tier ranking popular YA books [CC]

Hello friends! My name is Marines and a
couple of nights ago people were sharing out a link to do tier ranking for a bunch
of popular YA books and I did mine and then I tweeted it out and not enough
people talked to me about it and I feel like that should have been my sign that
people don’t want to talk to me about this but I’m taking it as my sign that I
should do more content about it so this video is going to be me using that tier
ranking and talking to you guys as I rank them. I’m gonna do these in order as
they appear here just because that’s what feels good to me and the way that
I’m going about this and I feel like I might even make some changes to how I
originally tweeted it out as I’m like thinking about it more and talking about
it out loud but if god tier to me is like transcending– it’s like transcending
ratings– then this means that this is 5 star 4 star 3 star 2 star 1 star and
then haven’t read. That, that feels right to me. So, we’re gonna be starting with
THE RAVEN BOYS by Maggie Stiefvater. I read this– I’ve read this twice. So, I read
it, and I feel like I enjoyed it, like I was intrigued by the premise and by the
mystery. I really liked Blue, and I think that one of my main complaints was that
this book had not enough Blue and I was very touch and go though, like hot and cold, with the boys. Sometimes I was like, “oh that’s cute,” and sometimes I was like “if
you do not call her by her real name Gansey, I’m gonna lose it.”
I went on to read the second book and then I tried to read BLUE LILY, LILY BLUE
and I did not make it past that book. And I abandoned the series and then later I
was going to try and finish a series so I reread THE RAVEN BOYS and I was like
“do I like this??” and I still don’t know the answer to that question and I don’t
know if my experience with books 2 and 3 like colored the way that I felt about
book 1 or if I just don’t like this. I also have like really soured on Maggie
Stiefvater in general since then and you know all of these feelings are melting
together as I think about THE RAVEN BOYS. But I did at one point enjoy it enough
and I think I’m gonna leave it at okay tier. I love Laini Taylor, okay? And her writing is really beautiful. However, STRANGE THE DREAMER really started slow. It was such a slow start!
I, I did not enjoy having to wait so long before we got to this like city and the
mystery or whatever we were trying to figure out and I know that the whole
thing is like the dreamer part of it and like the whole dreams thing but I feel
like the time that we spent doing the dream meld thing was too much time. We
spent too much time in dreams. I get it. It’s kind of the point, but I didn’t
like it. But everything else was great and I enjoyed it and I always loved
Laini Taylor’s writing so I’m gonna put this at good tier. I tried to read SIX OF CROWS like three times and dnf’d it all of those times until I was finally able
to like power past. The problem with SIX OF CROWS is that it is a heist book
with no internal urgency. The pacing was really– it was really too slow to be a
heist book. Is it a heist book? It’s a character book that wants to take breaks
for like flashbacks and witty dialogue and that stuff is great, except for it
interrupts the heist book. I did enjoy the characters, though. I loved Inej. I
didn’t like Kaz too much, but you know, I never was going to like that character
and I also enjoyed a lot of the dialogue. It really– some of the banter and the
lines were great but that pacing and that plot was not that great, so I’m gonna put
this that okay tier. I read 50% of CHILDREN OF BLOOD AND BONE
and then I DNF’d it and every time I sat down to read it, I read chunks of it.
Like it was really easy to get through but every time I put it down I was like,
“ugh, do I have to read some more of that book? It’s not good and it’s kind of
boring,” and then I realized, wow I don’t have to read more of that book. So, I
would like to put it like here but I technically dnf’d it so I’m gonna put it
in haven’t read it. I also DNF’d RENEGADES. I read a couple of chapters, and I was
like, “this is supremely not for me.” It’s like morally grey, antihero, villain-y
characters doing bad stuff and thinking they are right and you know that sounds
like a book that’s not for me. I haven’t read THREE DARK CROWNS. ILLUMINAE is
another one that it took me a couple of times to try and read it before I
actually got through it, but I enjoyed it. I liked the AI, the format was really
cool, and it was super easy to read because it was in that format. I don’t
remember a lot about the plot or the main characters, but I think it was okay.
Haven’t read it. Okay I’ve watched both of the TO ALL THE BOYS movies now and I
really enjoyed them, but I read the first book many years ago, and I remembered not
liking it so I’ve been very curious about what if I went back and I reread the
first book or trying to finish the series. Like would it be different? Do I
now feel like I understand what this book is doing? The thing is that my main
problem when I originally read it was that I felt like it was very juvenile
and not in a “you’re reading YA and it’s not meant for you” kind of wait but in a
way where like even the little sister read as like she was like 6 years old
and I was like why is this happening? Ad so I don’t know that that is something
that would improve on rereading especially now that I’m older. I don’t
know, guys. I think this is bad, but I’m curious if you guys disagree or if I
should give this another try. like has watching the movie taught me
how to read the series or are the movies just like objectively better than the
books? A COURT OF THORNS AND ROSES. Everybody knows I hate it. It is very bad.
She abuses punctuation, all of the characters are awful, the– either of the
relationships in this triangle are abusive, and I hate it. The– the
villain was stupid. The final riddle she had to solve was the stupidest. It’s just
I– you know, people loved the series and I, I cannot get over the fact that
people love this book and this series because it is, it is so bad. It is so bad.
My best friend Nicole really likes THE DIVINERS and obviously there’s a lot of
like hype on booktube about it, especially now that the final book is
out, but I think it’s spooky and I’ve heard really good things about the
audiobook, but that it is spooky because it has like additional like ambient
music and noise and sound effects and things like that.
I don’t do spooky. I especially don’t do like spooky where it’s like demons
and like possessions and things of that nature, so I think– like I’m very curious.
The only Libba Bray book that I’ve read is A GREAT AND TERRIBLE BEAUTY,
which I don’t think is on this list, but I hated it. Okay, SHADOW AND BONE. This is
like super generic YA of its time. I kind of want to– it’s like between okay tier
and bad tier to me. I might leave it at okay tier because I feel like I
gave it three stars when I read it. Lie, it was fine. It was readable. There just
