The Three Booms Of Prophecy

(dramatic music) – So, how does prophecy work, exactly? We see prophecy in the Bible. We see prophecy or what
we think is prophecy, in the news but sometimes the places in the Bible no longer exist and the places in the news we think well, maybe there’s no correlation there at all and America, well surely America could have nothing to do with prophecy, it’s not even mentioned in the Bible. But there are connections between America, Israel, the Middle East, and all that is happening right now in our world and one person who knows a lot about it is on our show today. Pastor Carl Gallups is Pastor of Hickory Hammock Baptist Church near Pensacola, Florida. He’s written seven books, he has a weekly radio show, and so we’d like to
welcome Pastor Carl Gallups today to Shabbat Night Live, welcome. – Scott it’s a pleasure to be here. Annie, thank you so much for having me. – Well we’re excited to have you as well. You completely wowed us
with your knowledge base on what’s happening in America. – Well thank you. – But we’d like to know a little bit more about your background. – Yeah well thanks. – You were former law enforcement? – Yes I spent almost 11
years in law enforcement. A lot of those years as a deputy sheriff in two different sheriff’s offices under three different sheriffs in the state of Florida and yeah, in one of those offices I did, assisted in my own criminal investigations and worked some of the
chief investigators. So go a lot of investigation experience in that as well but as the Lord then called me into ministry and that’s a long story but it’s
kinda cool but anyway as the Lord called me into ministry then preparing myself to be a Pastor. I’ve now been doing that, I’ve been in ministry for 34 years, I was Associate Pastor
while I was in seminary but I’ve been the Senior Pastor of Hickory Hammock Baptist Church, that’s a mouthful isn’t it? Yeah, it’s the name of a road and the church is on the road. – [Scott] I was gonna
ask where that came from. – Yeah, that’s where the name came from. Yeah, it’s not like a
hammock in a hickory tree. But it’s called Hickory Hammock Road and it’s a major thoroughfare to the beaches on the Gulf Coast. When they put the church
there everybody said, “Well just name it after the road “because everybody knows
where the road is.” I guess, all those hundred years ago nobody thought that
somebody might be on TV trying to explain this, but anyway yeah. But I’ve been the Senior Pastor of that one church now for 32,
going into my 33rd year. The time flies, I don’t
know how it happened. I guess I’ve got them fooled. – Well congratulations, that’s a long time for a Pastor to be over one church. Most associations with churches only allow for a certain amount of years. – Especially in the Baptist denomination because it’s totally up to the people. They could ask me to leave today. Please if you’re watching don’t do that but they could so we’ve just got, it’s a good marriage. It works, I love them,
they seem to love me. My wife is amazing Pastor’s wife, they love her and she’s been now for years the Student Ministry
Director of our church so she directs all the student ministries. Now she’s got a lot of people working with her and parents and other Associate Pastors and stuff. That really has worked out well. She loves those teenagers
and they love her. Anyway, it works well. It’s a mission minded
spirit filled church. We ministry with disciple. We hit the world through books and TV and radio and internet, the missions and outreach. It’s just a neat place and the Lord’s really blessed it. I’m honored to be the Pastor there. – Now speaking of radio, Annie and I both have
some radio experience and you have a radio show, you have two radio shows.
– I love the radio. – Tell us about them. – I’m honored to be here on TV with you but I like radio better because I’ve got a face for radio.
(everyone laughs) You don’t have to dress up or anything. Plus the theater of the mind works too. No, I’ve been on an over the air channel, 1330 WEBY, it’s the most powerful AM radio station on the Gulf Coast between Tampa, Florida and New Orleans, Louisiana. We broadcast to portions of four states on the Gulf Coast just by radio but we stream live over the internet, and we podcast and we stream
live over smartphones. All the technology we use. My show, I’ve got two shows, one’s called Ask the Preacher and it airs twice during the week
and it’s pre-recorded. But I’ve got another one called Freedom Friday with Carl Gallups, it’s every Friday afternoon and it’s live. Over the years I’ve really developed a large base of people that interview nationally and internationally,
renowned people and become good friends with them. They’re on my show a lot, a lot of experts in various areas from around the world, different nations. So it’s a live show. It started as a live call in talk show but before long we realized I had too much to say my guests had too much to say and a lot of the callers didn’t really know how to deal with that so I just bring people on and we put it out there for two hours and we’ve developed this huge international audience because of internet and streaming and podcasting. So, anyway, so the
Lord’s really blessed it. It’s been an amazing ride. – So my question is how does a Baptist Preacher get so involved with prophecy? What made you interested? – Well, first of all
you asked two questions, they’re very good questions. How does a Baptist Preacher get involved with prophecy? My smart alec answer is because it’s in the Bible.
