Taurus November 2019 | Endings & Beginnings

hello Taurus’s and welcome to Deku Tarot
welcome to your November 2019 reading
and welcome to Scorpios season the time
for everybody to unmask to reveal their
truest deepest selves even if it means
their darkest selves it’s time for
things to become unveiled things we’ve
needed to know needed to learn needed to
hear and there is no harsher deeper
intense part of year than there is
Scorpio season however I do know that
you guys have been asking for this
wanting this wishing for this this whole
time and it’s been a tough go with the
moon in our sign this month for the full
moon I do think that will bring up a lot
of good grounding energy beginning solid
starts that we have wanted we’ve been
wanting the solid answers the solid
solid path forward here and I do believe
it’s coming in higher I do believe it’s
at least setting itself up this month so
let’s see what Scorpio season brings up
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right into this we’re gonna use a
Halloween Oracle to start off and I have
a collective message that I want to give
out if you want the more in-depth
version of it you can go to the Scorpio
video I talked a little bit more about
it there but my challenge for a Scorpio
season for all the science is to watch
what you say to think and react less
impulsively and less based on our
emotions so do not act emotionally do
not act based on pure emotion pure
to other people this month because
Scorpio season tends to bring out a lot
of harshness and the way we communicate
whether it be online or in person and
I’m gonna bring up the online aspect
here if you find that you know you like
to get back at people tell people like
it is say harsh things online and you
think it doesn’t have a consequence I
want you to look at it from a different
perspective this month as an adults
going online and attacking people saying
harsh things saying rude things just to
say them and trying to put people in
their place you know one-up them
that’s really bad energy and it only
brings in constant conflict negativity
into your own life there is a difference
between standing up for yourself and
attacking people online and bullying
okay I see things like this all day
every day not just obviously on my
channel but mostly actually on other
people’s and Facebook and Twitter and
Instagram and it’s a harsh environment
and it doesn’t bring you or behoove you
at all in any good way to be doing that
kind of stuff
karmically it’s terrible to do that’s a
horrible horrible thing to do and I just
think that we all need to be a lot more
aware of what kind of energy we’re
putting out there in the world and
putting on to other people because often
I find that adults sound like
thirteen-year-old kids on MySpace with
self-confidence issues and that’s bad if
that’s why you’re coming across as an
adult online then you need to really
re-evaluate why it is these things are
happening why it is you’re reacting the
way you’re reacting and why did you feel
the need to tell people OFF and create
conflict within your own life create
frustration in your own life it might be
an outlet for you but it’s not a healthy
outlet and you need to stop so that is
my advice and my challenge all of you is
if you find yourself in position
situations where you want to type
something out you want to say something
harsh think if you would say that out
loud and then think of that kind of
energy that you’re putting out there
does it help you does it help the other
person is it really going to make you
feel better or are you just getting all
jacked up on the emotions of it so these
are things that I want
think about in Scorpio season because it
will bring up harshness it will bring up
conflict it will bring up rude things
from other people that will be thrown
this way that way even out of your own
mouth so again think do not think and
act impulsively do not you know think
and act emotionally we need wise action
wise seeing and I’m actually saying that
from one of these cards but I think it’s
a message that everybody needs to hear
this season let’s all raise our
vibration raise our energy beyond that
okay collectively let’s please do that
because it’s ridiculous to go online and
see things like this your guys are
adults there’s no need to say and act
the way that you do I’m not saying this
about you Tauruses but in general you
know say that whoever needs to be have
that said to them the witch the earthly
leader of the world is your first card
here and we’re going to talk about it
I really like this card I do feel like
we’re getting to a more magical
empowered state this month your ability
to manifest is very magical right now
Taurus I just feel like there’s a
certain I think I’m gonna say it again
magical elements about Scorpio season
for you for everybody but especially so
for you sorry there used to be candle
lit in here but it is not lit and I
guess like that all right so the earthly
weaver of the worlds holding the witch
card means that you can leave your own
change throughout your life and that
magic is indeed afoot
you must understand that you have power
and it is real it may also indicate that
others may be threatened by your
developing personal power that they may
not appreciate or like the changes in
you as you grow be prepared for this and
do not be discouraged new friends and
better opportunities will be attracted