isn’t anything special about this book at all. In fact the writing wasn’t great,
and I hated the Darkling and there were some really weird and repetitive
messages about like beauty in this that really rubbed me the wrong way and truly, like, I remember those things that I didn’t like, I don’t really remember the
plot of this, except for like– I feel like I remember more about like the dynamic
between Alina and the Darkling and that whole like manipulative weird thing that
they had going on and the fact that people like the Darkling and ship them
together… I understand I only read the first book, but it like it just– it sits
in my feelings also… so maybe this is bad tier. It was fine. It was fine. It was fine.
This is another book that i DNF’d. I got a few chapters in and I was like “ew, no.” I recently reread CINDER. I was going to do it to finish off the series.
I still haven’t finished WINTER because it is entirely way too long, but I was
really surprised how well CINDER held up. I’m pretty sure I gave it four stars. It
is also not like genre defying or like doing anything really super special, but
it is just fun, and it is a very like interesting retelling. It does some fun
things with the sci-fi elements of Cinderella. The characters are great and
every book introduces like even more good characters. I– I don’t know. I feel
like CINDER holds up. It’s a pretty good book. THRONE OF GLASS is poo. When I first read it, I gave it two stars but I’ve had to talk about why I don’t like this
book and Sarah J Mass in general so much over the last five years, now it– it
really has solidified the hate that I have for work in my heart, in my life, in
my being, in my channel, in my content in my brand. This– this is like not good
and again the fact that people think that it is good is like insulting to me
personally. Okay, THE DARKEST MINDS. I gave this three-and-a-half stars when
I originally read it. I do not remember anything about this book– I remember that
the kids were like at a camp and then on the run and that they have special
powers but that is legit all I remember about this book. I feel like we all liked
it when it came out, guys. I feel like we were about this book. I don’t remember
anything about it, so please jog my memory. Am I wrong? Was me in the past
wrong for giving it three and a half stars? Is okay tier where it belongs?
Same with– okay same with DIVERGENT. I feel like we were all about DIVERGENT
and I understand like– I read the first two. I never read ALLEGIANT and I
understand now the movies have messed up some things for us. Truly, the entire
premise of divergent is broken. Like it does not make sense the more that you
learn about it the more that you’re like “great that makes no sense and nobody
would do this and how can you only be one thing?” Like I understand all of those
things, but I feel like in DIVERGENT, I was kind of about it. But I feel like
if I read it now I’d be like “what is this?” But back then, that was like… that
was that was a book… that we enjoyed. So, I’m leaving it out okay tier. Okay,
TWILIGHT. We’re putting it at the poo tier, obviously. I understand that I have
no nostalgia about this that I did not read this as a child, but I feel like in
2020, we need to have a come-to-jesus about TWILIGHT. I understand if it was
formative for you and if you liked it when you were three years old or
whatever it is. I get it, but in the year of our Lord 2020 we can all say “wow,
TWILIGHT was racist and it was also based on an abusive relationship and it
also was misogynistic and had some really weird messages about purity
culture and things of that nature.” So we can change our minds from when we were
three years old and had all of these nostalgic feelings about this book like
let’s change our minds. Let’s not let hype up this book because we liked it a
million years ago. I feel like that sometimes that gets lost and–
it is like a pendulum that swings with TWILIGHT. so everybody loved it, and then
it came around to people being hypercritical of it, and then
understanding what we were actually reading, and I feel like we’re getting
into this place where people are like “yeah, TWILIGHT wasn’t that bad,” and
we’re like heading back in this direction, but I don’t feel like we need
to head back in that direction. I feel like we need to be in the camp this was
racist had an abusive relationship and it’s
super misogynistic. Like that’s the camp that we need to live in. There’s no
reason for the pendulum to go back is all I’m saying. If you like this book,
it’s fine. I just really hate it. I also read THE SELECTION. I don’t know if you
knew that I read THE SELECTION. It is also poopoo. Here’s the thing: America
Singer– oh my god it’s all coming back to me right now. So, this was so flimsy, the
entire plot. So, it’s called THE SELECTION, but you spend the first chunk of the
book like going , “will she end up in the selection???” and you’re like obviously. Why
are we spending this much time doing this? And then you get to the palace and
it’s like this whole thing where it’s like eliminating girls in the selection
buts girls you don’t know or care about? So you’re like why are we doing this? I
literally do not care. The whole world surrounding the selection is really hazy.
I don’t know if she builds that up further on into the series but I just
remember thinking “where are we– what are we doing here? Why is this happening?” and
all the book kept yelling at us is something about rebels. Rebels this,
rebels that. Absolutely no world building outside of like that brief like “[unintelligible]
rebels!” so it was really bad. I hated America. She was so stupid and both of
the love interests were like bland and awful and the whole like love triangle
was so forced like it was never really a thing. This is a really bad book. I
started MATCHED and I DNFed it. I started SHIVER because I was like
that’ll be fun to hate read like an OG werewolf book, and I DNFed it.
Alright, Hunger Games. Heading into god-tier. Listen, listen
I haven’t reread it in a while. I’m going to reread the entire series this year
Snark Squad is going to do a discord read along before the book comes out
and we’re also going to dedicate a podcast episode to talking about the
books before the new one comes out. We’ll probably watch some of the movies, so
we’re doing a whole thing. If you are interested in joining that, I’ll leave
the Discord link for the Snark Squad discord in the in the description below
so you can be in on it. It’ll be interesting to me to reread the series
to see how some of the writing holds up That’s the only thing that I have in
question, because the characters, the premise, the the entire concept of The
Hunger Games, the capital– all of that stuff I feel like is just gonna hold up.
Like it’s good. The thing about The Hunger Games at this point is
like I understand that a lot of this has to do with the movies, but it has entered
into pop culture. It is something to me that kind of transcends some of these
