The Mothers Wisdom Deck Walkthrough/Review

Hi welcome back to Sparkle divine Tarot.
This is Havana and I’m here with another deck review slash walk through this is called The Mother’s Wisdom Deck by Nikki Dewart, Elizabeth Marglin and Jenny Kostecki Shaw. Hopefully I’ve got your names correct. Please forgive me if I’ve
butchered those names.I thought it would be nice to do a deck review that
celebrated Mother’s and motherhood for Mother’s Day this year. So this deck
seemed to fit the bill perfectly. As you can see it comes in a lovely box
decorated with some of the card art and I’ll go ahead and flip it over so you
can see that the back of it looks like. (trying to avoid the light from my
camera here) So I’ll go ahead and read what the back says, “This unique
motherhood inspiration deck offers a wise counsel, prophetic vision, and
day-to-day wisdom. Inside you’ll find a full color book accompanied by 52
illustrated cards that speak through archetypes or
universal symbols of empowered motherhood. Each card represents an
attribute of motherhood from surrender and protection to faith and compassion
and contains a message that is revealed in the book. Use this deck for divination,
like the Tarot, by laying out the cards and a special spread or flip open the
book and draw a card at random and see how it relates to you in the
moment.” This deck retails for approximately $19.95 US dollars. I was able
to find this deck on Amazon but I’ve also seen it at Barnes & Noble.
I will have a link for both of those retailers down in the description. So
let’s go ahead and open up the box it does have thumb cutouts but they’ve
done it upside down I believe because the cutouts… or maybe they’ve done that
so it’s easy to lift out the book. So opening the box itself can be a little
bit tricky because there are not thumb cutouts on the bottom of the top cover
here as you can see but there’s thumb cutouts in the upper border…frame… of the lower lid of the box. So that’s
interesting. Let me go ahead and take out the book. It’s a very good chunky book,
very nice and as you can see it is a split deck packaging. it’s been separated
into two piles here. I’ll go ahead and pull out each pile. I’ll go ahead and remove that box to get that
out of the way. (humming)
all right Let’s go ahead and discuss the book
first before we get into the cards. So as I stated it’s a nice chunky book it has
a hundred and sixty pages of card discussion and then you go to
bibliographies and acknowledgments and whatnot I like that they included the back of
the deck, oh this is actually a different pattern. Never mind. (chuckle) So here we have a list of all of the
cards which is nice and the cards are broken into four different groups. We
have the nature mother group, we have animal mother
we have ancestral mother and then finally divine mother. nature mother is
elements of nature as we can see here you have cave, ocean, river, star, etc.
animal mother is self-explanatory they’re animals. ancestral mothers are
actually women who have existed in history and were noteworthy enough to
be remembered throughout the ages and then finally divine mother is goddesses
from different cultures all over the world. The book goes into an introduction
then it goes into speaking talking about the cards and then they give us a few
spreads here we have mothering spreads this is another child daily spread
we have grandmother moon spread path of wisdom spread harmonizing spreads and
still water spread after the spreads we go right into the description of the
cards. Each card comes with a full color, larger than the actual card, reproduction
and it includes about one to two pages of description As I said before this is a wonderful
book. excuse me I needed to sneeze We’ll into the cards here, and just to
look at the cards themselves they are glossy but not so glossy that it’s
distracting in any way and then I would say that they are a little bit smaller
than a typical oracle card deck. I’m going to go ahead and grab a card from a
blue angel deck. When I think of oracle deck sizes, that seems to be the size
that I consider to be a typical size. Here we see it is smaller than a Blue
Angel. It’s a manageable size especially for someone like me with
smaller hands. I really think that this deck is unique because it focuses
specifically on motherhood and it’s written from the perspective of mothers.
both authors and the artists are all mothers so that is
unique, to me, to have a deck that speaks to such a special sorority of life. not everybody get to be a mother that’s a very unique experience and you can only
understand certain aspects of motherhood once you’ve become a mother. It seems
silly to say it but it’s true. I am NOT a mother so I thought that this deck was a
nice addition to my collection. I thought it would be nice to help people who
might be having troubled relationships with their mothers or perhaps they’ve
lost a mother or perhaps they’re going to become a mother. This deck
I thought offered a nice gentle nurturing message for people in those
walks of life. So let’s go ahead and get into the cards. The stock of the cards is
actually quite nice. It’s not too thin it isn’t the most flexible stock but this
is pretty durable stock but it’s not the most durable. I would say it’s right in
the middle there are couple of cards here where it’s not chipping but because
I got a little bit rough you can see that it started to fluff up on the edges
but overall it’s, you know, it’s okay stock. And please forgive the fact that
some of these cars are edged while others are not I was in the middle of edging my deck and the pen decided to crap out on me so I needed to
order a new pen and I am waiting for that pen to arrive. Each card has the
name of the card itself and then a keyword so I’ll go ahead and read each of
those for this video and I’m gonna go ahead and bring this in a little bit so
it’s easier to see the cards so the first card we have here is cave
receptivity lake serenity moon rhythm mountain presence ocean source pearl authenticity rainbow forgiveness river surrender woops sticky. shell listening smoke
gratitude stars wonder Tree of Life connection wind adventures adventure I’m
adding a plural to each of these words bear protection and as you can see the
different category categories are color-coded the first category had a
teal coloration this one has more of a brown tone for nature mother or animal
mother I’m sorry butterfly transformation dear gentleness dolphin
child within elephant strength horse freedom hummingbird joy lioness courage monkey trickster owl awareness snake life-force swan grace turtle grounding I
have to say I really like the artwork here it’s simple but very nostalgic for
me it invokes feelings of nurturing and motherhood and bonding when I look at
some the artwork portrayed in these cards now we’re onto the women in history
