Trees will save our planet | VPRO Documentary

  • Trees are essential to keep our planet clean! But this is against those who want to install 5G! Why? Because trees stop the microwaves from entering our homes and brains! ! Why do think our birds and bees are dying. Dropping from the skies in vast numbers? They're being killed by microwaves! Irradiated on the wing! The same will happen to we human beings when the corrupted western goverments install 5G without our consent or any discussion with we the very people it will harm! ! Just who or what body of people want us harmed that they are making it laws to install 5G? ? The UN is responsible for delivering most of the mass migration into our Christian countries! This is to destroy our communities and culture with uneducated uncivilised barbarians who hate the Christian people but will live on our benefits while hating us! ! Stop 5G and mass immigration of uncivilised people into our Christian countries before its too late! !

  • 35:00 – The union of fungi with tree roots is called a "symbiosis" it is not a "synapse".
    A synapse is about communication between neurons.
    A "synapse" and "symbiosis" are completely different things.
    Please, do not try to talk us down as if we were little kids naively being brainwashed.

  • communication existed cutting trees will not help forest localised climate and root communication between trees oxygen level

  • Trees are carbon neutral, they're ecosystem uses the same amount of Oxygen as it creates, the ocean is where we need improvement.

  • Wow, a lot of logical fallacies, crappy metaphysic and wrong information in this video. I thought it was to be a serious documentary, disappointing.

  • acoustic ecologist… what a blow hard.
    seaweed and plankton capture much more of the earth's carbon dioxide than trees.
    Not saying we should cut down all the trees – but maybe if we hadn't shut down the lumber industry in California – a million acres wouldn't be burning to the ground every year there.

  • This is another higher science and superior human intellect worshiping freak show. It's true what the science practicing speakers ("stars" of the show) say. – That we simply need to return to observing nature to become aware of how to preserve (and enhance) the natural provisions systems. But the reason humanity has already lost the battle of correcting all the damage "caused by" obliviously compliant – convenience loving – "mankind's – well intending "belief" in the hierarchy imposed "over-educated-in convenience of the money generation systems" – which always has been (the reason for the collapse of Money empowered empires) and the catalyst which creates and empowers this "only way of life offered,"

    It is "the simple over-looked fact" that Money empowered science – and every other such over-educated-in money empowered "convenient means" of provisioning of one's life. Money Is the cause of all of Humanities difficulties.
    Plain and simple ITS the masses Educated-in Trained-in Belief ("and every day use of the convenience MONEY") Which is the road block in the way of actually accomplishing getting us back to the path of correction necessary to fix the problem of our money empowered misuse of God's Green Earth.
    It's the Pride in Humanity's incorrect belief – that mankind's science can fix everything – "to the degree which is necessary" (if we just over-lord our fellow man sufficiently enough) "and utilize our fellow mans generated funds to bolster more science to find the solution – to reverse the damage which was caused by mankind's belief in money – and his over-organising "fellow man control freak" self. –

    it's the fact that mankind rejects God's instruction – Such as when God's Holy Word said Because you disobeyed now all the days of your life you will have to Toil By The Sweat Of Your Brow to obtain your provision. – and his belief in himself (above the God who created it all.) such as the intricate delicate balanced systems of nature which sustain our lives.

    It seems the higher intellect types of mankind have created a convenient money empowered diversion – from Gods just punishment – And thus made a little bit of an over-complicating of life over-convenient way "called money" to instead "more opulently provision himself" although apparently at the expense of his following generations. which we now see as that which has created all our problems and the evidence = the fact that money is just a too convenient – and is a little too falsely believed in- as a better way to provision our way of life – on God's Green Earth.
    The hope is that we will return to simple Toiling on the Earth for our (more wholesome) more free-of-charge provision. (and I have a method for accomplishing such an endeavor "if we could assemble just one "size limited" volunteer village population" of like-minded people who could see fit to stop worshiping money empowered science, our higher intellect, and the convenience of money – long enough to volunteer to help me get it launched.

    Sincerely Fellowvillager Gary BTW there are no Leaders or Educators in this Movement "only true consensus voting" and the type of people who have observed the natural provision systems – and believe they have discovered useful (free-of-charge) volunteer information to share "regarding what they believe is necessary to help their fellow man to have enough provision by way of "Toiling to peacefully help each other" accomplish the required chores and duties of nurturing the Earth's natural provision systems – in order to procure a comfortably efficient & cohesively functioning (village population maintained) – "well provisioned" way of life.

  • There are seachange lessons to be learned from the reproductive lives of plants, trees, grasses, mosses, fungi and lichens ……. few, I fear, would understand the significance and implications thereof ….. among these lessons is the fact that plants do not sequester their germ plasm away internally, as do we sapiens inside our gonads, placing it, rather, right ‘out there’ on the distal ends of each and every one of their growing tips; right out there where their flowers will bloom and their seeds will develop…….. 99% of flowering plants are hermaphrodites having both female and male parts in their reproductive organs ……. many plants can reproduce in several different ways some of which reproductive methods are asexual …… that is, entirely in the absence of any male element…..
    Undoubtedly the most salient point for us today is the fact that the female element of the Kingdom Plantae is always central, paramount, most powerful and the most decisive …. indeed in that 99% of plants which are hermaphroditic, male elements (pollen) while like spermatozoa are vastly numerous, nevertheless make up an extremely small fraction of the life and structure of plants. The humble, much maligned Dandelion Plant is not only one single entity, is completely asexual (has no male element or input) is not only spread out right across the entire globe but is wholly female…… think of that when your children make yellow daisy chains with some Dandelion flowers, or blow their seeded down across the sky.
    The largest animal on earth today is the female Blue Whale….. the largest life forms, are plants ….. which fellow denizens are 99% female.
    Until our own men replace us women folk back on the pedestal of worshipful male reverence where we belong, we’re doomed.

