Telling People About My Stutter? (Advertising) [2019] | Afeef Khan

In this video, I will help you with one of
the best ways to help you deal with your stutter. I have used this and it has worked wonders. What is it? Keep watching to find out! Hello everyone, welcome back, my name is Afeef. What was the thing I talked about in the intro? “Advertising”. It is my name for openly telling people about
my stutter. I have done this a lot in the past. In 6th grade, the idea of somehow telling
teachers that I stutter to help my experience in middle school came up. At first I thought, “There is absolutely
no way I will tell anybody that I stutter”. I immediately thought of all the stigma surrounding
stuttering. But I followed through on it anyway and am
I glad I did. Teachers knowing about my stutter really helped
me have that peace of mind knowing the teacher knows what is going on when I stutter so it
doesn’t become a bigger problem afterwards, if that makes sense. I typed up a letter explaining everything
and how to react and such. What I did was, I would at the end of class,
I would hand my teachers the letter and quickly leave the room. They probably thought it was very weird that
a student hand them a letter and quickly leave the room. Now, here’s the thing, the teachers are
pretty much supposed to listen and help you if you do something like I did. It doesn’t only have to be in school, it
can be anyone you see on a regular basis who doesn’t know about your stutter, even your
family. It was difficult getting myself to do it,
but I eventually did it and it helped! I participated a lot more with the peace of
mind that the teacher knows all they need to know about my stutter. And by the way, if you know somebody who stutters,
share this video with them and ask them if you can help get the ball rolling for them
by “Advertising” on their behalf. It felt great, but I still didn’t feel comfortable
going out there and verbally telling people about my stutter. In 8th grade, I “Advertised” before my
speech for class president and once again, I was glad I did. The documentary that I talked about in a previous
video was also “advertising” I guess, where I talked about stuttering. This channel is another form of “Advertising”. This school year, I sent Emails to my teachers
and it definitely helped me and continues to help me. So, if you are considering telling people
about your stutter, definitely go ahead and do it. It is really difficult at the start, but it
produces great results in the long-term, especially at school with friends and teachers. Just start. Find a way to tell others around you that
you see on a regular basis that you stutter, and suggest ways to react to that stuttering. Don’t be afraid to just go ahead and start. Get the help of somebody if you need it. After you do it once and it pays off, which
I guarantee you, it will pay off, you will feel much better doing it again and it makes
your stutter life much easier. So, again, to cap it off, it will be difficult
to get the ball rolling, but your future self will thank you for it. It also raises awareness about stuttering,
so you are helping a lot more people than you might think. I also helps up your self-esteem, you will
feel better doing other things that you didn’t previously do. Make sure to share this video with someone
who you know will benefit from it. Subscribe here, check out my last video here,
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in the next video, bye.

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