The Amazing Spider-Man – Saved by Spider-Man Scene (5/10) | Movieclips

Help me my kid is trapped!
(Jack):OH MY GOD!!
Hey buddy it’s ok
(J):Get away
(P): It’s alright
Hey look!
I’m just a normal guy
Wanna hold on to this?
Hold onto my mask
Whats your name?
(P):Let’s get you out of here
Stay very still
(J) alright
(P):Ok, I got you
Ok now look, I’m gonna undo the belt.
Your gonna hold onto the backseat for me, ok?
You ready?
(P): ok, one…
You see how easy that was?
You did a great job!
Alright, ok
Jack! Climb now!
(J): I can’t!
(P): Yes you can!
Ugh, the p-put it on! The mask, it’s gonna make you strong
Jack trust me
Put it on
There ya go! Thats it
Thats it buddy, thats it! Okay now climb
Come on Jack!
Do me a favor, a little faster okay bud?
Your doing great buddy, your doing great!
Ugh thats it, keep coming
Keep it coming
Keep coming!
(Dad)Oh Jack!
Oh god, Thank god
You okay?
My son
My son!
Oh my son, My son!
Who are you?
(Peter): I’m Spiderman
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