(everyone laughs) But sadly what we know from so many poles that have been done amongst pastors, of conservative good evangelical pastors, the vast majority never do really get involved in prophecy. Now here’s the thing, when you say involved in prophecy I want your audience to know I don’t claim to be a prophet. And I don’t try to say, “Now I want to prophesies
and tell you exactly,” I don’t, what I do is, one of the gifts I think that God has given me is the ability is to understand the contextual connections of the scripture from Genesis to Revelation. How the Old Testament deeply ties in and fits to the New Testament. How all of that ties in to the prophetic utterances of the coming of Jesus Christ, the return of Israel, the second coming of the Lord, things that will happen in between. And then how to see it
unfolding before our eyes, reflected often times
in the headline news. Now if it’s contextual, I know people sometimes
say, “Well, I don’t “get into that headline
news prophecy stuff “because you can almost pull any “headline out and say that’s prophecy.” But it’s not all the time, but a lot of times it is. And so the Lord, I think has given me a gift to see that. So the more I started showing this to my church some decades ago, and the more they started seeing it continually unfold before them just like I said the
scriptures were leading, the more I realized this is something the Lord has his hand on my with, I think. Not to say that I’m always right, at all, I’m not saying that. But I’m just saying that that was the interest but I preach
the whole word of God. So it’s not like that’s all I talk about but it is amazing how so much of the word of God and so much of our life deals with the prophetic
unfolding of God’s word. People will ask me sometimes, “Do you ever “see into the future
with a word of prophecy?” Sometimes I do but I don’t really know it. I mean I will say something, because I know what God’s word says, I see what’s happening and I will say, “I wouldn’t be surprised if before long “so and so,” and then
before long it happens. But it’s not because I’m so smart or anything it’s the spirit of the Lord enabling me to see what’s happening, understanding the scriptures
and then it unfolds. The sad thing is is that a lot of pastors are afraid to touch that. I think they’re intimidated by it. They don’t understand it. Not all pastors fit into that category, some just don’t want to deal with it because some of their people don’t like it and they don’t want to lose people. So it’s multifaceted dynamic but it’s really sad because prophecy is such an integral part of the scriptures. You start in Genesis,
in the Garden of Eden God prophesies about the womb of the woman that will bring forth the seed. That’s the first prophecy of the coming of Jesus Christ. So the whole word of God starts with prophecy out of the mouth of God himself. And of course it ends with what? The Book of Revelation. Which is nothing but
prophecy of the unfolding of last days before the
return of Jesus Christ. – I’m very refreshed to hear you say that you preach the whole word. – Yes. – Because before we began the show here we were talking backstage
about how there’s one particular pastor
out there who said that we just need to take
the Old Testament out. Just for get it.
– You mean to disconnect. – Disconnect and concentrate. Why do you think people are doing that? – There’s a plethora of reasons, again I think it’s because it, listen, it’s hard work to study the scriptures continually and to dig and to tweak. See I’ve been in the ministry, again, for 35 years, 32 years in one place but I’ve tweaked some things about my understanding of the word of God. I haven’t changed doctrine’s or anything. But I’m just saying I’ve had to say, “You know what, I was wrong about that. “Look what this scripture says, “look what this scripture says, “oh my gosh, you know?” That’s hard work though. It’s so much easier to just fit into a denominational stance, it could be any denomination. I happen to be Baptist
but I mean denominations have their own little comfort zones, their own little boxes, every one of them does. They will all deny it but they all do. I’ve been in this a long time. I know a lot of preachers and pastors and denominations. And they do and it’s so much easier just to stay inside those little boxes and preach what’s accepted and expected and you leave out so much of the magnificence of the word of God. So I think that’s it, I think it’s hard work. I think it’s intimidating. It’s complex. That’s not to say that these people on the pulpit aren’t capable, of course they are but I’m just saying that it’s easy just to fall into the box, into the mold, not do the hard gut wrenching work, not being willing to tweak and to admit from time to time, listen I’ve had to get on my pulpit over the years, thankfully not many times but I’ve had to get on my pulpit on a Sunday morning and say, “Folks, “I was wrong about something, “and let me show you why. “Because the more I’ve studied this out “the more I realize there’s some “connections that I had not made before.” Then I’d laugh about it and say, “Can you imagine I was
wrong about something?” Then they’d all laugh. But I mean if you have
that kind of honesty about you and you dig and you study. But it’s hard work and I think that’s probably the. – Go ahead Annie. – I was going to mention one of our most common questions that we receive here as a ministry is about
our doctrinal statement. Which we don’t have a statement of faith here at the ministry. We do have a mission statement which is restoring the Hebrew roots
of the Christian faith. But we don’t actually have a doctrinal statement because Michael does not want us to be nailed down to something that could possibly change. For instance, the name of God. In all the manuscripts that have recently been found. But he doesn’t want us to be married to a statement with so many things about the Bible are revealing to us now in today’s time. – No, I was going to
say I understand that. You know, to me there are foundational things, three or four foundations. I mean, Jesus is the
only way of salvation. The Bible is the only word of God. I know Michael stands with all of that. – [Annie] Absolutely, it’s brilliant. – But you’re right, but so much like prophecy, understanding, eschatology. I tell people, and I’m not going to get into unraveling eschatology but I tell people all the time, the church, they’re cutting each other’s throats over stuff that’s important and I know people get passionate about various understandings of scriptures but I’m saying when you have an area that tens of thousands of scholars for 2,000 years have not come to an agreement on and then you’ve got it divided into four or five schools of thought, they can’t all be right and it could be that they’re all wrong
