The Gothic Tarot by Joseph Vargo Walkthrough

Hello again You see three decks in front of you hmM We are actually going Give me if you couldn’t tell by the title of the video. We’re going to do a review of the Gothic tarot now The reason I have three decks in front of you is because I want to show you The card stock of the Gothic Tarot is pretty thick Okay, I mean it bends when you have one card But when you have multiple cards doesn’t bend very well if you try to riffle shuffle the deck at least me I can’t get it to riffle shuffle because when you have that many cards together There is no big see there’s like just a little bit with that many And the reason I have two other decks by it is because I want you to be able to see the difference in height These are three tarot decks all three of them have 78 cards This is the Epic Tarot which is a lo Scarab o deck this is the mystic dreamer stare oh I’m going to see if I can kind of move the camera around here, and now my phone’s right now pause Okay, sorry about that There was nobody I needed to answer now my ringer is off okay, so the reason I have them all sitting here So you can see how much taller? The Gothic Deck is compared to the other two decks even though they have the same amount of carp Okay Now I should give you an idea of how much thicker the card stock is All right, I’m going to get these decks out of here And let’s talk about the Gothic tarot now. I have had this deck for over 10 years pretty sure It is the Gothic Tarot illustrated by Joseph’s Varville I do not have the box for it anymore because I got this from an etsy shop that I’ve mentioned a few times and I use this I’ve shown this on my channel before, but this is what I use the deck Barely fits in here because of how thick the cards are like the length and width of it is perfectly fine. It has a thickness because this deck is so much bigger than normal so All right as you can see the Gothic tear illustrator by Joseph Fargo This is the little white book that comes with it now. I a did not get to this When I bought the deck, I only recently found out that there is actually a big book the Gothic tarot compendium A detailed guide It even has vargo’s personal insights Concerning the symbolism which I would actually like to read because one of the things I’m going to talk to you about is As much as I love this deck for the dark Gothic imagery I Feel it’s very Difficult to use it in a way where you’re using the symbolism of the card Because all of the cards look dark You know if you’re just looking at the image of the card all of your readings are going to be quite dark cause it’s gothic There is not a single card in here. That looks happy okay? I do want to get this book though because I don’t have it One thing that has been done in this one is I think it’s justice and strengths that are switched Justice is eight strength is 11 That’s actually something. I didn’t notice until recently Because when I first got this deck, I didn’t this was the second deck. I got and I do know as much about Tarot So I didn’t notice there was a difference then something. I only noticed recently Ignore how bad my nails look by the way, they’re very unhealthy And I have them painted and race like this nail polish. Just peels right off A little white book is a typical little white book You have a little a small meaning for each one in a reverse meaning so you get about that much for each card Not bad Nokia Club says mysterious and secretive and negotiator a professional of business or law fair-Minded responsible interested in art and science So it’s really in basically keywords Manner to tells you what the elements are and all of that? You know these are little bowls for a little lies books is fine All right The card backs as you can see not reversible which I find interesting since it has reversed meetings in here obviously meant to be read with reversals But the back isn’t reversible now that doesn’t bother me because I personally don’t read the verses but it may bother you if you want to read with reverses, so Let’s take a look now most of the cards Are very blue? Some are green some are red Some are more like a brown or black or something like that. You’ll see but I feel like the majority of them are in blues So let’s get started let me this is the fool as you can see this is one of the green ones, so you have the man here you have the sort of dog didn’t does the wolf There’s some birds. It’s not traditional in that he’s not on the edge of a cliff He’s not holding a white flower. He’s not holding a bag He looks incredibly sad that is one of my issues with this deck is Like I said reading the symbolism if I just looked at this car. There is no way I would assign a traditional fool means Absolutely, no way. I wouldn’t say he’s starting a journey. I mean, maybe because he could be going through this Gateway But he certainly doesn’t look happy about it or eager about it All right the magician now He does look rather magician II but there’s four others around him He looks like each of the four are holding an element, so we have the cups swords pentacles and the wands It is the traditional suit nothing has been changed with the suit Right Arkinson magic there, but again looks dark just to click some sort of dark Ritual or something to me The high Priestess now this deck does have a decent amount of egyptian symbolism There’s a lot of egyptian in this card There’s hieroglyphics as you can see That is an image of a nubes I believe Horus maybe I can’t remember for certain which one this one is a lot of hieroglyphics Those are isis’s wings from what I understand? you know very nice card But there’s not a lot in terms of symbolism other than egyptian symbolism, you know the hieroglyphics and such It’s really just this woman standing in a doorway the Empress She’s in a coffin as you can see Get a little closer honor there there just looks to be like a skeletal angel on each side so again, I find this hard to get any