The Basics of the Horoscope 4 – Vargas, Divisional Charts

One of the most amazing things about Vedic Astrology are the Varga charts, what we call the divisional charts such as D1 D2, the Navamsa, so on.. these divisional charts are really the magical part of Vedic Astrology And when it comes to Western astrology there’s a lot of great tools in western astrology and if they would just add the divisional charts to Western astrology and use all their other tools, use their progressions, they would jump up in their abilities as astrologers like tenfold – vargas are a key to astrology I don’t see how anyone can do astrology without the varga charts What is a varga chart? Well, it’s a division, meaning we take the main chart and we cut it into little pieces basically So, for instance, let’s say Jupiter was at five degrees of Aries. That means in the birth chart it’s going to be shown in Aries, but it’s at five degrees Aries. That’s different than if it’s at nine degrees of Aries We can’t expect Jupiter at five degrees of Aries to give you the same fate as Jupiter at six degrees of Aries, right, or nine degrees of Aries or four degrees of Aries. It’s going to be a different Jupiter. It’s not the same The way we differentiate that Jupiter is through the varga charts So, if the planet’s at five degrees of Aries, it would be in Taurus in the Navamsa If it was at 9 degrees of Aries it’ll be in Gemini in the Navamsa. The Navamsa is the ninth divisional chart where we take each sign and cut it into nine parts and each one of those parts is ruled by a different sign And we do that in many ways We’ll take each sign and cut it in half, one half is ruled by this sign, the other half is ruled by another sign We’ll cut each sign into three parts, into four parts, into seven parts, into nine parts, into ten parts and so on all the way up to cutting each sign into sixty parts and in Parashara astrology we use 16 of these divisional charts and people will call it D1 D2 D3, depending on how many times we cut each sign up and for each of these divisional charts there’s specific ways that you have to calculate them I’m not going to get into that right now. You’ll learn that as you learn these charts I’m going to talk more about why these charts are so important The reason they’re important is they differentiate why you’re different from the person born next to you Now, every two hours the rising sign changes signs So for two hours at the hospital, there will be Aries rising babies born, then two hours later, they’ll all be Taurus rising approximately two hours, on average So if you looked at their charts, they wouldn’t be that different, but the ascendant in the chart will change in the varga charts 150 times within that two hour period, so that means every 48 seconds the lagna is changing in some varga which means if babies are born one minute apart, there’s going to be some changes in their divisional charts that define them as being different Now, that’s if we just use the ascendant. The ascendant, on average, will change some varga in one of those sixteen Vargas every 48 seconds Now when we add all the house cusps then the lagna or some house cusp will change in some varga every {six} seconds. Is that right? Sorry, every eight seconds, so every eight seconds there’s a change in a varga and that very much will help differentiate your birth. I have twin girls. They were born a minute apart 59 seconds apart and I only can remember one time where the same thing happened to them on the same day Wow! And they’re only born a minute apart, yet they’ve only had one day where the same thing happened to them on the same day other than their birthday and that shows you how critical time is, that 59 seconds is giving completely different lives to these twins. Why? Because of the changes in the cusps of the of the houses through the divisional charts The other place those house cusps are changing really quickly is through nakshatra Lords So people who do KP astrology will also differentiate with the nakshatra Lords, which will also change very quickly But just using the birth chart won’t cut it. The most powerful way that life changes is based on how those cusps change in your divisional charts where every eight seconds two cusps will change because opposite cusps, like the first and seventh cusps, the opposite cusps will always change at the same time So every eight seconds we have two cusps changing a sign in one of the sixteen divisional charts Without using them, you’re not looking at the person, you’re really not looking at that person. If you only use the Rasi chart you’re only looking at a group of people When you add the bhava cusps, you’re looking at a smaller group of people When you add the divisional charts you’re looking at yet a smaller group of people, when you use the house cusps in the divisional charts you’re looking at the specific person Alright, so when you go to the chart calculator or if you see my charts that I give you or you go to the and get a free chart or you see my courses, in the divisional charts you’ll see house numbers the same way that you see them in the Rasi chart, but not really the same way But they’ll be there, so there’ll be numbers one through twelve one through twelve in your divisional charts, but they won’t be in a regular order They’ll be all over the place and a lot of people go – why is that? Why is the house cusp not making any sense in my divisional chart? Well, in the Rasi chart we took each house cusp where it’s plotted in that 30 degrees space and it always is going to go where house one, house two, house three, house four, house five.. they’ll follow each other in a nice little circle But then what we do, we take the exact degree of that cusp and calculate the varga for