to a certain degree. And it is for that very reason that the Christ, the Messiah could be standing right in front of the preachers and teachers of his day, the pharoses, the teachers of the law, the rabbis, and they missed him. They missed him. See so I tell people when I start talking about for example eschatology and all the different schools and all the thousands of scholars in 2,000 years and nobody can agree. People break fellowship with each other and build websites and trash each other. And I say, “Hold it guys! “How farcical can we be about this?” Let’s just say, “I’m very passionate about “where I stand but I’m
willing to be wrong. “I’m willing to say
that I could be wrong.” Because how could it be that these experts in the word of God and the experts in the law could have missed the Messiah and in the name of God crucified the Son of God. See I don’t want to be
that guy in my lifetime, I don’t want to be that guy. So I understand and I’m always urging the church dig, study, bring to the table what you think you see, feel free to be passionate about it but don’t cut somebody’s throat over it and stomp your foot and say, “I’m right and everybody else is wrong.” A lot of people do that
and it’s really sad. That’s my opinion. – Speaking of your opinion, what is the quote unquote problem with Christianity? What is that? I know you say that in some of your broadcasts and things. What is the problem with Christianity? – Well, a couple of things. First of all let me speak about American Christianity. Western Christianity, especially in the United States. I’m a positive guy and I’m certainly not thinking that I do it right and everybody else does it wrong or anything like that but you’ve asked a good question and a lot of people ask the question. So in my opinion what I see is two fold. First of all there is a dearth of preaching and teaching about the prophetic nature of the time in which we’re living. We are living in the most prophetic time since the first
coming of Jesus Christ and most the church is
missing the connections. Now that affects everything. That changes everything. That’s a huge problem. There was a poll conducted by, what’s the, I’m trying
to think of this name, the researcher, the
Christian pollster researcher not the pew poll but, Barna, George Barna,
how could I forget that. I’ve quoted his polls and written about him in several of my books but the George Barna poll, he spent, and this answers the
question what’s wrong, because he asked that question. But he went for several years, he did this now very famous poll, where he spent a couple of years interviewing thousands of, and his definition was, conservative evangelical pastors. In other words, he wasn’t interviewing the pastors of the denominations that have already slipped into apostasy, and that have gone super liberal, super to the left he didn’t even. He went straight to the conservative evangelicals that would say, “This is the word of God. “Jesus is the only way. “You got to preach the whole word “from Genesis to Revelation and “make the connections.” Those kind of guys. Went to two or three thousand of them, spent several years talking to them and he asked them questions like, how often do you preach on the topics of evolution or the creation, sexual perversion, pornography, homosexuality, gay marriage, the Middle East, Israel, it’s part in the Middle East, prophecy, and his finding was in asking those kinds of questions, he says in his poll over 90% said we never preach on any of this. Or at least very very
seldom we’ll touch on it. Now over 90%, what does that mean? I’m guessing it means between 99% and 91%, because you know. But still, 90%! That explains to me, I do a lot of prophecy conferences and I’m on TV and radio a lot, I’m very blessed and I write books so I’ll meet people at these
conferences and places where I go where they’re saying, “Why don’t we hear this on our pulpit?” I hear this so much. But here’s what I understand. 10% of the conservative
evangelical pastors are preaching and teaching it. So that means there are thousands of churches and pastors doing it. But here’s the problem. There are tens of thousands that aren’t. So when you’re going to a new area or you’re looking for a
church that’s just going to bring the whole word to you over time, can’t bring it all on a Sunday morning, but over months and years you can preach all of that stuff and make it applicable to the life we’re living in, the world we’re living
in, our day and time. When you start looking for that kind of a pulpit now you have to look long and hard. That’s a problem. You asked what’s the problem. That’s a problem. Now, that leads to the second branch of what I see in my humble opinion, the problem with Christianity in America is that that’s causing, I think this kind of apostacy that has swept through American churches and once great denominations that led the way in some of the great awakening are now just as liberal and off base as they can be. So there’s this falling
away that’s happened. So Jesus said it like this, he said, “If the salt loses it’s saltiness “then it is good for nothing but “being trampled under foot,” oh my gosh. Look where our culture’s come in the last 100 years, take
the last 100 year chunk. Would you say that Christianity by and large in America has been trampled underfoot and still is? Now they’re not rounding us up and putting us in prisons, I get that, but there are millions and millions and millions, hundreds
of millions of people all over the world that
have to deal with that. We’re not having to deal with that yet but we’re lampooned and lamb basted all over TV, all over media, in the movies, on television programs, sitcoms, late night talk shows, we’re just trash, we’re
just garbage to them. The mainstream media trashes Christianity for the most part, ripping prayer out of school, ripping the word of God out of school, taking down monuments
off of public property, I mean just go on and on and on. What’s happening? It’s been trampled underfoot. – [Annie] It’s still
a form of persecution. – Yes it is, absolutely. And the whole thought police thing, the political correct and the, you can’t say that, that’s racist, or that’s this, that’s xenophobic, that’s misogynist, or that’s. Everything has a title to it because they know that so much of what the Christian message is is, see they want us to
stay behind our stained glass windows and preach the love of God. Well, that is an awesome thing to preach but there’s so much more. You’ve got to shine the light. You don’t hide it under a bushel, no. You’ve got to spread the salt. And if the light’s not shining and the salt’s not salty then the light goes out and the salt gets trampled under feet so that means you have to engage the culture. That’s what salt and light does. These are engaging