sort of symbolism off of You know the empress is Generally Sort of seen as like nurturing and creative and things like that, and I wouldn’t get that from her the emperor is Completely different. This is actually the one that’s on the cover of the box Here we have a man who looks you know very vampirish a lot of them do with three women around him He kind of looks like Dracula to me There’s also a beast here. There’s a raven here. There’s a lot of ravens in this deck But this is the emperor show you a little closer now I find it interesting the high priest carve does not mirror a high priestess He mirrors the Empress and I’ll show you what I mean High priestess Empress, and then the hair fan as I said is the high priest a The way his card is set up. He mirrors the empress not the high bracelet Which I find interesting and it doesn’t quite make sense to me If anything the emperor and empress I would think would mirror each other and then the high priest is a high priest It’s another reason I would love to get his book is So that I can see you know. What’s what’s the idea behind the symbolism? So much like the empress using a coffin there are sort of skeletal angels. He looks like a vampire Man, I don’t see much in the way of care of it. You know the traditional meaning in here The lovers is also set up very similarly through this in the empress as you can see There is just no coffin So when you look at these cards together these three the Empress the lovers and the High priest The only thing different is the person in the middle for people and when it comes to the lover So I’m the fact that there is no coffin for the lovers so if you are trying to look at this in terms of symbolism You know to try to get a feel for the card from the meaning? You know feel the meaning of the card from looking at it This isn’t helpful This really isn’t helpful I Tend to use more traditional meanings With this deck because I can’t at least I feel like I can’t use the symbolism all apart as I feel like there’s not much symbolism So that’s just my thoughts. I would like to know yours There’s the chariot Going through a dark forest, and if you’ve noticed we’ve gone through a lot of blue cards alright I’ll do a lot of the deck is kind of blue Chariot looks pretty you know normal you have a carriage with two horses Little Dark and a Dark Forest, but I Do like the Justice card? And this was one of the few red ones You know sword scales of justice. That’s about all there is to look at on the start The Hermit Seems to live in a bell tower as that in the bell is back There he is a noose the Wheel of Fortune as Much as I think these cards are beautiful I’m just not a fan of using them for reading because I Feel like I can’t use my intuition as much for me There’s two ways I use my intuition when doing a reading One is you know it kind of have the meaning of the card in my mind from seeing that card multiple times and I use my intuition to see how it applies to this current situation Or I may get a gut feeling that is not even the traditional meaning The other way is by looking at the card looking at the things in the card What are the people look like do they look happy do they look sad? What kind of symbolism is in the card that I can pick up on? What is my eye drawn to and? It’s cards like this I feel I can’t do that with This is the wheel of Fortune His strength, I feel looks a lot like the wrestle cards um I Mean I think it appeals from Sort of strength card Well, she seems pretty ready to take on the world with her. I don’t know what that is I don’t know what that beast is Wizard Yeah, I don’t know another one of the blue cards The hanged man is simply a winged vampire hanging upside down with this I feel like I Don’t see you know one of the hangman’s possible Meanings would be like sacrifice. I don’t see that here I mean he’s hanging upside down like you would expect him to as a sort of bat vampire thing I Wouldn’t think it would be like a change of perspective because this is normal for him. I don’t know I Feel let it the death card looks very creepy Very creepy in me I feel there are some cards that I feel are quite creepy This is one of them school where with name in the background Ten Bricks So it does have the traditional like liquid between the cup thing happening, but I feel like she’s doing some sort of dark ritual It’s pretty It’s pretty hard But I wouldn’t necessarily get traditional temperance meetings out of it because I’m focused more on this cauldron of fire Of the devil fairly normal you have a devil with two people chained Fairly Standard, and they’re holding their chains as well the Tower To me this tower doesn’t show destruction at all First of all the senses seem to be a tower to me it seems to be more of a building there is a lightning strike in the background, I’m not sure it was actually hitting the Building but there’s no evidence of it hitting the building you know like it crumbling or something and then you have this figure here Who appears to be Dead I? would guess gargoyles hunt the Moon To me this just seems like a cemetery like maybe that’s the mausoleum or something Which you’ll notice a lot of these cards take place in a cemetery trying to make sense, right? the star Not bad. I don’t get as much of a sense of hope because well, it’s dark The Moon is one That I feel there’s very little symbolism on to be honest you have a gorgeous crescent moon this gorgeous Angel sort of reclining on it and then this man seems to be approaching her There’s these little heads on each side that looks like a medusa head That’s a skull. I don’t know what that is and I don’t know what that is But you obviously don’t see the traditional name symbols you know illusion and mystery and Intuition and the things that would be associated with the moon, I don’t get that feeling from this card And the sun is showing our design It looks like an eclipse and it actually Well, I’m not sure it’s not the same pair. That’s in the