Two of Wands – Dominion – tarot minor arcana divination meaning

Two of Wands Dominion is the first decanate
of Aries, and it is ruled by Mars, so Mars rules Aries. It is a very powerful energy,
it is the first ten days of Spring, from the 21st of March to
the 1st of April. Crowley says, this pertains to Chokmah in the suit of fire represents
the word in its most exalted form. So with the Ace which is the root of the inception
of Will, it hasn’ t happened, and then bang we are in to Will in its most exalted form,
it is an ideal Will, independent of any given object. Now that is an interesting point,
it is not the Will to do anything in particular, it is simply Will. Energy bursting out. He
gives a quote from Liber AL, Chapter 1 verse 44, For pure will, unassuaged of purpose,
delivered from the Lust of result is everywhere perfect. Delivered from the lust of result
is an important thing in magical terms, doing magical operations as a way of achieving something,
but it is just will for the purpose of will, just doing it for the will, not for the gain
that you get. that is how true magic works. He says that the background of this card shows
the planet Mars in its own sign, the first of the signs, it therefore represents the
energy initiating the current force, so when one starts something, Aries is that starting,
not finishing, starting. He says the actual 2 of Wands, the cross that you see there,
he says are the two dorjes crossed, the dorje is the Tibetan symbol of the thunderbolt,
the symbol of celestial power, but more destructive than its creative form. So the will is destruction?We
haven’t started creation yet… He then says, destruction is the first step in the creative
process. The virgin ovum must be broken in order to fertilise it. This is going back
to the idea of the three gunas, create, maintain and destroy, rajas, sattva and tamas. Therefore
that is with understanding of the complete plan willing surrender, rejoices to cooperate,
so just by the fact that doing these things you will find the energies come forward to
support your actions. You don’t have to look for it, you just have to do it. He says 6
flames issue from the centre, indicates the Sun who is exalted in Aries, this is the creative
will. So we have had two or three worlds in there, haven’t we? we have had the will of
destruction, the idea of will, and now we are on to the creative will. He also attributes
the geomantic figure Puer, which is geomantic symbol, there are 16 of them, and the Puer
means boy, which is quite appropriate for Aries as well, because it is something born,
the lamb as well. This is the energy that has manifested it into the Earth. So here
is a quick run-through of the 2 of Wands, have you noticed no real divinatory meanings
are given on this card, it is more the purpose and use of it.


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