Tuvok (TIM RUSS) Talks Astronomy & Extraterrestrial Life

what is it about looking through
telescope and seeing with your own eyes that appeals to you is it the challenge
of you know sort of the technology and finding it is it a more emotional or
spiritual aspect or you know is it just you know a fun way to spend time or
what’s the appeal it’s fascinating to me to be able to look at say for example
you know two galaxies in the same field of view knowing how far away they are
their sizes and how how many stars are made up of to be able to see that with
the naked eye or a nebula from a star that’s exploded you know thousands of
years ago and imagining what it might look like now compared to what I see in
the in the eyepiece because the light has taken that long to reach us I think
and you’re looking back in time at all of these objects so you’re actually in a
way there is some time travel involved you were looking back in time at what
they looked like at that point and and imagining you know being close to them
is seeing them with a naked eye there’s something magical about that and in some
cases they’re just outright spectacular I mean if you’re looking at Saturn or
looking at the Jupiter you’re looking at a globular cluster which is you know
hundreds of thousands of stars just clump together and and if you if you
have a really good viewing night you’ve got a good good sized telescope and a
decent eyepiece just the right size eyepiece you can look at that and you
can almost dive into the center of it so the stars are very dense at the
beginning and they spread out and fan out at the end and it fills the entire
eyepiece I mean it’s like looking at diamonds on a black surface it’s like
looking at jewels it’s beautiful and just that up that alone is one of the
main reasons but there’s also the like I said the the fact that when you’re
looking at these these objects and how many of them there are out there and and
what the meaning is behind those the fact that you have your own galaxy that
you live in and these are other galaxies where they’re you know 10 maybe 10 times
more stars than we have in ours and the potential for intelligent life on these
planets that might be there so you’re yeah it’s and you’re wondering if there
might be something out there looking back at you and your hometown had a
telescope that’s not unlike yours you know so that could be could be amazing
I asked you this not from analytical point of view but just from a personal
point of view do you think there are others out there I’d like to go along
with the Drake Equation possibility which just given all of the elements
that are in the universe are the same ones that make up all of us and this
planet and everything on it and those elements are everywhere in the universe
so if that’s the case then if you’ll excuse the word logically there should
be a mix of those elements on other worlds that turned out to produce some
form of life now whether or not it’s intelligent whether or not they’ve
evolved beyond where we are or whether or not that the same pace we are that
all remains to be seen I don’t know exactly what those odds might be because
you need this you need I think as evolution the process you need more you
need Cataclysm you need mass extinctions in order to to generate these loops of
evolution which might garner you the life is of the dinosaurs are around for
you know 150 200 million years they never evolved to the point where they
could you know have a starling recession like this and we’ve only been around as
mammals for five million years as intelligent mammals so five million
years because there was an extinction event and we had several over the course
of the of the years history but only now do we have the opportunity to develop a
intelligent life so there’s to me it seems like you have to have those out
those evolutionary gaps in order for you know for life to develop very quickly
and radically so who knows if on those other planets if you’ve got amoebas or
plankton or something else flowing around and and and that’s it and that
all those niches are filled and then it doesn’t go anywhere from there or if
there’s no comets or asteroids in our solar system which I would guess there
would be and the planet or gamma-ray burst is that were there that those
planets see if there’s no mass extinction will evolution carry those
life forms to the point where they reach intelligent life and how
what that take so I think but by sheer odds what is it every there are more
stars out there than there are grains of sand on every Beach on planet Earth I
mean you wrap your header on that number man that’s got to be something going on

  • Wow didn't know he was so into astronomy. Tuvok one of the best characters from STV. He should do some Discovery Docs. or a YT-channel. Tuvok© /Tim Russ talks science.

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