Tyler Perry’s Madea Is Changing History | Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show | Netflix Is A Joke

– [Announcer] You’ve seen
her celebrate Christmas. You’ve seen her go to jail. Now, Madea’s back for
a whole new adventure. – Hellur, I stole me one
of them time machines. (low rumbling)
(exclaims) – [Announcer] That’s right,
Madea stole a time machine. Watch Madea travel through time and visit great moments in history. We can’t get a Madame
C.J. Walker movie made, but we’ve got 22 Madea
movies in the pipeline. – Now Joe, you can’t be
having me travel back in time for no darned McRib and you
ain’t got no darn money. – Goddamn it, Madea, speak English. Never know what the hell you be saying, you wrinkly ass heifer. – [Announcer] Featuring
Tyler Perry as Madea, Tyler Perry as Joe and Tyler
Perry as Madea as Malcolm X. That can’t be right. – We didn’t land on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock landed on us. – [Man] Get your hand out my pocket. (gun fires) – Now cut out all of that darn foolishness ‘fore I buss a cap in your ass. There ain’t gon’ be no
assassinating today. – [Announcer] Okay, that was funny. Let’s see what we got next. Oh, no, not the MLK assassination. – I had a dream, that one day, I’d take my little black
shoe and my little white shoe and proceed to curb stomp
your nuts, hallelujah. (thuds loudly)
(gun clattering) – [Announcer] I never
thought I’d want to see Madea curb stomp James Earl Ray until I did. Next, she meets Jesus? Consider me skeptical but I’m
gonna see how this plays out. – Y’all ain’t put no
seasoning on this food. Jesus, Lordt, will you turn
some of this water into Lawry’s? – Father, why hath thou forsaken me? – Judas, I see you over there
with your snitching ass. – [Announcer] It’s easy
to hate on Tyler Perry, but now that I think about it, he employees tons of black people. He even hired me to do this voice over. – Oh, you goddamned build-a-hoe, you done gone around and messed
up the space-time continuum. (low rumbling) – [Announcer] Damn, I
definitely gotta see this. – [Joe] Into the Madea-verse.


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