it, so, for instance, Say we’ve got a person who’s got an Aries rising in their Rasi chart and say it’s at six degree rising sign Well, then, when we calculate this in the Navamsa chart, their lagna is going to be in the navamsa of Taurus Taurus over here Now let’s say that the fourth cusp is sitting at 9 degrees, no, let’s put 15 degrees of Cancer. So the fourth cusp is at 15 degrees of Cancer That’s going to put the fourth cusp in Scorpio in the navamsa because the fifth navamsa of Cancer is Scorpio – again, I don’t want to burden you with those calculations now, just trust me on that So the fourth cusp will fall in Scorpio. So if you look at the Navamsa chart for that person, the lagna would be over in Taurus and over here it’ll say number four in the seventh sign from Taurus will be the number four because that’s actually where the fourth cusp calculates out to So the reason the numbers don’t make sense, they don’t go in a regular order, in the Navamsa it could be 1 2 7 well, 7 will be here too, first and 7 are always opposite one two three nine, then eight will be over here opposite two, of course, but say then 11 can be here and five can be here they’ll be mixed up in all kinds of ways and as you get into the smaller divisional charts like the D40, the fortieth division, the 45th division and all these other where we divide the chart into more pieces, the mixing up will get more and more out of control and more and more wild It’s supposed to be that way because we’re not saying, this is the first, this is the third, this is the fourth cusp – we’re saying, yes, in the Navamsa this is the first sign, this is the second sign, this is the third sign and so on but we are saying those are the signs for location, but the cusp can be falling anywhere depending on the exact degree of that cusp in the Rasi chart, in the birth chart. That’s a really important thing to understand So if I want to say, well, Jupiter’s in the fifth, I go, oh, Jupiter’s in the fifth sign from the ascendant in the Navamsa. I do it the same way as I do in the Rasi chart and now, if I want to say well, the Lord of the fifth cusp is – well, the fifth sign is ruled by Mercury – I don’t mean Mercury though, I mean the ruler of the fifth cusp, the fifth cusp is falling in Capricorn, so I want to look at Saturn to see who rules that fifth cusp, so the fifth cusp is basically the beginning point of your children. So if you want to study your children/spouse the Navamsa has to do with spouse and married life, you need to read that Navamsa chart from this fifth cusp, not from this fifth sign – from this fifth cusp and so on, so that’s why those numbers are in funny locations, so don’t expect in the varga charts for the house cusps numbers to go in a normal order. They’ll jump around depending on the exact degree they’re found in in the Rasi chart So it is scientific, it is mathematical, but if you don’t understand what we’re doing, it’ll look like an error – a lot of people say, hey, there’s an error because the house numbers aren’t going in order in the Navamsa chart. Now, some softwares will do something which I really hate and what they do is they will like number the houses, not with the house numbers, not with cusp numbers, but they’ll just number the houses. So this will be number one, this will be number two, this will be number three and four and five and six and so on We don’t really need to do that They’re just saying, this is the first sign, the second sign, the third sign from the ascendant, the fifth sign from the ascendant and I don’t like those numbers there because you should just be able to see on the chart Oh, yeah, this is the fifth from here. This is the fifth from here. This is the fourth from there This is the third – you should be able to look at that, you shouldn’t need numbers here So if you look at a varga chart and you see the numbers one, two, three, four, five, six all nice orderly boxes going around perfectly one through twelve, those numbers are not the bhava cusps. Those numbers are just the numbers of the boxes as counted from the ascendant If I calculate your chart I’m going to have the numbers be – they’re gonna be the cusp of the bhavas and they’re gonna be all over the place and I use them because they’re the things that differentiate exactly what’s going to happen in your life, why things happen at different times. So, for instance, this person, I’m gonna put the ninth cusp, for fun, I’m just going to put it in Aquarius Let’s say the ninth cusp falls in Aquarius in this person’s chart That lets me know that Saturn rules the ninth cusp which means the transit of Saturn for that person can actually give marriage so when I see that Saturn crossed their ascendant in their birth chart, I know the ruler of their ninth cusp, their marriage house in the Navamsa, the marriage chart, the ninth house is the house of formally getting married and legally getting married and spiritually getting married I would say, well, Saturn’s transiting your first house next month so you’ll get married next month and we could predict the event to the day using the ruler of this cusp That’s how we would do it and that works when we use cusps, it doesn’t work otherwise We can’t get that level of precision otherwise – the reason we can’t because it doesn’t differentiate the person enough Because then we’d be saying everyone within 13 minutes of birth is going to get is going to get married at the same transit. No, life is much more specific than that Every small increment makes that. Now, this little thing I said about the ninth Lord Saturn transiting the first house could possibly give marriage – it will be a marriage trigger, but we also need to make sure there’s a ninth house transit going on from other Varga charts, not just