other books because of the way that it is so popular that is so well regarded
and well loved and that I really love too. So I feel like that means God tier.
Okay so Harry Potter… mmm okay see JK Rowling wants to ruin this for us. She
continues to exist online and have terrible beliefs and opinions and add
context and content to her stuff after the fact– like nobody wanted to know the
poo habits of wizards. I understand that I have not been authorized to speak for
everybody, but I’m going to, and I’m going to say that nobody wanted to know the
poo habits of Wizards. It just was not a thing, Joanne, so please stop it. And really that is truly the least of our worries when
it comes to Rowling and even though there are things about it that are not
great and as I said Rowley keeps trying to ruin it for us, a large portion of
this still holds up just different to me than TWILIGH, because there is not
anything in TWILIGHT that holds up to me to any amount of scrutiny or any amount
of existing in 2020, where I still think that you could look at Harry Potter and
say cool most of that checks out still. I haven’t read it. I will admit that I read
this and probably gave it three stars– Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. I
didn’t love it, but I thought it was good and entertaining and sweet and it wasn’t
until after the fact that I read other people’s really great reviews and they
were like this is racist and fat phobic that I was like OH. I completely missed
that. I DNFed The Maze Runner. I’ve never read the… thief…? I know the cover. Um… I don’t know. Marcus Zusak? You know what it is. Mmmm, this is okay. Sorry! Okay, don’t come
for me. Listen I read it as an adult and it was fine. It was fine. Okay THE HATE U GIVE hasn’t been around as long as THE HUNGER GAMES and HARRY POTTER but I
feel like this is what its building towards with its impact and reach. Haven’t read it. Honestly great. I love DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE by Laini Taylor. I understand why the writing style isn’t for everyone. It is very flowery and very musical.
There are tropes in here that I have hated in other places but that Laini
Taylor manages to elevate by twisting a little bit, by writing about them in a
really beautiful way. I love Karou and Akiva I love them so much and that is–
this is just like, I don’t know, YA fantasy with like angsty relationship at
the heart of it done right. I love it so much. I DNFed this. It was so boring. Okay listen. Listen.
I could probably put this that good tier. I, I don’t, I don’t trust my memories but
I remember loving this when I read it. I thought that it was so– like it had a
lot to say about love and relationships. I read the second book and I literally
threw it against the wall because of the way that it ended it. To me, that ending
like negated a lot of the messages that I thought it was trying to give and this
entire idea like I thought– I loved it so much for saying you know sometimes you
fall hard for your first love but you move on and then the ending kind of
negated that and I was so upset but I remember really thinking DELIRIUM
was good. like it did something a little above the ordinary of the YA that I
was reading at that time. Is that wrong? Would I read it now and be like “Mari why?”
I don’t know. We’re gonna put it at okay tier to be safe but I feel like I’m
only doing that to just make sure that I’m covering my butt.
I don’t know was it– was it great? Was it good? I don’t know. RED QUEEN was bad. If you take all the generic stuff that I said about this okay stuff, okay tier, and you add
worse characters and worse writing you have RED QUEEN. This was great. I loved it.
It was so sweet and beautifully written and after that I read a bunch more of
Alire-Saenz’s books and they’re all really lovely. I DNFed THE 5th WAVE
because it was boring. EVERYTHING EVERYTHING sucked. It had this
really bad representation but on top of that had this like
problematic like idea of like you should definitely die for the cute boy next
door that you’ve talked to like five times. But outside of that, there was like
this bigger message of like love is only real if you’re willing to die for it and
I’m like okay calm down Juliet you should live and be healthy and take care
of yourself. But also, for the majority of the book, you think this one thing is
happening and then there’s like a twist that like something equally bad is
happening but then the book is like “bye! That’s all the time we have for today!”
I’m like is nobody gonna address this like equally bad thing that just
happened at the end and the answer’s no. Nobody’s going to address it. I freaking
loved– I think I give it four stars BEFORE I FALL. See, I loved Lauren Oliver
for a time. BEFORE I FALL, DELIRIUM and then LIESL &PO were three books that I
was like “ooh me and Lauren Oliver are like good,” but then the second delirium
book, I was like garbage and I’ve tried a couple more of Lauren Oliver’s books.
ROOMS was one of them. It was like not great. So, I’ve had very up-and-down– but
it was the first ones that I read that I enjoyed, but then I started reading more
and I was like “I don’t like this.” So I’m really scared that that means that the
first books that I read also weren’t good and I just didn’t know. I feel like
a bunch of people read BEFORE I FALL when the movie was coming out and they
were like “this is bad” and I’m like “oh! Is it? I liked it. Oh no. I liked it.” I could
put it at okay tier like I did with some of these other ones, but I I really
liked this. I probably– when I read it would put it at great tier so I’m
bumping it to good tear to be true to the fact that past Mari loved it
present Mari doesn’t know. FALLEN was awful. It is TWILIGHT with fallen angels
and the entire premise of this is that the this couple like falls in love
through time but every time they kiss she dies and then he has to wait around
until she reincarnates but do they ever stop kissing? Absolutely not. They never
stop kissing. NObody’s ever like “you know what we should not do is kiss because
I keep dying every time you kiss me.” At first his like solution to this whole
thing is like being extra mean to her when he comes across like we can’t fall
in love so I’m gonna be really mean to her. She’s still like “mmm, yeah, he flipped me off when I first saw him that’s the guy want to
date” and you’re like “why is this happening?” That is essentially the plot.
There was no other plot to be found. Mmm, it was really bad. Okay, this is also
really bad: SHATTER ME by Tahereh Mafi It is legitimately some of the worst
writing that I have ever read in my life and I think that it’s probably some of the
worst writing because it was trying to be like really poetic and purple and
it’s trying to show you the disconnect between the main character and reality.
She’s very disconnected from reality so it’s supposed to have some of that air
of the way that she is perceiving the world, but it didn’t make any sense and
