The Unflattering Nickname The Press Has Given Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle has apparently earned herself
a not-so-nice nickname from royal staffers. According to Inside Edition, British newspapers
have alleged that members of the royal staff have taken to calling the Duchess of Sussex
“Duchess Difficult.” The gossip rag notes that many palace employees
have allegedly found the former Suits star to be “demanding.” News of Markle’s unflattering nickname comes
after reports that multiple members of her staff reportedly quit. First to leave her post was Markle’s personal
assistant Melissa Touabti, in early November 2018. While Markle has not commented on Touabti’s
exit, it’s thought that Markle’s issues with her family, which has largely played out in
the press, and the stress that came along with planning Markle’s May 2018 wedding to
Prince Harry were among the reasons that Touabti quit after working for Markle for just six
months. The Sunday Mirror reported that Toubati once,
quote, “[broke] down in tears over the stress of her job.” A source shared, “Her job was highly pressurised and in the
end it became too much. She put up with quite a lot. Meghan put a lot of demands on her and it
ended up with her in tears.” Markle’s aide and secretary Samantha Cohen
is also reported to be leaving her gig, as reported by The Sunday Times. Cohen, who is known in the press as “Samantha
the Panther” because of her “take-no-prisoners manner,” has worked for the royal family for
years, and reportedly took on the job of being Markle’s secretary to help her adjust to royal
life. However, her time with Markle was only ever
supposed to be temporary, though Markle had reportedly hoped to keep Cohen on permanently. A royal expert commented on Cohen’s leaving
to Inside Edition, dismissing rumors that Cohen’s exit has anything to do with Markle
being “difficult.” She stated, “It’s founded from absolutely nothing. It was said from day one that Samantha Cohen
was only going to serve as the interim assistant to Harry and Meghan. She was never meant to stay any longer.” Still, Cohen’s role isn’t going to be easy
to fill, especially considering Markle’s busy schedule, pregnancy, and never-ending family
drama. According to Marie Claire, an insider shared, “Sam will be a huge loss. Going forward, Meghan might need someone cut
from a slightly different cloth to traditional courtiers, who is not a career civil servant
or royal insider. Meghan needs someone with reserves of energy
and patience to help her define her future role.” Inside Edition notes that royal staffers aren’t
the only ones who allegedly have found issue with Markle. Prince Harry’s older brother, Prince William,
also reportedly had problems with Markle early on in her relationship with Harry. William once expressed his belief that Markle
might not be a good match for Harry, and a source claimed, “Harry went mental. The brothers’ relationship has not really
recovered.” Rumors that Markle is difficult to work with
also comes on the heels of stories that she and Prince William’s wife, Kate Middleton,
have been feuding following Markle and Harry’s decision to move from Nottingham Cottage in
London to Frogmore Cottage in Windsor, England, as reported by Us Weekly. However, sources have dispelled the gossip
about Markle and Middleton’s relationship, noting that, while they come from “two totally
different worlds,” the two royals have, quote, “really grown to love and respect one another.” Furthermore, in the wake of the rumors about
a family feud, Prince William and Kate Middleton have reportedly decided that they’ll be celebrating
Christmas with Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and the rest of the royal family, despite
often annually switching between spending the holiday with the royals and with Middleton’s
family. Hopefully, Markle will be able to spend a
relaxing holiday with her husband, her mother, and her in-laws, and will soon be able to
put to rest any false rumors of her being a difficult woman to work for or get along
with in the new year.



  • Just coz I have a different view from yours doesn't mean I'm disgusting anyhow it still won't change the fact that she will be set for life even though her marriage "won't last"


  • Meghan invited only her mother to her wedding, the wedding of the century were she could of flew in half the world and then some by private jet, but it was only her mum that made the cut, the rest of her family were cut alright. Meghan not getting on with people, family, friends, husbands is old news.

  • Kates been around for ages and we have not had any innuendo or negative comments since waity Kate, and she was right to wait-William was a fool as she could of been snapped up

  • Sorry Meghan, you cannot have your cake and eat it. It is not true that you feel terrible that you cannot defend yourself and the right to speak up for yourself has been taken off you. Beg your pardon, you chose to have a life within the Royal circle, you went in with your eyes wide open. Harry told you all about it. However your desire to be in the biggest circus show was so great, you walked away from your family and very good friends. You asked to be in the limelight so put up with it.

  • When you're in Hollywood you can play the diva and be demanding. When you're a royal, you're expected to be more congenial and diplomatic. Bottom line, she's just enjoying the limelight on the biggest stage. She's just not likeable. She's trash.