the Navamsa, so don’t think, if that happens, don’t predict marriage You have to also look for the ninth cusp in the D60 chart and some other things – that gets more evolved because lots of things have to line up to make an event happen on a day, not just one factor If it was just one factor, people will get married every three years But instead, people sometimes wait 20 years to get married because it can take that long for all the factors to come together So don’t jump to simple techniques just with that For those of you who want to learn one day to predict the exact day of an event I have a course called Predicting with Transits and the heart of this course is the Varga cusp in the varga charts. That’s why it works That’s why it becomes possible to predict the event to the exact day with transits. Okay? Alright So what these divisional charts are, I have a video on youtube called Indications of Vargas – that video is also part of the Jyotish Building Blocks course at, so you can learn about the meanings of the Vargas in those videos if you want to. I just wanted to show what the varga charts would look like, what those funny numbers are and so on And one other thing I want to say about vargas, vargas are like the untapped area of Vedic Astrology They’re really the goldmine that hasn’t been dug into very deeply Until really the 90s, most astrologers didn’t even hardly use the Varga charts.. until 90s most astrologers used the Navamsa chart but none of the other ones. They used the Rasi chart, the Navamsa and then ignored 14 other charts. In the 90s it became more popular to start using the vargas And I’m shocked, in India lots of times, when I go there people will come to me with their horoscope that was written by the local astrologer 40-50 years ago and they’ll give me this whole hand-done horoscope and they’ll say, read my chart and they want me to use that chart and I’m like, there’s no way I can because the only thing that’s on that chart is a Rasi chart and a Moon ascendant chart which is a Rasi chart from the Moon There’s not even a single varga, not even the Navamsa there That’s how simplistic astrology has been practiced in large parts of India The Varga charts are the gold mines that have hardly been tapped into Just learning to use them, all the things you can do with them on a simple way is really profound But then they’re even more profound than that in that each varga has a deity attached to it So, for instance, I said like in this chart for example, the ninth cusp is ruled by Saturn. Jupiter is in Virgo in the Navamsa, so Aquarius rules the ninth cusp, Virgo is where Jupiter is – that gives us a lot of new information but even beyond that, they give deities where planets in the Navamsa are ruled by humans, demons, or Devas, or deities and that brings in a whole nother level of interpretation and all the divisional charts have these deities The hora chart has the Sun or the Moon as a deity Another chart has the Kumaras, the first Rishis born to Brahma these four six year old kids that decided to never grow up and just wanted to be enlightened kids and so one varga has these four Kumaras ruling them, ruling the Vargas So a planet will be under the rulership of one of these particular six year old Rishis and that adds to the interpretation, so there’s a whole nother level of interpretation In the Dasamsa chart, the D10, the deities are the Lords of the ten directions and I’ve been using those deities a lot lately and it has just been profound what can be done with them But most of these deities have not even been touched upon in Vedic Astrology I have a course called Vargas and Death where I’ve covered those deities in the first like 8th Vargas, in the Rasi, the Hora, the Drekkana, the D4, which is the Chaturthamsa, the D7, the D9, the D10, the D12. So I’ve covered 8 of the 16 deities of all those Vargas, but it’s a whole nother level of prediction, interpretation, counseling, medical astrology, that’s symbolized by these deities that is largely untouched upon and without learning those things fully, developing those techniques of using those deities, we’re not using Vedic Astrology fully. So there’s a fertile research in this whole vargas for people to get into who study these deities and come to understand what these deities represent It’s a whole nother level of astrology and I’m finding that what those deities are representing is perhaps the most important thing in that particular divisional chart I’m like blown away as I’ve used them more and develop the techniques with those more, how powerful those divisional deities are, so don’t let any astrologer say we have the final word when it comes to the divisional charts We’ve only been trying to develop them for a very short time. They’ve been largely ignored by the astrologers of the past Why? Because most of the astrologers of the past simply used yogas they just memorized a few thousand yogas and they did everything with yogas and some yogas use the Navamsa chart and pretty much otherwise they ignore the divisional charts There’s one or two yogas I mean a handful, literally a handful of yoga’s that use the deities from the D60 chart and that’s pretty much it Then there may be another few yogas here and there using some other varga, but it’s almost always the Rasi chart, sometimes the Navamsa and on very very very very rare occasions, another varga is asked to be looked at in a very brief and basic way But each of these Vargas has a huge chunk of your life attached to it that you could understand and predict with as well So vargas are a lot of fun and as you get advanced with astrology where your skills are going to advance dramatically is as you learn more about Varga charts, and that includes the deities too. Okay. Thank you