elements, they’re changing. Change agents. Just takes a little bit of light to brighten up a dark room, right? Strike a match in a dark room and before long you can
see all the way around. But the problem is is that because Barna’s poll showed
that 90% of the churches just aren’t making all those connections, then the people in the pew don’t get them unless they’re watching your show or things like that, they don’t. They don’t get it and so what happens is they don’t know how to connect and so when the political correctness of the world floods in on them and they’re told you know, you Christians need to
stay out of politics. The dirty trick that Satan has played is they’ve taken Biblical topics like creation evolution. Well now our kids go all the way through school and they’re told evolution’s a settled fact. If you even speak anything else you’re just an idiot
and we’ll shut you down. Well they don’t know how to deal with it. Why? Because they never hear
it from the pulpit. They never hear it preached or taught and some of them even hear people say, “Well you know we got to acquiesce “to science because after
all it’s scientific.” That’s what’s happening. That’s what’s happening. – They’re not learning it at home or at church. – Jesus himself said
in Matthew Chapter 19, he says, “Have you not known? “Did you not know from the beginning “that God created the male and female “from the beginning and what God “has put together and let
now man rip it apart.” That’s what Jesus said. What does our culture say? The exact opposite. Now marriage can be any kind. Relationships can be anything. So you speak to that, they say, “You just stay out of politics.” See the dirty trick Satan has done, he’s taken Biblical truth, turned it into a political statement, and then turns to the pastors and say, “Don’t get involved in politics.” You see how that works? – [Scott] Separation of church and state. – So the people in the pew they’re not getting that weekly understanding of the context, how it all fits, prophecy, by the way a lot of this that I just said that’s
happening is prophetic. The scriptures said that those kinds of, the doctrines of demons and those kinds of things would happen right before the return of the Lord. But that’s my thinking. That’s what’s happening in America. We have churches on every corner. We still have a Christian
flavor and foundation and underpinning to our nation no doubt, I praise God for that, but it really is when tens of thousands of churches, 90% of the conservative evangelicals do not preach and teach on those things ever or seldom. Then it’s being watered down. It really is and people don’t know how to make the connection to
what they see happens, it’s like boiling the frog slowly. They’re just in the midst of it, they’re mowing the grass, they’re paying the bills, they’re educating the kids, they’re saving for retirement and in the meantime prophecy’s unfolding at breakneck speed before us. The Middle East is collapsing and Syria into an irreconcilable civil war, China’s there, Russia’s there, Iran and China, everybody’s making, Turkey’s collapsing
into an ottoman empire, Jerusalem’s surrounded by enemies, Israel plotting against them all the time. And most of the church in America doesn’t even see it. Doesn’t see what’s happening. – So help them connect the dots later. We’re not going to get through it in the next couple of minutes we have in this segment but let’s start on something you call the
Three Booms of Prophecy. – Thank you.
– What are those? – Because that kind of lays out the whole context of the scripture plus it tells us where we are right now, the Three Booms of Prophecy. There’s a good chunk of the scriptures, it’s a little less than a quarter of the scriptures deal with the prophetic. Most of that prophetic deals with these three booms, okay? So the first boom of prophecy I call is the first coming of Jesus Christ. The reason I call that a boom is because it starts as I said in the garden. Genesis 3:15, God’s the first prophet that utters the first messianic prophecy. And he utters that prophecy. But of course then you come through and you go through the scriptures and there’s Zachariah and Isiah, Ezekiel, Psalms, and there’s all these prophecies about the coming of the Christ and his being pierced hands and feet and even the resurrection and all there, where’s he’s going to be born, Micah in Bethlehem, out of you Bethlehem will come from the one that’s from the foundations of the Earth. All the way through, he’s got all these prophecies, all these prophecies but it took thousands of years from the time God first uttered it until boom there is was, see? So that first boom, that’s really the whole crux of the word of God is that it’s moving from the fall in the garden to the beginning of the
restoration of all things. But that has to come first with the lamb of God coming to take away the sins, to go to the cross, to rise from the grave, do defeat Satan. But that was moving forward for thousands of years and then boom there it is, first boom of prophecy. We’re living 2,000 years
on the other side of it. We’re living in the time of the church. The gospel is going around the world. So here we are, but watch the second boom of prophecy was the return of Israel. The return of Israel because dozens of prophecies, the first prophecy uttered
was in Deuteronomy. We could do a whole show on that. A lot of people don’t know that, about return of Israel. Before they ever set foot in the promised land Moses went to a spirit of prophecy and saw the future. He said, “And I see when all of you “will be scattered but God will bring “you back in the last days and “put you right back in the land.” That’s in Deuteronomy. But then you go through the scriptures and here’s more and here’s more and here’s more and here’s
more and here’s more and then boom 1948, our
historical lifetime. None of us were alive when that happened but that’s our history. Many people over the planet are still alive that saw that happen, it’s in our historical lifetime. The second boom of prophecy, the return of Israel. Why is that so big? Because God said in several places, he says it in Deuteronomy through Moses, he says it through Ezekiel in Ezekiel 38 and 39 and God says, “When I do this it will be my sign “to the nations that I am the Lord. “When I bring you back from where “I’ve scattered you and put you there “the nations will know,” the third boom of prophecy is the second coming of Jesus Christ. Where are we living? Behind the first and second boom and before the third boom. We are in prophetic times. – So you said the first
boom was Yeshua at the cross or the resurrection, correct? – Well that’s right, the first coming of Yeshua, Jesus Christ. Yeshua HaMashiach. – That’s right.
