According to the law of attraction, we’re
responsible for the things we attract, meaning that our thoughts generate energy that will
affect the energy around us. If we generate negative energy, we will attract
bad things, and if we generate positive energy, good things will happen to us. This basic principle can be applied to all
of our lives, but it doesn’t work in the same way for everyone. Each human being is unique, so each person
will react differently to the law of attraction. Since this law is based on energy, we can
figure out how it will affect us based on a well defined energy cycle: zodiac signs. Here is how the law of attraction affects
each sign: Aries Aries are naturally aggressive, so they need
energy that will give them peace and tranquility. Since they are very active, they need to exercise
often in order to increase their well being, and meditate after exercising. Taurus Taurus are possessive and can be materialistic,
so they need to concentrate on energy that have to do with freedom. Avoiding materialistic thoughts is also very
important. They must remember that money can’t buy happiness. Gemini Gemini need focus and balance to deal with
their constant random thoughts, so we recommend that they meditate. They should also always remember the saying:
“Strength, focus and faith.” Cancer People of the cancer sign are very attached
to their family, try to help everyone, and often forget about themselves. They also hold on to the past, so they need
to think about the future, and learn to love themselves. Repeating “I love me” every once in a
while could help them a lot. Leo Leos worry about others, but not in the most
conventional way, so people might misinterpret them as dominating. They would greatly benefit from reminding
themselves of other people’s individuality. They need to remember that everyone is their
own person, and they aren’t going to change that. Virgo Virgos search for perfection in themselves
and in others, and that can be highly oppressive to all around them. In order to reverse this, they must learn
to live and let live, and remember that no one’s perfect Libra Libras search for harmony in every aspect
of their life, and this can become problematic when the time comes to make big decisions. This sign needs to remember that decisions
are never final, in order to find some tranquility. Scorpio Scorpios have very intense feelings, and,
due to this, hold grudges easily. They must learn about the importance of forgiveness,
and how it releases us from pain. Sagittarius The people of this star sign are easily excited,
energetic, and want to embrace the world. Due to this, they need to learn patience,
and remember that time is relative and tomorrow is a new day. Capricorn Capricorns hold on tightly to tradition, and
need to remember how important innovation is to their lives. Reading a book about people that changed the
world could also help them. Aquarius Aquarius give a great deal of importance to
unity, which sometimes causes them to lose their individuality, so they must remember
that quality is better than quantity, and it’s better to have a few close friends than
many companions. Pisces Pisces are loving and full of compassion,
but often lose themselves in their attempts to help others, so they would greatly benefit
from self love. Now that you know how each sign reacts to
the law of attraction, all you need to do is find activities that will help you apply
it in the best possible way.


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