  • Hi Ernst, please do not use your fingers to erase the white board markers. It contains toxic negro-degenerative toxins which get absorbed through the skin and is very dangerous to the health. Please use a white board Eraser.

  • Ernst, where we can find deep information about Vargars? Can you recomand me a book?
    The Vargas should be read as Rsi chart?
    Thanks in advance,

  • Hallo Ernst Wilhelm, why do your charts/ western charts differ from Vedic astrology? My ascendant is libra and moon is leo in western astrology, but in vedic it is asc: virgo and moon: cancer. So i am very confused since all else depends on the Ascendant. Could you pls clarify why you use western ascendant yet vedic methods?

    Or better yet; how can i discern which the right ascendant is?

    Thank you so much, greetings from Frankfurt

  • Nice video.
    48 secs ! For this, the time needs to be taken in digital watch !
    Btw, what is concerned as time of birth ? Time when baby breathes it's first or when it's chord is cut ?

  • Another small question –

    As you have twins with gap of 59 secs, their D1 & D9 charts are same or different in terms of houses & planets occupying them ? Appreciate if you can answer this.

  • why are the divisional chart house numbers from the vaultoftheheavens chart calculator all over the place? The house numbers dont correlate with anything at all? I've got 6th house next to 2nd house in the same sign and outlandish things like that. is this site usable at all?

  • Ernst Wilhelm, are you aware of David Cochrane? He is a “western” astrologer doing excellent research on ‘vargas’ aka harmonic charts especially some Vargas that aren’t commonly used in Vedic astrology – 5, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, and 31. He has done some rigorous preliminary scientific research using extreme case sampling.

    There are a few other western astrologers who have been studying and using harmonics – John Addey, Cyril Fagan (I think).

  • Thank you Mr. Wilhelm!.. The calculator of the 'Vault of Heavens' gives me two house numbers for some sings in my D9 chart. Like I have three planets in Taurus, but Taurus has two house numbers: 6 and 10. How to interpret that? Which one to consider?.. Best regards.

  • Wow! I can never have a Reading! My mom says one time based on the Clock on the wall when I came out, and hospital journal says about 5 minutes later, and no one mentions anything about seconds. But thank you for explaining this in this video. Now I know it is no Point in having a Reading for me.

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