The Eight of Wands – Swiftness – tarot minor arcana divination meanings and description

The Eight of Wands, Swiftness we have now
moved from Leo into the 3rd fiery sign which is Sagittarius, and you can see at the top
we have the symbols of Mercury and Sagittarius. Mercury is communication, self-expression.
Sagittarius is to go out there, so this energy of swiftness. Have you noticed the wands on
there are now like lightning bolts, but underneath you can see this pattern of order, this pyramid,
there is a kind of visual effect going on with this card between the pyramid and the
8 wands. It is like they swap in and out. So you actually have the energy of the card,
the visual thing going out, and also at the top we have the rainbow as well. This is a
departure in many respects because you have more, these symbols that we recognise exactly
what they are. Now the final 3 cards, the 8 9 and 10 are all to do with Sagittarius,
and this is the first decanate. These three cards represent the subtilising of the fiery
energy. Now even though we are going down on the Tree of Life in astrological terms
we are subtilising. Sagittarius and the Art card, its a spiritual energy that is forming
so one meaning of Sagittarius is going to see your guru, or go to India or some spiritual
place as well. The energy is needed to get there to become more spiritual that is going
on. Very powerful. The Mercury rules the card bringing down from Chokmah. we have gone back
to the 2 of Wands, to the 8, its all about taking that Will into a spiritual force, its
kind of going back on itself. The card also refers to Hod, splendour, in
the suit of fire and it refers to the phenomenon of speech, light and electricity. Mercury
is speech, the subtilising will of fire is light, you cant hold light. You can send it
out from a light bulb but you can’t hold it. The pictorial representation of the card of
wands is turned into electrical rays, reconstituting matter by vibrating energy. Above this restored
the universe. we have gone back to Chokmah, which is the universe, the meaning of the
zodiac. Above this restored universe shines the rainbow,
the division of pure light which deals with the maxima into the colours of the spectrum.
The light even though it is pure is manifested in 7 forms, interplay and correlation, the
energies are moving about. Remember with the 2s we talked about the spiritual forces that
move as well. So we are taking you back to that kind of energy in 2. The card therefore
represents the energy of high velocities such as the master key to modern physics. This
is written in 1940, and he is talking about high energy physics, which was in its infancy
at that time. It shows how well up on physics he was up on. He knew quantum mechanics scientists
too. It will be noted that there are no flames; they have all been taken up into the Wands
to turn them into rays. He is talking about ray guns, that came out in the 1950s. On the
other hand, the electrical energy is created in a geometric form, so the light returns
to its source which creates structure and form, so it brings out the rainbow as well.
Now light is a variegated ephemeral thing, that prism is now become a symbol of beauty
and light. The next card in the sequence is going to be the 9 of Wands, Strength.

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