who… I forget what the name… ancestral mother so we have (mispronunciation of name) (heavy sigh with chuckle) I’m gonna…probably gonna butcher this
I’m gonna do the best I can arty…arty… Mesilla…Artemisia Gentilechi oh my god… I looked at how to pronounce this word and I said it
perfectly when I was off-camera and now I cannot say her name okay Arti me see a
Artemisia Gentileschi gentle a chi gentle lessshe lechi she is a
Renaissance artist okay (laughing) Curran Curandera healer oh, i forgot to say the key word for
this is creativity Curandera healer Lady Godiva humility Mary unconditional
love look at the little child that’s holding up her oh that’s so sweet mirror
self love I think this is my favorite card in the deck because you are also a
noteworthy woman of history and deserve to be recognized as well Mother Meng intention paja pot
Pajapati patience The Pythia Intuition Sappho (say fo) inspiration Sara faith Queen of Sheba
wisdom another thing that I adore about this deck is it’s completely inclusive
of race age and body type I mean obviously it’s a deck geared towards
motherhood and that can only happen if you’re a biological, you know, a woman you know
you have to have a uterus to birth a child so it’s not going to include
different genders but I’m appreciative of the fact that this deck includes
different cultures races body types and ages next card we have is Queen Victoria
sovereignty and then Sorghaghtani tolerance and we’re onto divine mother Amaterasu Beauty Bridgid peace Demeter loss Eostre celebration Haumea nurturing Isis devotion Ixchel midwife Kali Ma fierce love Quan Yin compassion Lakshmi abundance Oshun harmony Pachamama earth honoring and finally White Buffalo Calf woman integrity I’m gonna go ahead and shuffle a card
shuffle the deck and then pull a card to see what the book has to say about that
card and then I just wanted to make sure… that um… I’m not trying to offend anyone when I
say you have to be a biological woman to understand motherhood. That isn’t exactly
what I mean. What I mean is, you definitely have to have a uterus to birth a child.
So if you are male you definitely can identify with certain attributes and
traits of motherhood and I got this book to work with EVERYBODY. You know people
who have troubled relationships with their mothers include men as well as
women and everyone in between so I just wanted to make that clear that I’m not
trying to offend anyone when I say you have to have a uterus to understand
motherhood I’m gonna go ahead and pull a card from this deck Pajapati-patience Let me go ahead and
grab the book to see what this says. Hopefully, the color comes through. I think it’s a
little bit washed out today. So for Prajapati-Patience… the book also
gives a shadow aspect of the card as well so now the enlightened is patience
and shadow is irritation and then each card has a little quote If you are
patient in one moment of anger you will escape a hundred days of sorrow and then
the deck goes on to say or the book goes on to say… “If patience is the card
that life is dealing you at the moment downshift and hold steady Prajapati
stepmother to the buddha learned his lesson learned this lesson all too well
again and again she asked her son if she might join him and his monks and a life
committed to enlightenment though she had suckled him and wiped his nose he
refused her request but instead of reacting imprudently Pajapati followed
the buddha a hundred and fifty miles on foot with hundreds of aspiring nuns
finally her patience paid off the buddha relented and Pajapati learned the right
earned the right for women to seek enlightenment when our children are
obstinate they tend to push us over the edge
Pajapati teaches that victories won through patience have the sweetest taste
if we learn nothing else on the path of motherhood it is this underestimated
difficult sane making art of patience it requires ungrudging acceptance of the blowouts
and meltdowns that intend to impede linear progress patience entails
mind-numbing reception the endless cycle of dishwashing picking up socks and
making the same requests ad nauseam it means always
being interrupted whether with friends on the (chuckles) the toilet or at the
computer patient mother’s adjust their stride to a meander and pause and wonder
at the trajectory of a squad of ants the root of the word patience means to
suffer and we can do so with more or less grace certain periods in
life are earmarked for service and our peak mothering years are just such times
in Buddhism patience is one of the six paramitas or virtues it
requires assiduous cultivation and we learn it with frustrating slowness
impatience builds because we love to complete and accomplish but patience
like mindfulness dependent demands that you do only one thing at a time when you
tie your shoes that is all you are doing when you pick up blocks you are in no
hurry of course sometimes we have no patience for patience and we explode or
have tantrums of our own Pajapati councils restraint yelling after all
only makes us feel worse instead try breathing in through your nose then out
through your mouth with a slow hiss until you feel yourself calming down
when you quell your rising resentment you can recognize the inherent goodness
that lives within and around you walking with your child presents a choice
occasion to practice patience notice with appreciation your immediate
surroundings and your child’s haphazard gait smile softly with your eyes and
abandon all hope of arriving anywhere the splendid unhurried moment is arrival” so you can see how the book is written from like anecdotal
point of view and made me laugh when it talked about being interrupted on the
toilet because in my day job i am a day care provider and sometimes little
children have no sense of privacy or personal boundaries and when they need
something they need it now so it made me chuckle a little bit because even though
i’m not a mother I definitely can understand exactly what
they refer to in this book when it comes to patience so as I said these cards serve
as lessons for everyone every walk of life whether you’re a mother or not hopefully you enjoyed this walkthrough
please comment below let me know what you think let me know if you own this
deck if you’ve used it and how you’ve used it and let me know what else you
might want to see or might be interested in until next time keep shining thank
you and goodbye

  • Hi Guys! I just wanted to reiterate how I feel about mothers vs. biological mothers. I know not everyone one is able to become a biological mother and that does not mean that you are incapable of becoming a mother. Whether you are a mother through adoption, surrogacy, a step-mother, a mother figure, any person who is willing to raise a child can be a mother. The miracle of childbirth is a special and unique one indeed but it does not negate the love a person gives when they decide to nurture a child.

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