I’m sorry at the foundation of this book which is comprised of words your words
should make some sense. It was really horrible. It was like– it was like cringy
in a way of like discovering somebody’s bad poetry from middle school, like that
sort of like “wow. Wow. You thought you were doing something” sort of cringe.
Apart from the writing and the fact that I hated it and didn’t make sense, I also
didn’t like the characters. Haven’t read it. It’s so funny because in Rainbow
Rowell’s FANGIRL– is that on here? It is. Let’s do that now. FANGIRL is bad. Okay, no
It was okay. I feel like I gave it three stars. It was okay. The
characters were kind of annoying sometimes. There was one of the sisters
especially that I was like, “why are… you. Why are you?” but there were some things
that were relatable about like fan fiction and fan culture and fangirling
but I feel like the worst parts of FANGIRL were the the excerpts like the
fanfiction Simon and Baz or whatever their names are and then she wrote a
whole book about them in CARRY ON and I was like why would anyone want to read
that and apparently a lot of people liked it. I really didn’t. I was like
skipping over the fanfiction parts of it because I was just like ugh this is so
obviously, like Harry Potter ripoff. It’s out of context. I don’t want these
excerpts in my book. Didn’t like them. Part of the reason I didn’t rate it
highly and part of the reason I will not read CARRY ON because it’s an entire
book of the worst part of FANGIRL. I started and I got through probably 45 to 50 percent of the book and then I stopped
it, but I’m not counting this as a DNF because I super enjoyed what I read.
It was just getting to a part that it was incredibly stressful. It puts your
characters into an impossible situation. Like, the amount of stress in my body I
felt by reading this was just– it was wild so I was not in a good like
headspace to read this super stressful book but now I’m at the point where I’ve
stopped it and to go back and to willingly go back into this high-stress
situation? It’s gonna have to be like on vacation honestly where I’m at my most
like peaceful to try and tackle this but what I read was really good. I do want to
get back into that. THE HOST, LOL. Maybe one day we’ll read it for Snark Squad
but otherwise… THIRTEEN REASONS WHY was poopoo. It was badly written. It was way too
linear. It was like, “I did this and then I did this and then I did this.” The
messages were bad. It tried to take on this really complex topic but it did it
with no nuance and with no understanding of what it was actually doing. BEAUTIFUL CREATURES, I’ve never read. EVERYDAY was… So it has some really beautiful moments
in writing but it also has like some like fat phobic things in there too and
it was– like at points it was like really pretty and then in some places it was so
preachy about its point of view that it took me out of the story. So, overall, bad.
A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC is bad. I almost wanted to say poopoo but it doesn’t
really deserve to be quite on that level. I just really did not like the story. I
feel like it had a great premise that it did absolutely nothing with. The villains
were really flimsy and so were the characters honestly. They were really
hollow characters and you spend so much time like jumping from world to world
with very little rhyme or reason and our main character is very super-powered and
there isn’t just really a reason why he gets caught up in the situations where
he’s in when he could just use his powers and we’re never told why not but
also the main– the main female character in here who I think her name
is Lila, I might be confusing her with another prototype of this character
which I really hate, but I just dislike… not like other girls, like I’m just– oh
it’s a character I really really dislike. This is a book that put me on to
the fact that maybe the VE Schwab doesn’t know how to write female
characters. It’s a theory that I am very interested in testing and reading
through the rest of her works because this and VICIOUS both treat their female
characters not great and the comments that she’s made on Twitter have made me
think that you know this is just something she’s really bad at. So, I did
not enjoy this at all. It is not good. Have not read STALKING JACK THE RIPPER
but I’ve heard really bad things. I started THE FOXHOLE COURT and I got a
couple chapters in but it didn’t grab me. I’ve never read FIVE FEET APART. I’ve
never read ALL THE BRIGHT PLACES. I’ve never read WARCROSS. I read THE ASTONISHING COLOR OF AFTER and it was okay. It had some really pretty writing
at points, but unfortunately was overly long and overly repetitive. It got to a
point where we’re reading like the same set up of the scene over and over again
and there’s like no amount of pretty writing that can save you from that.
THE UNBECOMING OF MARA DYER was absolute trash. It was so bad.
There’s this really weird relationship in it that is the main part of what I
remember about it, but it was also this weird thing– like the mental health rep
and it was weird because I wasn’t sure at the end of it was mental health rep
or if there was something magical going on and that kind of dynamic really put a
weird spin on what the author was going for, if that makes any sense but it was
just like kind of like bad YA of the time anyways. I have not read ERAGON
and I started THE CRUEL PRINCE but I DNFed it after about 20 or 30 percent
because I realized it was a story about two people being mean to each other and
I just… why? That’s it. I did it. That is my tier ranking. I feel good about this. I
feel good about this. There are– I swear if I sit here for a little longer I
probably could move some of them around but here’s what I want to do. There is a
chunk of these that are on my haven’t read, but I feel good with like the
number of them because I’ve tried to read so many of them and I just, you know,
didn’t like them and put them aside but what I would like to do is ask you guys
is there a book on this haven’t read section that I should read or maybe
should is like the wrong word– that you want me to read for whatever your, your
reasoning is. I am the worst stop making myself read things, but I feel like if I
had a book on tap for the next time that I want to do like some like hate reading
or like a critical read or like a live tweet or something like that that would
be great. So I’m leaving it open to you guys. What
book in my haven’t read section would you guys like to see me read sometime in
2020. I’m gonna read this book so vote wisely. Down in the comments, let me know
all of your thoughts on my tier ranking especially those books that I read so
long ago that I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. If you enjoyed this, I would
love it if you subscribed to my channel or shared it with your friends. Thank you
so much for watching this video and I will see you guys soon. [OUT TAKES] Sure, uh, [weird noises] I feel… But you know intentions? That’s not what counts Jay Asher.

