Use Pyramids Carefully In Vastu | Sahil Jain

Pyramids are used very beautifully.
Pyramid increases the energy of any direction by 108 times.
Align this pyramid always in the North and South Axis in any home.
According to attributes, whatever the attributes of the direction in any vaastu. Which attribute you have to increase?
North, South axis means, pyramid’s this part in the north and this part in the south, not on the corners,
not this North/South, north means this side of pyramid and south means this side of pyramid.
We will establish like this not on the behalf of the corners
and second thing be careful. Pyramid work at that time when vacuum creates on its base,
not like, if we align on the north, south, no it does not work,
its base does not move then the vacuum will create on its base.
Then the energy will form inside it.
The fire forms inside the pyramid. The energy forms inside.
That energy helps to increase any direction by 108 times,
if someone come to you and saying money is not coming,
it does not mean that place pyramid with closed eyes,
Horoscope will determine that from which direction he will get money.
May be money would come from South West, it would come from North, may be it would come from West,
by seeing the horoscope we will decide where to use pyramid
but how to use it, what are the methods,
the methods are, we will not align the corners with North and South,
pyramid’s centre part means this part, you will consider this part North,
its opposite at 180 degree there will be South,
Do not consider the corner North not this corner South.
Always this north and this South, then you will get 100% results.
Horoscope will determine where to put, how long it will use,
how long it will use, this is also a question
because you are placing pyramid in the planet’s direction.
Then that planet at that time is going on through which Dasha and Antar Dasha?
or That planet is giving what results,
it will decide, planets give results according to Dasha and Antar Dasha.
Placement of pyramid should be like this.


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