The Meaning of Each Tarot Card : All About the Empress Tarot Card

Hi, welcome back to arts and crafts and everything
fun. I’m here with Marybeth Murphy and she’s teaching us how to use the tarot cards. Next
she’s going to teach us about three more Arcana cards. These are the major Arcana cards and
as I’m going through each of these Arcana cards I am using the book that comes with
the cards so you can feel free to utilize that. Some people don’t want to use the book
but it’s okay, because you’re going to get a deeper meaning from the cards each time
you use them, and eventually you won’t have to use the book anymore but I’ve been using
these cards for what, close to ten years and I still go back to the book now and again
because sometimes I need a refresher on what the card means or I’m just feeling guided
to do so. So be aware that your intuition is going to play a big part in this. Here
we’re going to look at the empress, and the empress is basically balance. It is how you’ll
meet your success, and what it says is in a true victory both sides will win, and so
you’re going to consider all sides when you are on your road to success or whatever it
is. It’s that one will not be successful over the cost of another. The emperor is the opposite;
basically real, true masculine power and strength, and competitiveness. It’s looking at the fact
that there’s one winner and one loser, and that’s the way it is. It’s kind of like, how
competitive are you, and are you going to hit people up on your climb to the top or
not. Again I’m giving you a very literal sense and these cards are developed over a long
period of time so be aware of that. The next card is the hierophant or the pope if you
will, and that’s really dealing with spiritual authority and awareness. I’ll read to you
“a spiritual guidance and authority, a tradition instructor may be necessary at times to bring
order from chaos.” This card may also signify a serious change in relationships possibly.
Be aware that it’s really looking at spiritual guidance and awareness, and this is the pope
card. So what’s coming up next, Marybeth? I’m going to be dealing with three more of
the major Arcana cards. Three more of the major arcana cards. Stay tuned for that.

  • like you understand about tarot card's this is false! I have done tarot cards for a year and already know the meanings threw the pictures!

  • I love the Empress. When I got my first deck, I was told to pick a random card, it turned out to be the Empress… it represents my special relation to that deck, and I feel it resonates very well with me… I still use it today, but only for personal purposes. When I do readings for others or make videos, I like to use another deck.

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