  • You can take the girl from the trailer park but you can't take the trailer park out of the girl …

    Why is anyone even surprised?… She's no Diana with poise , grace, , humility

  • People sometimes treat me badly, and I am an elderly white woman.  Depends on the person.  Jealousy has a lot to do with it also.  They have a sense of inferiority, and will consider any request from her to be a "demand."

  • Media created negativity…they called Kate negative name also.. to stir the pot and keep us commenting. The ads can’t run with no content. Rumors, lies, fabrications mixed with a little truth(still a lie) sells ads, products, and papers. Meghan’s making money for a lot of folk one way or another.

  • I love Meghan Markle okay. I would just be happy for meg. Just because Meghan has specific needs does t mean that these people need to start saying crap about her

  • Absolute bull. Idle gossip. So what if she is demanding, so she should be she is in a high pressure position. Perhaps the staff couldn't keep up. No one really knows what she is like yet. The press hounded Diana and they hated Camilla. I feel sorry for these people.

  • I have no idea why persons listen to the media because they always twisting around the story if you really want to know what kind of person Meghan is you should find away to get up close and personal with her. If anyone us were in here shoes how basic would we appeare to be, asked yourselves that question the next time you decide to comment negative thing about her or any celebrities.

  • We are not sure if the story is true. I believe some people who does not like her are making up stories. If you are a fan of hers, you should not believe what the tabloids are publishing. They are making money out of Megan.

  • She has no class, anyway. Started right out breaking Royal traditions. Thinks she’s going to “ Bring the Royal Family into the current century”. 🙄. I mean, her mother came to the Royal Wedding with DREADS!!

  • You British are really showing your racist horns. Kate is know saint. We already see whats going on. You all have set the stage to take down Meghan and order to make Kate shine. She can't compete with Meghan fairly. And Meghan has to much personality to not shine,whats left to do. Those in the palace will just leak out lies to the media about Meghan. And the racist media will take those lies and spin them in order to make the public turn against her. So sad Williams wife has the personality of a spare. Harry who is the spare,his wife has the personality of a queen but she is married to the spare. Since she and Harry don't know their place. They are being put in their place. And all you haters don't come at me talking about Meghan will never be Kate . Let me just say if Meghan is nothing special why keep attacking her.

  • Let's all remember firs the source for this story. Second, as I scrolled down reading the responses, I was struck by this simple but basic truth. Virtually everyone speaking either positively or negatively about Meghan is doing so with no direct experience or interaction with her. Now everyone has a right to an opinion and they have the right to base it on what ever evidence they decide to use to establish that opinion. All I will say is none of us are speaking from direct experience and/or interaction. So regardless of how you feel, let's all remember none of it is fact or experienced based.

  • It is "difficult" for them to have to serve a black woman. It is "difficult" to have to take orders from a black woman. They just can't take it!!!

  • Like any name they make up to call her gonna hurt Meghan Markle she’s got the best name of all “Prince Harry’s Wife”. The Staff is who’s Difficult wanting to be all up in her business Nosey & Messy & Duchess Meghan want allow them in her business like Lazy Kate, Meghan does majority of her own stuff, so what they got as Donald Trump said “You’re FIRED”. I like the way they try to be nice “They Quit” Prince Harry Fired them. That’s why they’re moving you can’t stay in a black Woman Business unless she invites you. Good for You both Duchess Meghan & Prince Harry keep them guessing. Kate been there 10 years now all of a sudden she wants to go to work, no one noticing that, Fake Kate. The majority of all this is just gossip anyway they all get alone better than led to believe.

  • All of us have our opinions. But I think we all want the best 4 then and the newborn baby let's b patient and c what. Happens I know I would be SO rejected by those snooty Royals ….

  • You all should just STOP being so nasty and leave Meghan alone!! It is bad enough that she has to put up with the hateful and ignorant Markle family…people should just stop being so hateful and nasty too!!

  • I think the media is doing as much as possibke to discredit this young lady. I have my suspicions as to why and i don't think i need to say them. It was said from the very beginning, before she became pregnant that she and prince harry were to move to frogmore as this was a gift from the queen. But everyone seems to have forgotten that. Go back to the picture of the fabulous 4 first Christmas together. As they are leaving the church it almost appears that Kate and Meg are holding hands. But no one e is saying anything about that. If there was animosity between the couples it would I think be more logical for this to occur prior to the wedding. After all they spent quite a bit of time with will and kate.They can be a powerhouse couple and do impactful things in the world if the media doesn't tear them down. I find it said all negativity surrounding this couple and kbow that Dianna's heart is probably breaking to see her son and his wife be torn down by the very people that are responsible for her death. Truly sad.