  • No, SOIL regeneration will save the planet. Watch lectures by Dr. Walter Jehne, Dr. Christine Jones, Dr Elaine ingham, and others.

  • Different people have different philosophies based on fact, and the idea of a forest being one giant, intelligent being is one of them. Symbiosis, synapsis, synergy, whatever you want to call it. But we as animals need nature in order to survive, which is why it is important that we protect our only habitable planet. And people who live /with/ nature seem to appreciate how much we depend upon nature. But if you do not like the philosophy that trees communicate or have personalities or think, consider /this/ philosophy: the earth wasn't created just so that we can destroy it, and we were never given permission to destroy it, either.

  • Many many people watching the nearby forest burn may feel different! In a heating unstable climate we must expect much more of this burning. Trees are unexploded bombs, waiting to destroy us, using land we will urgently need for food. Sorry but we are fucked.

  • Agenda 2030 will abolish private property rights for the purpose of reforestation, humans will be herded into cities where goverments will control what you see, hear, eat, drink, how many childeren you have.

  • These people have the emotional intelligence of a 5yo. No, the trees are not these super special entities that communicate with each other and have feelings. And it's ok, not all biological organisms have to be super complex and interesting for our world to make sense.
    We just need the trees to provide us with oxygen, so we don't die, that's it. Nothing to do with the trees and the planet.

  • The CIA found out that yes, you could erase a man's personality and damage his soul. But they also found out that they could not implant a new personality and soul. The nightmares of history . . . who knows how to let them lie sleeping – forever? But good will to man, not only angels can bring. Good people are always needed.

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  • Trees are useless for carbon. In order to sequester the carbon from burning fossil fuels, we would have to add more than 20 million trees per day. But is anyone really surprised that VPRO would be publishing silly nonsense and lies? Here’s some Dutch Frankness for you VPRO: you have your heads up your asses and when the world is saved by real sequestration solutions, you will not be looked back upon fondly for adding noise to the issue.

  • I expected: A concise, possibly hopeful, lecture on how planting more trees would help us combat climate change. Something about how many we would have to plant, what it would take to do so and what challanges we would face in implementing this plan.

    I got: "This pine's needles grow in groups of five, this proves that five people can get along without killing each other."

  • If you want to in large part stop "Climate Change" Then stop the "Climate Changers" That would be the
    people that bring you "Geoengineering", Climate Engineering, Weather Manipulation" " Weather Warfare"
    That would the likes of "Raytheon" who holds the largest amounts of "Geoengineering" patents.
    In conjunction with many Governments around the globe that utilize "Stratospheric Aerosol Injection"
    Commonly known as "Chemtrails" This in large part is contributing to "Climate Change" and the deaths of trees specifically. "Loggers" are hardly a blip on the deforestation RADAR

  • Vancouver Island's Strathcona Park is so jammed with tree overgrowth
    that no living animal or bird can enter it. Just step into the trees off
    the highway a few feet and it is pitch black.

  • When will environmentalists learn that demonizing white men creates barriers to solving the problem. What kind of pig-headed moron starts a documentary like this with a clip of an angry white man like that? That is hate. Pure and simple. It needs to stop. We need everybody on board, and shaming an entire demographic group is toxic to the cause of the planet. Stop it, please.

  • Intelligence on earth = what a joke! most of us live at the lowest form of intelligence.
    "The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence"
    Think about it. Memory and recall is IQ, Thinking-feeling is the response of memory, if you had no memory you could not think… memories, not observing, do the translating for what is seen & heard, preventing the mind seeing things as they actually are… instead we see words, descriptions and think/feel that the description, which is in memory, is the described when it isn't.
    We have a name for everything and along with the name/label we have its image, we look through the images and can't see the forest for the tree. The word is never the thing.
    This condition called conditioning begins at birth, our curiosity replaced with various beliefs, our natural fears replaced with saviors… Our inner and outer world are worlds of beliefs.

  • Trees may well save the planet but that will be once we have been removed…. which is not that far away by the looks of it! The cancer of our planet is called homo sapien.

  • Does anyone else notice the irony of sanctimonious Annie Proulex describing the rapacious greed of the English and settlers who never put anything back while she is living in a large wood shingled house with wood fencing, wood floors and bookshelves full of books comprised of wood pulp making a living as a writer from books made from wood pulp? Even the desk was made of wood, and she has 4 children. The loggers trying to make a living are the problem? Perhaps she should take the" log" out of her own eye. I'm an eco person but feel we need compassion for others like loggers and a better way for them to make a living being outside or in nice surroundings as loggers also appreciate nature and freedom, not wanting to sit in an office all day. We need holistic compassionate approaches without demonizing other people, in my humble opinion.

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