The Way of The Intergalactics event with Jasmuheen in Japan

Hello everybody, this is Jasmuheen for
the Embassy of Peace.
I’m so looking forward to returning to Japan this
December to do our
‘The Way of the Intergalactics’ seminar and Contact.
It’s been incredible to spend the last few years in Japan
and to feel the response
and the openness of people there
regarding living in the realms of deep
permanent peace and unity and harmony,
people who are environmentally conscious,
who are so interested in alternate
nourishment and all our research into
Source feeding and this is something
we’re going to focus on a little more
this year as well, simply because in the
unified realms people are vibrating in
such a level of consciousness that they
have no hunger anymore, they coexist in
harmony, in unity in a way where
everyone’s presence brings out the best
in each other and this is the sort of
energy that more and more on Earth are
stepping deeper into through their
meditations, through the lifestyle that
they are choosing to live now to be
nourished from that pure and perfect
nature we already carry within to allow
its frequency to dominate and this
really is the first level of contact
that we’ve always talked about in all
our Embassy of Peace programs,
this contact, this merging with this very pure
part of ourselves which is just a
vibration that is running through,
pulsating through all of creation and so
it’s accessible to everybody and when we
go deeper and deeper into that zone we
do start to have contact with some amazing
beings of great light and great love
and great wisdom who have been where we’ve been,
they know what life in density is about,
they know what living deep in the fields or the
zones of duality is about and
the gifts that we get from living in duality and
in such density but many people now are
opening up to a lighter way of being
and so I’m so looking forward to being
with you all again in Japan to go deeper
into Unity Science, to go deeper into the
Universal Harmonization Program of the
Embassy of Peace because we do have
three levels now that we are working
with; the personal ascension reality,
the global ascension reality and also the
universal ascension harmonic that
we touched on in our Unity Reset Program
the last time we were in Tokyo.
So this time we’re going to go much deeper,
deeper into contact, deeper into direct
information connecting in
that channeled way you know as a group
we come into a harmonic where we can
start to bring through some very
beautiful flows of wisdom and love and
power and information that really is
beneficial for ourselves individually
and collectively and also for our planet
because we are moving into the most
enlightened phase of evolution we could
ever imagine and way beyond what we
could imagine, the way of the
intergalactics — as we will be sharing
this in this gathering is just incredible
it’s a wonderful methodology,
it’s a wonderful science that we can
apply on Earth to really experience more
of our own multi-dimensional nature
including being fed in a very different
way so we are free from all human hungers.
This is Jasmuheen for the Embassy of Peace
and looking forward to spending time
with you soon in Tokyo Japan this December


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