  • Some of the favourable comments below may be on the money and I have no inside info BUT, I feel that I am a reasonable judge of people and in my opinion we ain't seen nothing yet. So all you snow flake Lovies had better strap in, it's going to be a rough ride. From her political background she may think that royalty is against her Marxist globalist ideology and stir the pot, especially if she is unable to mould them to her agenda.

  • This is all lies, Samantha was leaving the Queen but the queen asked her to help meghan and harry before she left and she agreed but they are making out that Meghan is the reason why she is leaving and this is why Opinion/tabloids media need to be clear about what is fact and what is opinion as a lot of people are getting confused and this is why Trump is free to lie and slowly destroy the White world!

  • she look too average when compared with her sister in law Kate Middleton.she ain't as classy as Kate.. Kate is definitely the pure queen the English rose

  • How does anyone know “for sure” if this is true? I find all this gossip terrible. The press in the UK is worst than in the US! One moment they’re loving you and the next they hate you. Think back at all the things they said about previous new comers to the royal family and those silly nicknames: Princess Diana (shy Di) Kate Middleton (waity Katie!). Really! Stop this, it’s ridiculous and not to mention no ones business.

  • She isn't any darker than most Southern Europeans. Her mother isn't "black" either. She looks 75% white. All this "biracial" hype is attention whoring, not more, and only racists are dwelling on it.

  • She isn't any darker than most Southern Europeans. All this "biracial" hype is attention whoring, not more. And only racists dwell on it.

  • Now I believe British tabloids are liars we all knew that Samantha was to be Meghan for six months you guys you will never pull her down to much fake news

  • Princess Pushy/Difficult is nothing more than Fergie 2.0 and she needs to learn her place and respect Royal traditions and protocols. If she can't learn her place then she needs to loose her HRH.

  • I Really cannot see Ms. Markle treating ANYONE bad or being difficult when she has been a human rights advocate since she was very young !!! Makes NO SENSE – NONE. In THIS CASE I would say: Fake News…. Lol 😂

  • excuse me janet i did not bring up the race card in the first place it was brought up about twenty time before my post but i agree dont bring up the race card even i your black!!! works both ways!!!

  • Nick Swift!! The Duchess of Success has always been a hard worker!! she has been doing charity work b 4 she met Harry, the haters need 2 research her past work, she has her own money & unlike Catherine whose major agenda was 2 trap William no matter how long it took, she worked, Megan may ave been a actress & Biracial which most British Traditionalist think is unworthy 2 b in the Royal family, but b 4 u all turn up yur noses at Megan go bck in History & remind yourselves who the Royals really r!!! there is nothing prestine about how they got their titles & wealth!! Their wealth came fr the SLAVERY of other's, They PLUNDERED!!!!ROB!!!!KILLED & OPPRESSED others for their wealth!! Henry 8th Imprisoned his Queen on false charges, 2 marry a commoner, e died fr a sexual transmitted disease SYPHILIS & there is so much scandals throughout their history !!!!! so b 4 u all tear Megan dwn!!! READ the history of the ROYALS!!

  • Meghan Markle is a nice woman they are just being racist to her they are just trying to take her down horrible never did this to Kate 😡 she’s had a hard time her dad and siblings are hating on her all she got is Harry and her mom so leave her be

  • I think it’s a shame that a magazine that has been around for some time has to cash in on Meghan Markle to boost their sales. The Tatler which is suppose to be this upper class magazine needed her to boost their sales. Now who really deserves that name? I think you should rename your magazine to read “tatler-gain”😐 Sad that you have to put someone down to make yourself look good but lots of people do.


  • Never fear Meghan people with Calicifed pineal glands aren't in a position to throw stones. As we know the caucasiod hate taking orders from us. Until your body can convert UV rays into energy your the one with the issue. Nibiru is here don't hate Meghan because your a goddamn hybrid and our Binary SUN is your worse enemy.

  • You’re all saying horrible things about Meghan… but when she gave birth you were all praising her. Obviously, she is not perfect but she tries her best! Being in the royal family is really hard so cut her some slack! None of us could do better than her 🙄

  • Bblack americans are All about Attitudes, they Cannot bark…… Oh… Er…. Talk to one another Without getting into a Weave pulling Brawl! She's just feeling frustrated she hasn't had a Full On Ratchet Punching Match with her own kind.

  • She is a half wit celebrity and she is royal. Sad day for royals. Guess when your royalty hangs out with Jeffery Epstein things aren’t looking good.

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