instead a lot of you tourists have been
trying to manifest that new beginning
trying to create your new life here and
other people may be threatened they may
have Sling to say and it’s not gonna be
positive this month you have to stand up
to that and realize that we have mercury
retrograding in your opposite sign for
most of this month from October 31st
Halloween until I think it’s the 20th or
21st of November that’s a long time to
be retrograde in Scorpio another thing
that’s interesting is that every time
that we’ve had a retrograde this past
year or every time that the molar
poor has been brought up or reviewed or
put out whatever it has always been
during a retrograde just like a weird
fact that I just could not help but
notice and I was like that’s that’s
something to be thought about food for
thought but let’s take a look now at
your taro we’re gonna start off with the
morgan greer here we’re gonna get right
into this taurus like I said this is
Scorpio energy this is your opposite
sign and your relationship with Scorpio
is a deep one you are both very deep
signs whereas you sometimes would rather
have a nicer energy more stable energy
Scorpio looks to destabilize the
stability that we’ve come to rely on and
wow the lovers and the nine of swords
come out your first cards out here
interesting we might feel very
nightmarish very upset very stress about
a choice that we have to make a
divergence in our life here we might
have we might be at a crossroads between
two paths with love with career whatever
this might be it feels very very
stressful and we’re keeping it all
within it’s starting to get us worried
we’re losing sleep we’re getting
stressed and yes the lovers is there and
it is a beautiful energy usually but you
have to remember about the lovers is
that it’s the choice there is a choice
here there is a choice especially still
at the beginning of the month that’s
making us feel very uncomfortable so
let’s keep going the worries you have
need to be grounded in reality you need
to remember who you are and what you’re
remember your power remember who you are
and how how great you are whatever it is
that you’re doing I think that some of
you need to be reminded of your own
talents you need to feel confident about
what you’re able to do and what you do
do every day you do all right I’m done
laughing I’m not 12 stupid little mind
you know word jokes make me laugh about
mine joke see mercury is retrograde and
today’s actually the day before it Chloe
goes retrograde and I always feel that
it really just kicks the door down my
BAM like when it comes in and it’s just
not very fun so let’s see you guys
alright Tauruses let’s continue to see
how this month plays out for you as we
move towards you full moon there’s a
very okay let’s like that eight of Wands
comes up please want to move forward you
want to see progression and you will the
new journeys that you’ve been wanting to
go on that new path that you might even
fear at this time at this moment when
you’re hearing this it’s coming in and
you have to ground yourself turn let me
look at how they’re looking in opposite
directions nine of swords and queen of
Pentacles she is to turn away from that
and ground herself in the reality here
and she wants things to move forward you
have to start making the communications
putting yourself out there the energy is
busy for you guys this month there is
again a lot to be done a lot of
communication for some of you some
travel or moving and some of you might
be looking into moving in a really big
way moving across the country across the
world and instead of fearing it it’s
like you guys have had it so much fear
but it’s like you fear your own power if
that makes any sense you fear what
you’re able to accomplish and it’s I
think it’s because we’ve wanted this
change for so long we’ve desired coveted
this for a long time and it’s the ten of
Pentacles that stable life that home
with all of the trappings of wealth and
comfort and happiness we’ll just go out
on the deck we’re not going to take it
I’m sorry this chair is like creaking so
much it’s like going to break I feel
like these days it’s an old chair so
alright but ten of Pentacles pops out
other card was facedown so I’m not going
to take it but the fool the ten of
Pentacles there is this almost carefree
attitude that you need to adopt
because you’ve been going so deep about
and Scorpio season is the time almost
you guys to release what you’ve already
kind of been going through so I don’t
think that yeah this is more of a season
for healing which again like I said it’s
gonna be a different weird energy for
you guys in a good way it’s gonna be a
good energy to Scorpio season but your
reading is not going to be like
everybody else’s because your opposite
sign is Scorpio the star is here the ten
of Pentacles The Fool we want to bring
this to light we have hope for this
future and hope that whatever journey
we’re setting upon is going to take us
hope faith trust in the universe and
that it’s going to get us where we need
to go okay the moon I knew that card was
coming out and the world wow this is a
very intense reading guys we almost fear
closing out certain chapters and opening
ourselves up to whatever the world has
to offer us and right now the world has
a lot to offer us it wants to bring us
everything that we have wanted
everything that we have been trying to
get here the world is expansive energy