  • Totally agree with the Darker Shade of Magic! Lila was terrible. I can't believe this type of "not-like-other-girls" trope still exists. When we first meet her, she literally says she doesn't have any remorse over robbing other young women, because "stupid, sheltered girls who wear fancy dresses & get crushes on boys deserve to be robbed anyway". Great characterisation there

  • To think there was a time in my life where I was a Sarah J. Maas stan😂 And then one day I woke up and realized her books are awful and there were just so many problems I had with them and wasn't willing to acknowledge.
    To her credit the Throne of Glass really got me into reading fantasy, and there were aspects I did like in the later ToG books but…The shoddy characterisation is what just brought it all crumbling down. I hate the romances in these books. I won't get into any specifics but it doesn't matter, you could take any romance in this series and it is exactly the same as any of the other ones because it is full of the same problematic heteronormative tropes. I'm not kidding when I say every male character is the same in this series and while the female characters have variation they always boil down to a snarky badass warrior who doesn't need a man but she's gonna get one anyway because no one in this series can be single. When it comes to the male characters again all of them are these overprotective, extremely territorial characters who get jealous when their female love interests even speak to other male characters. I just…I can't deal with this I've talked about this so many times but I'm so tired of seeing that in these books. And the lack of diversity is astounding considering the number books and characters in the series. By the time the last book came about I realized that all I really cared about was the plot, couldn't give two shits about the characters and I'm probably never gonna read it😂