– That’s right. No, because the first utterance of that prophecy of his coming was out of the mouth of God himself in the Garden of Eden in Genesis 3:15. – Now how many of us put that even into connection? – I know and that’s why
it’s so important that from Genesis Revelation we connect it all. I understand that the New Testament is the greater revelation, I get that. That’s the word becoming flesh. In the person of Jesus Christ and then being fleshed out through the gospel I get that, but you
cannot interpret properly what’s in the New Testament and everything Jesus did and why he did it and what he’s doing and why he’s coming again and what all that’s about unless you know the story of the Old Testament, and the connections of the Old Testament, and the feast of the Lord and how they’re fulfilled in Jesus Christ, all the way back to the
garden where God says, “Out of the womb of a
woman will come a seed,” and then he looks at Satan and says, “And then he will crush your head.” Now Satan knew then
once God had spoken what his demise would be if
God could pull it off. See Satan’s so arrogant he was thinking he could stop it and he’s still working today to stop it. But if God could pull that off he knew what was going to happen, he knew how it was going to happen, through the womb of a woman, and you can almost read Satan’s mind thinking, “Oh you slipped up, “you told me something there, “gave me a hint,” but he didn’t know who and he didn’t know when. See that’s really important
because that explains the rest of the Old Testament story as you watch Satan looking for
the who and the when. – [Annie] So give us a
few examples of that. – Okay a few examples. Finally when God goes
to a man named Abraham, takes in out of Ur of the Chaldeans, which is Iraq, today’s, there’s an example of what you said in the beginning about there are things in the news that are in the Bible, that we don’t make the same connections because it was called Ur of the Chaldeans, well, it’s Iraq, okay? He takes Abraham and he brings him into the Promised Land but he tells him, he says, “Now through you the whole “world will be blessed out of you “all of your seed will bless the world. “I will bless you and your seed.” Satan I think keyed in on that and said, “Oh so that’s from whom it’s coming, “it’s coming his lineage which would “become the Hebrew Nation.” So what does Satan infiltrate the powers of the thrones of the Earth. One of my books is
called Gods and Thrones. Plural, Gods, the fallen ones, the Elohim. And the thrones of Earth. What does Satan do? He starts messing with the powers, the power structure of
the Earth and the next thing you know you’ve
got the Hebrew people, the seed of Abraham in captivity. He then seduces a Pharaoh to do what? To kill all the male children. What’s going on here? It’s because of what
was said in the garden. You see? Now I’m just giving you a few examples, so you move on through, you see the attempt a eradicating the Jewish people way back then. If you can eradicate the seed. Finally you come all the way up into the New Testament times, the prophecies are still being given, he’s coming, he’s coming, he’s coming, he’s going to be pierced and crushed, he’s going to be resurrected. All these things are in the Old Testament but it comes to the
time of the Roman Empire and then you’ve got wise men coming from the East going to Herod, a demon possessed guy in the temple looking to speak to the temple authorities
and the religious authorities and the teachers of law. Wanting to know because they’re reading all the signs, whatever all that was but they’re saying, “Where’s he going to be born?” And they said, “In Bethlehem.” so they go off and what does Herod say, “Now come back and tell me so I “can go worship him too.” What was Satan already telling him? “I got to destroy that one,” because in the Earthly throne and the fleshly man of Herod he’s thinking, “He’s going to take my place.” Satan in him is thinking, “That’s the one “that’s going to come kill me.” That’s the seed from
the womb of the woman. So what does he tell Herod to do? What does Herod? Concocted it, kill all the children. Kill all the male children in Bethlehem, you see how this works? – [Annie] It does work. – And you keep coming, yeah, and so, and then when Jesus, 30 years after he’s born when he starts his ministry he goes into the Desert of Temptation. I’m convinced, I could
be wrong about this, but from knowing what happened from Genesis all the way through then listening to what Satan’s saying to Jesus, knowing how Satan is
looking for that seed, knowing how the whole thing was done incognito, comes through the womb. That’s why he’s called the unique, the only begotten. That doesn’t mean he was created, it means, here’s what God’s saying. This is the only time I’m coming in the flesh through the womb of a woman. I’m the unique, the only
begotten Son of God. The presence of God, see before Yahweh himself appeared to Abraham. He appeared to Joshua. You go through the scriptures, he appeared in the form
of a man but he says, “But there’s only one time I’m coming “through the womb of a woman.” So when that happens and Jesus is preparing to start Satan goes to him and what does he say? “If you are the Christ “then you can turn
these stones into bread. “Let me see you do that. “I want to know who you are. “I want to know if you really are, “if you are you can “throw yourself down from here “and the angels will take care of you “if you really came
from the throne of God. “How about doing that for me. “Let me know who you are.” I don’t think Satan knew for sure if he was the one and I’m also convinced that Satan was behind the mind of the religious
ruling authorities, the Jews, and the Roman authorities, to put him on the cross. I think Satan thought he was doing that, he was going to kill the seed so that he couldn’t be defeated. – Right, at least he had
some kind of influence, at least an influence into how everything played out. – And then the resurrection I think terrified Satan and then Jesus at 40 days on the Earth, I write about that in my
book Gods and Thrones. A lot of people missed that, what was that about? Why didn’t he just rise from the grave, go show himself to his
disciples and then ascend? He marched around on the face of the Earth for 40 days. What was that about? The Bible tells us because he was making a spectacle before the authorities in the heavenly realms that, the demonic realms. Jesus was doing this to Satan. Why 40 days? 40 is the number of judgment. The first time you see 40 in the scriptures when it rained for 40 days and 40 nights and God pushed the reset button
