God,
that I shall complete it one sentence only
Always keep it in the same way.
In Gita,
when Lord Krishna,
sitting on a chariot, driven by Five Horses,
made Arjuna won the War,
then the number of Horses could be 7 or 17,
why only 5 horses?
Actually, they are the Five Senses,
The Five Senses as well as the Five Active Senses-
those Senses that work,
when your Actions or Karma are,
in the hands of your Atma or Soul.
then you always win!
Let your Mind be like Arjuna,
Because it’s the Nature of the Mind to fall sometimes,
or to get strong sometimes.
Sometimes, become determined,
Sometimes become thinner,
But you have to always keep the mind determined.
Never let the Mind fall!
When the mind starts falling,
then find some solution or the other,
Watch a film.
Remove the Mind from one place,
& put it somewhere else.
Someone asked Bulleh Shah,
“How to get God?”
Then Bulleh said,
“Rab da ki pauna, Iddaro putna, to Iddaro launa!”
Actually, he wanted to say,
that there is nothing,
if you remove your attention from one place to the other.
then you get it!
He said this
Because he was busy farming,
so, he said that pluck from here, and sow there.
Simply plucking from one place & sowing at the other.
So this is what is attaining God!
Hence, you should have this much conviction,
that whatever He does, will do the Right thing!
If you faith in God,
then remember this,
whatever he does, He will do right!
And my job is to do Actions,
I’ll keep doing my Work/Actions.
What I have to, just I should get that Insight,
If the North-East is clear,
then you will keep getting those Insights,
I should keep doing those Karma or Actions!
The one who has created all these,
the Control of all these,
you would like to give in His Hands,
or want to keep in your hands?
He might be understanding more than you?
Then why should we put brains in that?
Leave certain things on Him,
and capture certain things for yourself!
If you have faith in Him, then certain things,
Whatever you do not understand, leave it on Him.
Leave it! I’m saying, just leave it!
OK , leave it ya, Let Him see!
So when you are totally stuck as to,
how this will happen,
how that will happen,
Arre, the one who is giving you Breath,
because even the Breath is not taking by your own will,
This Breath went inside now,
This Breath came out now, the one that came out,
Never returned back in.
Then, where are you?
But the one who was seeing,
that your Breath went in,
& went out,
And went out, and didn’t return back,
he escaped!
The one who escaped or is let out,
just that is Important!
The one that has been left out is very Important!
And the one who is giving you the Breath,
Leave this rope or rein in His hands.
Leave it in His Hands!
“It’s in Your Hands, Doesn’t Matter!”
I’m not able to understand.
I put all of my brain that I could!
“Now, it’s in your hands.
Whatever you wish,
we will do like that!”
That which is written in Jyotish or Astrology, not that.
What is Your Desire, that I’ll do!
Because the moment you say,
Then you know what He says’
Sometimes, just do this & see.
This happens with me almost everyday!
You also do it & see, where’s the problem?
Keep that Connectivity with Him!
He will give you Knowledge, He will give you Insights!
So you have use your Mind like Lord Brahma’s Weapon!
Because there’s no other weapon better than your Mind.
Never let the Mind fall down.
Never let Mind become Weak.
Always keep your mind intact.
Then you can Win the World!
Win your own Mind.
This is called Winning the Mind!
If you win your Mind, you can win the World!
If you listen to your Mind,
then only you will be able to win your Mind!
If the mind says that I wish to have Rasgullas,
and you say, “No, No, I’ll become fat!”
Then everything will go wrong.
Eat it, no problem.
There’s no loss.
Friendship with Mind!
And to practise this Friendship with Mind,
if you put in the East direction,
an idol of Indra, you can practise it.
To acquire Rightful share in Ancestral Property,
place a Village Scene in the South-West.
When you have to get your rights,
then instead of the West,
in the South-West,
in a Black frame,
if you put a Village Scene in the place of your Ancestors,
then the Ancestral Property that you have,
you will get your rightful share in it!


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