  • Perks of Being a Wallflower and The Book Thief are seriously god tier. Definitely add them to your to read list IF you are up for tragedy with a dash of hope!

  • Totally agree with the Hunger Games! It's my favorite series and it totally stands above the majority of YA books currently

  • I think Perks of Being a Wallflower or Scythe are worth reading. Perks really did a lot for it's time and honestly would probably be in my god tier.

  • While I thoroughly enjoyed the shades of Magic series I feel like VE Schwab definitely has a tendency of writing not-like-other-girls female characters. Lila being an example. And I tried to read her middle grade series City of Ghosts and the MC was already not like other girls on page 2 and I was like Yikes…I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that 😂😂

  • I was lead to believe Cruel Prince was about a morally ambiguous character who's hungry for power(might be a sociopath) a hate to love romance and cruel vile faeries. And i read it and I felt like I was reading about some petty schoolyard bully. Not only that but the writing was so bland and there was so little world building like I felt like I was having all these terms thrown at me and The author expected me to know off-hand what a trow, or a sylph or a nixie was or even looked like and I just didn't. Because of that it wasn't easy to fully immerse myself in the story but it's whatever.

  • Harry Potter is not good and does not belong on god tier. People only think it does because of nostalgia.

  • You should definitely give the Winner's Curse a go! Kestrel is one of the smartest and coolest protagonists I have ever read about. She gets things done using her brain in a society that values physical prowess more. The trilogy is politically driven, has a great romance and one thing that surprised me was the fact that book 2 does the miscommunication trope well. Highly recommend!

  • Scythe!!! Scythe is wonderful and I know you were leaning towards picking it up again but I’m here to say yes! Do it! I just finished the first one and am on to the second! So good!

  • Watching this and questioning my thoughts about every popular YA book I have ever read.

    Am I… Am I incapable of judging pacing????

