Telescope Mount Meridian Flip! When To – P1

Meridian flip . . . coming up next!
Hello my name is Doug Hubbell and welcome to Astrophotography Tutorials. Today I’m going
to be talking about the meridian flip. The meridian flip is when your telescope comes
close to your tripod or your tripod leg, and then you need to flip your telescope to keep
tracking your object through the night sky. It’s really important that you manage this
flip correctly, because if you don’t you’ll mess up your alignment.
So this is what happens during the night when your telescope might encounter your tripod
or your tripod leg and this is what we call the meridian flip. Where it gets pretty close
to straight up and down with Zenith right there and it comes close to hitting the tripod
leg. And if you just let go and let it hit there, it’s going to mess up your tracking.
So you have to be aware that the telescope might encounter the tripod and it does you
need to know when to switch and move it out of the way, otherwise you ‘ll end up doing
another alignment and you don’t want to do that in the middle of night.
In order to keep tracking your object you need to do what’s called a meridian flip.
And an easy way of timing this I found is to use your fist to gauge about one hour.
And then from there you can make a better estimate when you need to actually do the
flip. Now if you do the flip too early, it really won’t flip because it doesn’t have
enough room on the other side to make the flip. So usually what I like to do, Is I like
to wait until it gets you know may be a couple, three fingers, something like that, before
it counters this, and then make the flip. If this is your first time watching I would
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Thanks for watching and I hope to see you soon.

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