and destroyed everything. That’s the first 40, another big 40? How many years did they spend in the wilderness because
they disobeyed God? 40. Why? Because the spies went into the land for how many days and came
back with a bad report? 40 days. They came back with a bad report, they disobeyed God so what did God do? He gave them one year for every day. 40’s the number of judgment. When Jesus came out of the grave he spent 40 days doing this to Satan saying, “You’re judged now.” And what did he do? The scripture says that he continued to work miracles, continued
to show who he was. Showing himself to hundreds and hundreds and hundreds, 500 at one time. Maybe thousands of his disciples over those 40 days and then he ascended. So I’m telling you this
is the stuff, this is why, you see all of that that I just said? There’s about 15 sermons there. 15 messages that need to be heard on Sunday mornings. But you have to go all the way back to the Old Testament. You have to connect it through. You have to understand prophecy. You have to understand what God’s up to with this whole thing. See Jesus didn’t die on a cross and rise from the grave so we could sit in churches and sing pretty little songs and have pretty little 15 minute sermons about it. He died on the cross and rose from the grave and spent 40
days doing this to Satan and ascended because he’s in the process of the restitution of all things. He’s getting ready to bring everything in heaven and Earth together under one head in Jesus Christ, Ephesians 1:19. – So that brings me to my next question. What is the second boom, the one that we’re currently living in? So you’re saying that we’re in between the second and the third? – [Carl] Yeah, I’m sorry. – So the second boom. – Yeah well the second boom is the return of Israel because that as I said, that prophecy was first uttered in Deuteronomy. It’s amazing because
you get in Deuteronomy, I think it’s chapter 30 where Moses is in the spirit of prophecy. They haven’t even set
foot in the Promised Land. Moses is not going to set foot in the Promised Land, God’s already told him. He’s let him see it but he says, “But Joshua’s going to lead you in.” Isn’t that interesting? Because the name Joshua is the English name for Yeshua, Yeshua’s going to lead you into the Promised Land. I’m do you see the biblical spiritual connection there, the symbolic connection? Yeshua’s going to lead them into the Promised Land. But Moses goes into the spirit of prophecy and he tells them, “Now
when you go into the land “you’re going to be eating
food you didn’t plant, “you’re going to be living in homes “you didn’t build and
this land’s going to be “yours and it’s flowing
with milk and honey. “If you obey the Lord, “as long as you obey he Lord he will “bless you and bless you,” he says. But then he prophesies this, but I’m telling you, and I’m paraphrasing but
this is what he says, he says, “But there’s going to come “generation after
generation after generation “and there’s going to be a generation “that’s going to fall away from the Lord “and God’s going to remove his hand “and the nations around
you are going to come, “they’re going to get you, “they’re going to take you into captivity, “and then you’re going to be scattered “to the nations but in the last days “God will bring you back to the land “to show the nations that he is Lord.” That’s what Moses said and they hadn’t even gone into the Promised Land yet. A lot of people don’t realize, God calls things that
aren’t as though they are. He calls the future from his time. He operates on multiple dimensions of time and reality, space time. We don’t, we’re here. – We’re in a box.
– Yes. But he sees it all and calls it all. And so he speaks through the Holy Spirit into Moses heart, God’s already seen everything that’s going to happen. So you come through the rest of the scriptures and you have all this prophecy about he return of Israel, return of Israel, return of Israel, Ezekiel 37, the Valley of the Dry Bones. Who is this, this is the whole house of Israel that I’m bringing
back in the last days. No longer will they have two kings, which speaks of the Northern Empire and the Southern, then they’ll only have
one king in those days. Well ever since they’ve been back they’ve only had one king, leader. They’re united again. There have been this ebb and flow of property and giving away and expanding but in the meantime they’re back and there they are and that happened in our historical lifetime. It took several thousand years of it going forward, boom. There’s the second boom of prophecy. We’re 70 years, this year. 70 years on the other side. That’s another huge prophetic number. The 70 weeks of Daniel. I mean 70, seven times ten. Seven is an important biblical number. 10’s an important biblical number. 10, the number of administration. How many commandments are there, 10. Seven, seven days of creation or six days of creation, the seventh day is the
Sabbath, the Holy Day. Seven is so important, you get to the Book of Revelation there are 53 times the number seven or 70 or 7th is used in the Book of Revelation. So all of that’s connected. – And I want to ask you about this. We’re going to get more into this in another episode, about how Israel is connected to prophecy and all that type of thing but we have several news headlines here that we wanted to bring out. We’re going to put one on the screen here. I found this particularly interesting. Erdogan the leader of Turkey calls on Muslim countries to unite
and confront Israel. Now in this article, four or five lines into
the article it says, Muslim leaders want to unite and confront Israel day after scores of Palestinians were killed by Israeli snipers as they marked 70 years of Israeli occupation. So they see this completely differently than Israel and American does. We say, “Oh Happy Birthday Israel, “congratulations on 70 years.” They see this as 70 years of occupation and being trampled down. – And it’s the exact
opposite of the truth. Which is exactly how Satan deals. This is demonic, it is satanic, it is spiritual. It was all, guess what, prophesies. – And again that’s why we’re in a box without the Holy Spirit to be able to interpret these things, to be able to see the demonic, the different spiritual realms. – There are whole Christian denominations in America that speak against Israel now. Where does that come from? Who else hates Israel? Oh, Satan, the Islamic terrorists, atheists, godless, or people that think the Bible’s a bunch of junk. That’s who hates Israel, who loves Israel? Open up your Bible, God. The prophets, the word of God. I mean I know where I’m going to stand. But you’re right, they’re
accused of occupying yet thousands of years before they occupied it the word of God said all this was going to happen. And by the way that’s