    I thought TATBILB was o.k./good/ 3 star but the movies are absolutely better.

    Edited to add: I… Think I want to do this too?

    Edited again to add: Please read I'll Give You the Sun so you can tell me whether I should read it, thank you.

  • Okay, I. Oght be the wrong person to be like, "Diviners isn't that spooky" because I don't get spooked easily, but for a story that's got LOTS of ghosts I didn't find it all that creepy. Sometimes the series got a little gross, but I don't there was one place where I got creeped out. Again, take that with a grain of salt though because ghosts don't really bug me much. Complete unbeliever over here. (Still a very good series tho!)

    I would love a video on which tropes in DOSAB are tropes you normally wouldn't like and how Laini Taylor twisted them so they worked for you! Or just to hear about then next time I see you. I love that kind of shit.

  • I feel oddly validated by your opinions on fangirl's fanfiction parts. I too did not like them. However, I made the mistake of trying to read Carry On. Mistakes were made.

  • The Diviners is definitely too scary for you, you are making the right call. Also, yes, to all the feelings about both of those Lauren Oliver books.

  • lmaoo I know U said u didnt wanna read Carry On but I would def be curious about ur opinions on it. I actually believe the story is changed from the excerpts from fangirl so none of them are incorporated in the actually story (from what u remember). I think its worth the read!

  • Would love this type of tag for classics or adult (I don't really read YA so i've only read like 4 books listed here).

  • 1. I’d like to save your ACOTAR rant as my ringtone. 2. I might do this as a video too 3. I think you would legit enjoy I’ll Give You the Sun 4. We should also maybe do this as a group collab on vacation 😈

  • ve schwab absolutely cannot entire female characters. I just read the first book in her middle grade series and even there she goes out of her way to make her not like other girls and ugh

  • This was so much fun! Pls read I'll give you the sun it was so great and i kinda want you to read Eragon because it was so awful and i just hated that book so much

  • Amazing. Would be dope to hear your thoughts on perks. I havent reread it but it has this like shiny place in my memory and I bought imaginary friend on kindle when it was on sale so I wonder if his writing is something I'll still enjoy.

  • I know you already tried to read it but honestly I would love to see you read and review The Cruel Prince cause I read about 60-ish percent of it and was put off cause it felt like it had many of the same problems as Court of Thorns and Roses yet a lot of people who dislike Court of Thorns and Roses somehow love The Cruel Prince. It just baffles.

  • Omg I loved this lmao, also I really hope you read the diviners. Over the years I've always heard people mentioning it but I didnt know it would be THAT good. The book itself is so fun the plot and characters are wonderful but it also has alot of social commentary and the writing is brilliant and all throughout I kept being shook thinking about how this is a 2012 era ya book it could be released today and it would make sense. It's just amazing I hope you read it!!

  • Oh but I still want you to read Carry On! Tbh those parts in Fangirl were also my least favorite, and I think others who like Carry On would agree with that. It is very much derivative of HP, and some parts I shouldn't like, but I still do for whatever reason. But of course if you don't want to read it I respect your decision. 💜💜💜

  • My true vote is for Simon but selfishly I want you to read and dislike The Book Thief's blatant attempts at emotional manipulation. Also, your Twilight tirade was chef's kiss

  • Mari, Mari, Mari, my darling, please finish Scythe! I love that book so much and the second book, Thunderhead, is even better. Please finish it!

  • The Diviners audiobook doesn't have atmospheric music – the narrator is just really talented at voices, so the ensemble cast of characters is really distinct! I'd love to hear your thoughts on it, since I think it's such a fun and excellent series!

  • my theory about victoria schwab is that she's popular because she writes sentences better than Maas (& Claire) and because of this, and the timing of what was popularly being read around when Schwab broke out, people thought that meant she was a Good writer.

    whispers she's still absolutely bad tier. her books are RIDDLED with plotholes on top of the bad characters.

    also apparently she didn't know Alucard the name comes from spelling Dracula backwards
    [gif of Ryan Reynolds facepalming]

  • I would love to see a video of yours recommending fantasy books fir the young adult age. I have started reading a bit more now since Secondary school (,currently reading On The Come Up by Angie Thomas, took a break from the book Good Omens). And I would love to see recommendations for interesting fantasy and fictional books.

  • If you haven't akready could you read Rebel Belle. Had a very wtf beginning that it was quite entertaining. It does have the cliche tho of girl hates boy, boy hates girl, girl and boy fall in love. But had a interesting aesthetic that (from what I remember) I think you might find could have been explored more.

