Tom Hanks Gets Schooled on Nebulae by Kid Astronomy Expert Jerry Morrison III

You know, I think today’s
theme is the number three, because you’re renewed
for three years. All right. And this is Jerry Morrison III. The third. How about that? You’ve renewed for three Jerrys. And that is the third
time you’ve brought it up. [LAUGHTER] We’re here with Tom Hanks
and Jerry Morrison III. Nice to meet you. Do you know Tom Hanks? Do you know “Toy Story”? Yeah. You know Woody? Yeah. Yeah? Is that your favorite character? No. [LAUGHTER] ‘Cause of the astronaut
thing, the Buzz. You can be honest,
I can handle it. Yeah, you can be honest. OK. [LAUGHTER] Do you have a favorite
character from “Toy Story”? Yeah. Who is it? I think it is Buzz Lightyear. Yeah. Yeah, that’s what we thought. That’s all right. Well, here, let’s play a game. What’s this? But wait– wait, did you– [LAUGHTER] This’ll be cool. Tom has an asteroid. He has an asteroid
named after him. I do. Did you know that? Yeah, he’s got an
astroid named after him. Is there a photograph of this? Does it exist? Of your astroid? Oh, hey. Holy cow. Yeah, it’s right there. Oh, 12818, baby. Yeah. Do I own it? I should ask you, commander. Do I own that, if it
has my name on it? Yeah. Excellent. So I can build on it? I could go there and
open like, a gift shop? Can you build on an asteroid? No. No. No, don’t be stupid. [LAUGHTER] By the way, he
outranks both of us. So let’s– Do you have any interest
in going into space? I would go into
space for a while, but I’m not interested–
they have the things that you could possibly go
up for five minutes or so? Right. I have no desire just to be
nauseous for five minutes. No, it doesn’t seem– I want to go up for three
or four weeks at a time. That would be fun. I would go up to
space for 600 years. Oh. Well– So I could discover
and have more time, and check all the nebulas. That would be– OK, I know where
you’re going with this. You know where I’m
going with this, right? Yes. Tell her that would be 200– All right. Show renewals. Let’s look at this. [LAUGHTER] 600 years. Hey, what’s that there? What’s this? It’s a planet. And it’s named mercury. And how long does this
take to orbit the sun? 88 days. Wow. What’s it named after? It is named after the
Roman winged messenger. Did you know that, Tom? I did not, but Jerry Morrison
II told me that just earlier when I was coming
down the steps there. [LAUGHTER] What is this? A painting of a nebula. Now, how do you know
it’s a painting, and not an actual
photograph of the nebula? Because you know I practice,
and practice makes perfect. You are absolutely right. That’s true. That is true. What is that? Ellen, Jerry and I both know
you’re holding that picture upside down. She is not holding that
picture upside down. Flip it around. How do you know? Because, I’ve seen
a picture of one. Well– Practice makes perfect, Tom. And that’s the Crab Nebula. All right. That’s a Crab Nebula? Yeah. The Crab Nebula is a type
of supernova remnant. [AUDIENCE REACTS] First of all, I apologize. Secondly, I hear Crab
Nebulas taste delicious with a little bottle of butter. All right, what do
you have for Jerry? You have something, right? Jerry, I would like you– I would like you to come
back to Los Angeles, with your mom and dad,
and do you have a sibling? There’s somebody else in
there that could come along. Four seats to come see the
“Toy Story” premiere out here in Los Angeles. [CHEERING] That OK, Mom and Dad? All right, there you go. Four tickets. So who now is your favorite
“Toy Story” character? [LAUGHTER] He’s looking around
to see if Tim’s here. It is super– And if it’s not
Woody, you’re going to be spending half of that
vacation in a Crab Nebula. [LAUGHTER] No. I’m joking. So let’s say hello to each other
when we come, you and your dad and your mom. All right? OK.

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