the only religious book, I’m going to call the
Bible a religious book, only I’m because I’m
comparing, in the world that dared to utter such things. I mean you will not find anything about that in the Koran, or the teachings of Buddha, or the Hindu Vedas, or the astrology charts. You won’t find anything there. But in one place the word of God, thousands of years ago. Starting with Moses. Here’s what’s going to happen. Here’s how it’s all going to unfold and so here we are in the 70th year. 70 years of occupying? No, Israel is the only
legitimate nation state that has ever existed in that land, ever. Other empires have owned and controlled that land. The Greeks, the Persians, the Assyrians, the Romans, for example. The U.N., the British, the French. But there’s never been, never has that area been a nation state with coinage, it’s own language, borders, treaties, a military, a king, government buildings. Only one, Israel. Even when Israel took the land there were tribal areas living there. There were some of those areas that has providentially been under the possession of the Empire of Egypt. But there was never a nation state there. Other than the descendants of Abraham. – I find it so interesting how the world refuses to recognize that. Yet any other empire that comes in and conquers a land and they take it over and people just accept it and say, “Okay, I guess it belongs to them, “they took it fair and square. “It now belongs to them.” Israel does the same thing and they’ll just never accept it. – But here’s the deal, see. Because that’s the seed. That’s where the seed came from. Satan hates Israel because the seed that destroys him came from there. You get into the book of Galatians and Jesus is actually called The Seed with a capital S, this
promised Seed did come. But you wouldn’t know what in the world they were talking about in Galatians if you didn’t know Genesis 3:15. How the Old Testament and New Testament define each other and so you’re right. So now we look at our headline news and say, “Oh, the Palestinians.” Palestinians, that’s a misnomer. I’m old enough that I remember as a young person the Jews
were called Palestinians. Did you all know that? They were called Palestinian Jews. Why? Because Palestine is a Roman name. It’s a Latin name given by an emperor when, after 70 A.D. when they were running all the Jews out of the land because there was an uprising and they destroyed the temple and ran them out. The Roman emperors came up with this idea of who are the worst enemies, who are the people that the Jews hate the most and so the word was brought back to them well the Philistines, that’s one of their most ancient enemies. And so in Latin they said, “Well we will call this the land “of the Philistines,” which is Palestine. And so we will call it because they won’t want to come back and settle a land that has the name
of their enemy on it. That’s how that was done. They called it Palestine. Well that name has stuck down through the ages so what happened was back when it was all owned by Great Britain and France
and the partitions and then the U.N. was in control they still call that area Palestine. So the people living there they were Palestinian Jews, they
were Palestinian Arabs, your all Palestinian because it spoke of a region, okay? But now they talk about, “It’s the Jews versus the Palestinians.” What does that mean? Well it’s the Arabs. But are the Arabs, are they Philistines? No, they’re totally different people. So even the language is all wrong but the media they don’t know this stuff. A lot of churches don’t know this stuff. A lot of preachers don’t know this stuff so the people in the pews
don’t know this stuff. So the thing is it’s the Hebrew people, the Jewish people, the seed of Abraham, the return of the nation of Israel is God’s sign to the world. He said, “I will do this in the last days “to show the world that I am the Lord “and beside me there is no other.” So Israel’s presence in the Middle East is God’s witness to the world, one of his witnesses to the world. – So how does prophecy work? How can we tell when prophecies really unfolding before our eyes? – That’s an excellent question. I love teaching and preaching about it. I could do two hours on it, I’ll do my five minute version but this is really important and it’s
an important question. Because here’s the problem. See, we only inhabit this physical realm, this physical dimension
called life and Earth, 60, 70, 80, 90 years if we’re blessed. – Hopefully 100.
– Hopefully. – Maybe but no more than that. Do you understand what I’m saying? – [Annie] Right. – It really is just a
speck in the spectrum of thousands and thousands
and thousands of years. So the bottom line is
this is not all about us. – [Annie] That’s right. – I mean it is, what Jesus did was for you and you and you and me and our audience, I get that. But the whole scheme of things is God’s bringing everything in heaven and everything on Earth together under one head Jesus Christ for the restitution of all things. The Garden of Eden will be restored. The whole thing will be restored. Our divine nature will be restored. That’s what Peter says in Second Peter chapter 1:4,
everything will be restored because of Jesus did on Calvary’s Cross. That’s what it’s all about. Our problem is we only live in a 70 year, let’s just round it off, say a 70 year gap of time, a speck. Okay, so what happens? Well in the meantime prophecies were given thousands of years before. And just because these little 70 year specks of time move through those thousands of years and people say, Well it didn’t happen in my lifetime “you know, and it’s all about me. “So if it didn’t happen in my lifetime “then it must not be,
maybe the Bible’s wrong. “Maybe it’s not going to happen.” No, it’s all moving forward right through your lifetime. The problem is you’re just not seeing it. Well why don’t we see it? Because you don’t know the word. You haven’t connected the word of God. It’s right there for you
and that’s what happens. So this is how prophecy works, watch this. Go back to the Garden of Eden, God utters the first prophecy. The womb of a woman will
bring forth the seed. Satan knew what he meant he just didn’t know who and he didn’t know when but he knew exactly what God said? But in the meantime the generations go. For thousands of years,
thousands of years. In the meantime there
still has to be a flood. There still has to,
after that be an Abraham. Then after that there has to be a Jacob and an Isaac and a Joseph, then then children of Israel then 400 years of captivity and then they come into the Promised Land and then there has to be hundreds of years of the judges