moon card because their wings are different I’m not sure these two or What he’s carrying her I don’t get like joy and warmth out of this card though judgment Again, we’re in a graveyard. I do I can see how this one is judgment to me It looks like she’s being judged by this angel statue like she is someone who has died possibly from this grave here and She is being judged by the angel so I get judgment out of this one And last for the major Arcana we have the world again, I Don’t maybe I’m not looking at these cards close enough, but I would not get the traditional meanings from the world out of this I just wouldn’t But then looking at it. I honestly don’t know what I would meanings I Mean I see we kind of have a heaven versus hell thing These can have angel wings and these seem that Demon wings so I See kind of a heaven versus hell going on as above so below maybe I don’t know All right, let’s move on to the minors We’re going to start with one a lot of these like the first three or four Of each suit are basically pins We have the ace along It is two of ones I Have this theory of one Before one just a woman standing at the moon she looks kind of ghosty We have the five of ones this actually makes something a myth Look at this figure, and then the kind of terrifying skeletal creatures holding each one This is another one of cards. I find a little scary, so five of one six of one I Feel like this person is going into battle rather than just having won a battle or something like that the seven of one the eight of warm the nine of one I think she’s gorgeous, but I’m a black widow vampire Vibe going on Under the chin of ones which I also don’t most of those I didn’t see the traditional meanings, but instead of one Specifically you usually have someone’s carrying or ten wands on their back that looks Overburdened and I don’t see that in her at all the nave of one I Feel like a lot of the court cards also don’t have much for you to look at So you have sort of a gargoyle demons in holding a wand and a skull? Now the knight of one Probably my favorite card in the deck. It’s inspiring to me Also, I didn’t specified is of the naves of Pages The knight of wands are fine to be a borders card. I actually want this tattoo gone. We just stay in Queen of Wands – looks very vampirish and this kinda looks like a werewolf, Susan And when the king of wands is a Skeleton swing And now we move on to the book ace of cups To pull I do find the artwork very dirty Well dark and pretty there you pups The floor up appears to have some gargoyles sort of fighting over things if I have a full six cup sort of a ghostly woman sitting here reading twenty six cups Knocked him at Earnest, which I looked that up once. I think it farmed right means eternal light this seven of cups Like Pandora’s box is the symbolism I see there where the box is open and all of this seems to come from the box That has some symbolism the ada stuff the nine of cups Again, I would love to have the book to read with over thinking with the symbolism because this is not say nine of cups to me I Mean I’m not going to talk about how every card resident seemed like it, but everyone’s well, I will mention it again So this is not say nine of cups to me. We have a lot of egyptian symbolism again. I Actually think this is the same Set up for the high priestesses. Just this is here instead of her and then the cups are up here The ten of cups which usually shows something like a happy family Not really sure Maybe she’s turning him into a vampire That’s her vampire husband. I didn’t know the knave or Pages clubs the night of cup Queen of cups And the king steps and somehow I throw a guard All right, I’m two swords with the ace of swords dual swords three absorbs four swords The five of swords is another card. That is quite literally terrifies us Look at this I’m going to bring it closer in just a moment right now I just want you to appreciate that with our five swords sticking in skulls and this is what’s sitting on the throne and It appears you’ve killed a king You look at the head on his Sort of scepter stack thing Terrifying I feel the six of swords seven of sore I mean, Lr. These are beautiful. It’s just really hard for me to look at them and get some sort of symbolism you know eight of Sorts dinosaurs Looky here anywhere soon Oh, I think it’s my gasps snoring all right dan absorb sorry sorry about the distraction the Nays of so So reminds me of like on a DVD cover something Not just sort and it’s very valid Queen of swords I’m the king of swords Next we have pentacles Okay, it’s looking at me funny one of my cats not the longest nor the other one of the weeks a sustainable two pentacles very senticles or bendable Five Bendable he looks rather creepy to me Six of pentacles this looks like a sad seems means looks like a ghost holding on to the angel Very Sad to me Seven is bendable That looks a bit scary to me This man appears to be directing you to go through the gate and I would rather not eight percent opposed nine of pentacles And thankful and the last court card says we have been made of pentacles a knight of pentacles equanimous pentacle and last a king of pentacles So very dark thick as you can see I Like it. I like the artwork definitely I Don’t think it’s the best set for people starting out trying to you know be able to look at the symbolism Use your intuition and that sort of thing Because every card is dark. There’s not a single part that I feel Represents like Happiness or warmth or anything like that even the traditionally happy cards like the Sun, So I Hope this helped you if you were thinking about getting this deck leave me any questions Or comments below. I would love to know your thoughts on this a deck as well Of course if you’re not a fan of Gothic art at all you’re probably not going to like it, so Alright, I will see you in the next video. Thank you for joining me and take care of yourself

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