  • I think Divergent gets a lot of un-deserved hate tbh. Pretty much everything that makes no sense is explained in Allegiant and you're like "Oh THAT'S why this society is so unconventional." But people didn't like it because it was such a big twist that it made the last book feel almost like different series than what they'd gotten used to. The YA community just wasn't ready for Matrix-esque shit like that. Idk, there were definitely things I disliked about the trilogy but I still thought it was pretty decent.

  • Your views on Twilight!!! yeeeesss!!! "there's a pendulum that swings with Twilight…and we're getting to a place where ppl are like "y'know twilight wasn't that bad" and we're heading back in this direction BUT I DON'T FEEL LIKE WE NEED HEAD BACK IN THAT DIRECTION" call em out for the racism, abusive relationship, and misogyny!!!

  • My vote would be for either Perks of Being a Wallflower or Simon vs. the Homosapiens Agenda!

    Also, I'm so glad you moved Fangirl from Bad Tier to Okay Tier, b/c I was seriously ready to fight you when I saw your tweet last week. 😛 I thought it had such a great portrayal of a character with social anxiety and a really cute romance as well.

    Now I kind of want to do this, but I've only read about a third of the books, so it probably wouldn't turn out to be that interesting.

  • Every time someone talks about Six of Crows not being the best thing ever, my heart grows 3 sizes 😂 it is SO MEDIOCRE, I don't understand!! the characters are not that good and the heist was kind of lame!
    I actually really enjoyed the whole TATBILB series. I feel like the characters felt believably young to me. I don't remember the little sister feeling so young but you're probably right and I just don't remember–what I do tend to hear that really bugs me is that "Lara Jean is so immature" and I'm like "she's 16!! let her enjoy her baking and polka dots, Sharon!"

    Yay Lunar Chronicles! agree–the retelling aspects are really great. And it's the book that made me realize I don't hate all sci-fi, so it gets points from me for that. I'm realizing I like sci-fi best when it's really soft and mixed with other genres
    I agree that Fangirl is bad! I hated the way the anxiety rep was done, I didn't like most of the characters, and I remember feeling like the sex scene was really uncomfortable because it kind of felt like Cath just…let it happen? YES I hated the fanfiction excerpts! I have read good fanfiction and it was not that LOL. ALSO one of the things that enraged me the most is when Cath (minor spoilers for people who haven't read it) submitted fanfiction as a creative writing assignment and THEN WAS APPARENTLY ASTONISHED TO LEARN PLAGIARISM IS A THING, and we were all supposed to feel bad for her?! she was so dumb. And her professor let her redo the assignment!! like, no on is saying fanfiction isn't real writing, but you cannot submit it as part of a course that is supposed to be 100% your own work!! what about that is hard to understand, Cath?
    I 100% agree that V.E. Schwab does not know how to write female characters! I've been feeling like that for a while but they all feel the same and they all are very not good. Also, I'm kind of put off her for a very petty reason which is that one day on Twitter she was talking about how retellings are really overdone and she needs to be really sold on them to think they're good, and then her next book she announced…was a retelling. LOL. I know it's dumb but it just feels really tacky to me?? like "I'm too good for this trend but buy my book because I can do it right"

  • I love thg with my whole heart but even I can admit the writing is fine at best and a bit awkward and clunky in places 😅 I feel like you can ignore it usually if you’re reading fast as the books encourage you too, but you notice it if you slow down. Some of it I think can be excused due to katniss’ character and the stories they are but some of it I can admit is not great 😂

  • The Diviners audiobooks are fantastic because the narrator is extremely talented. There are no sound effects, though. I don’t usually do scary stuff but found it pretty mild. Lots of ghosts and murder. Many ghosts. Much murder. Tons of social commentary.

  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower! It's definitely god-tier for me, and it's a book I always say has had the MOST impact on me. Teen me who didn't even know mental health was a thing back then really needed that book, and considering how controversial it was for its time, I think it's a book that holds up even now. The writing is very straighforward, punchy and simple, though. Some people hate it, some love it. 🙂

  • I need a version of this based off of UK YA books because I haven't read most of these books! We don't get as many American YA books in the country where I live- only really the most popular ones!

  • Your descriptions of Shatter Me and the Selection were spot on 😂 I would recommend Wicked Lovely from your haven’t read section. I personally love it and it’s widely underhyped, but I’d be interested to hear your thoughts. The main character maintains a lot of agency, the romance is well-established, and the politics are smart.

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