and then there has to be a Saul and a David and
a Solomon and then there has to be a Israel and a temple, all of that has to come. The sacrificial system which we now know all the feasts of the Lord which we now know all of it was pointing to the Christ who would come, from Genesis 3:15. All of that had to happen, why? Because that’s what God
said it would it do. He was going to make sure that his people who were willing to do the hard work to connect the dots
that they would get it. But the enemy wouldn’t
and people who don’t care about he word of God wouldn’t get it. Kind of a secret code if you would. But available if you’re willing to do the hard work and connect your spirit to God’s throne. And so in the meantime it comes, it comes, it comes, it comes, watch this, thousands of years later
a baby is born in a little teeny village in a manger in a cattle stall. Who sees it? The emperors, the kings, the priests, the teachers of the law, the rabbis? No. A gaggle of shepherds. The dimension is peeled back and the divine counsel steps through and a company of angels are singing and speaking today in Bethlehem. It has happened. Go see. So the shepherds go see. Well we now, we do plays and movies and we sing contadas and
everything about that. We celebrate it, and we should. The problem is though what we forget is while those shepherds went they saw, they worshiped, they said, “Wow that’s amazing,” and they went back to feeding their sheep. And they lived out there
lives and they died. And the rest of the world went about mowing the grass and paying the bills and educating the kids and they missed it. Even though the prophecies, where were the prophecies? Right there, Micah Five, he’ll come from Bethlehem and all the other things. All right, but watch. So you say, “Okay but
when the baby was born, “there it is, it happened.” No, because there would still be 30 years for him to grow up. – [Annie] And like you said in the meantime people are missing it. – In the meantime people are missing it, in fact we never read in the scriptures about the shepherds being
in any of the crowds. – [Annie] That’s right. – Why? I think they were probably dead. Why would you say that? Because they were probably 30, 40, 50 years old when they saw the baby but 30 years later they would have all been in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and back in those days the average life expectancy was in the 50’s. They were probably dead or elderly and couldn’t go to wherever he was. But we never read it. We don’t read about the Wisemen at the foot of the cross, do we? I mean we think, why? They probably weren’t alive. Why? Because we’re just passing through. In our little chunks of time. But in the meantime
prophecy is going forward. God’s word will not return void. He said it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen. If it takes thousands of years. A thousand years is one day for God. So if it takes three thousand years so three days for God but in the meantime it’s 30 100 year generations for us. But we pass through the whole time prophecy is going forward. We’re in our little speck of time and we don’t see so 30 years later he comes and you say, “Okay, there it is.” No, now he’s got three
years of public ministry. He’s got to heal the lame. He’s got to open the eyes of the blind. He’s got to raise the dead. And then he then goes to the cross. You say, “Well there it is.” No, there’s three more days because there’s a resurrection. Well there it is, well that’s the completion of the gospel but it’s still not the fulfillment because there’s 40 more days
of doing this to Satan. You see how it all ties together? Then finally, boom there it is, yeah! But look at the detail that it took. Look how long it took. In the meantime there’s just generations, generations, generations, and this is what’s happening in America, in the church right now, we’re in our little 70 year speck and things are bursting forth from the scriptures before our eyes. Most people are mowing the grass, paying the bills, educating the children, saving for retirement, watching some idiotic shows on TV and not opening their Bible and when they do go to church they don’t hear from the pulpit,
they don’t hear it in Sunday School so they don’t have a clue. – [Annie] That’s right. They’re not searching the scriptures out. – That’s my five minute version. If you want a two hour
one get back with me. – I’m intrigued now because that was a pretty interesting five minutes – Well I appreciate it. – No, but I mean that people aren’t searching out the scriptures themselves, like you said, you know. If the pastor isn’t doing it they’re not doing it. Thankfully for us we have a great audience that do go a little bit deeper and they want to get into the meat and the milk but it’s very few. Even in the grand scheme of things. There’s millions of Christians. Technically billions of Christians. – Yeah and that’s the thing. Please let me let your
audience know I am not intending to sound disparaging or negative and I’m not saying that only we get it. No, there are thousands of pastor’s that do and there are tens and tens of thousands of Christians that get it. The problem is the vast majority don’t. – Exactly. – That’s the problem,
that’s all I’m saying. – No, and we agree. The point is that tens of thousands are getting it. Maybe hundreds of thousands or maybe even a million but the grand scheme of the two billion
Christians that are in the world today it’s a very small percentage. – And in the grand scheme of seven billion people then it gets even smaller. – I know and Christianity is shrinking while other religions are growing. We’ll get into that a
little bit later as well. – Yes we will, we’re nowhere near here done just yet so if you’ve enjoyed Carl Gallups today we invite you to join us next time. We’re going to get into how America ties into all of this. So thank you for joining us and we’ll see you next time
on Shabbat Night Live. (applause) (soft music)

  • All im saying is the temple being built once they stay the sacrifice they will in affect make the death on the cross null and void meaning that is the abomination making it desolate. The man of sin will stop the sacrifice is referring the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

  • 0:10 "So how does prophecy work?". I tell you how: you don't know what they mean until it's fulfilled. :)) You may even ask the Devil, he had the Old Testament and had no clue about what was the role of the Mesia. So… yeah. That tells you a lot about how prophecies work, that not even the forces of darkness cannot grasp what they mean.

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