and I think when we hit Sagittarius
season it’s going to feel like here it
is I’ve been feeling it I’ve been
releasing for this I’ve been preparing
for this and here it comes the moon this
month much like the nine of swords
brings you down deep to your depths to
really make sure that we’ve let go of
all the things that we’re holding on to
from the past and Taurus is not a lot of
people talking about this without you
know talk about this aspect of Taurus is
but you much like Scorpio are known to
have painful past a difficult life hard
times and you weather it like a boss
much like Scorpio and that’s
nobody expects or suspects that you can
never really be brought down by this but
internally and emotionally whatever has
been lost whatever you have to turn away
from and let go of has broken you up in
a really huge way and I think for some
of you it’s work stuff it’s stuff that
we built up a life that we’ve built up
and needing to realize that sometimes
things just change and they don’t work
out exactly how we want them to but it
also leaves room it feels like for
something else to come in and to come
back in it is retrograde and I do think
that situations events people stuff like
that interesting high Empress and High
Priestess know exactly what it is what
this tells me whatever I was talking
about there whatever is coming back and
you know what it is because you’ve been
manifesting it in you’ve been feeling it
coming back in for some of you this is
very clearly a Pisces because we have
the moon and we have the High Priestess
showing up and I can’t ignore all that
Pisces energy so for some of you we got
it’s a Pisces and there’s healing and
there’s reconnection and there is a lack
of worry that needs to be adopted for
this to fully be what it’s been trying
to be all this time what it hasn’t been
ready to be it’s like this is finally
saying it by the end of Scorpio season
you’re ready for whatever this is that
you’ve been manifesting in and I think
that some of you guys can feel that it’s
like I know change is here I know it’s
knocking on the door I know what’s
coming in here it is I have the keys I
have the answers I also manifested this
end is what you’re saying
and Tauruses don’t mess with them when
they have a goal don’t mess with them
and they want to get somewhere because
they eventually will it might not be the
fastest it might not be seeing the most
you know pretty or exciting or like you
know Libra that looks all nice but
there’s no masks here you’ve wanted this
you’re gonna get it and nobody has been
able to stop you you maybe had to change
direction a couple times change this
change that but something is coming back
and you guys know exactly what this is
that’s finally making its appearance for
you it’s like finally here it is I’m
finally able to close out that chapter
I’m finally able to have the new
beginning I’m finally able to take on
that new opportunity and you guys have
been chasing it so I’m not just saying
this is coming right in it feels like
you’re grabbing one of these wants
that’s coming in this month and you’re
running with it and you have to trust
yourself in terms of knowing which is
gonna bring you that ten of Pentacles
which one of these is the rod to grab
that’s gonna get you there you have to
evaluate that I did see the hangman in
the back of some of these here so I
would say make sure to take the time
rather than rushing into decisions
mercury is retrograde things are not
going to be as clear and we don’t want
it to end in a negative way this has
this this the end of this cycle whatever
is ending by the end of this season has
closed out a very long long long long
cycle for you like years and years and
years it feels like and we can thank
your anus and tortoise honestly for a
lot of this because it’s shaking things
up and exactly the way it needs to and
during Scorpio season like that’s gonna
bring about some change some deep deep
change I don’t think there’s anything
else that really wants to come out here
okay we’ll take a death card if we
weren’t aware this is your energy this
month I was trying to pull card for your
energy and I was like oh nothing let’s
come out but death was there it just
wanted to make sure it came out and
you’re reading here Taurus there it is
for you the scorpio energy whatever you
needed to end a cycle whatever you
needed to close something out to release
this is the phoenix energy that we
talked about with scorpio is the ability
to burn down and release what was so we
can be open for what’s coming in and you
have so many like sick little endian
cards here i mean we had the ten of
Pentacles i’m gonna hold that one up
because i mean you get the fool in the
world endings and beginnings literally
endings and beginnings like there’s no
way around this this month Taurus you
are making the necessary endings and
you’re opening yourself up to the
and I think that Scorpio season has you
diving down deep enough for your like if
this is what its gonna take I might as
well just release this this isn’t
working I don’t want to deal with all
these emotions I don’t want to deal with
this it’s no longer practical for me to
follow something that brings me so much
anxiety stress worry discomfort
instability and that decision was the
right one I think that you will see that
it’ll open up your life in ways that are
more unexpected than you could have ever
you’re clearing your path so you can
start again fresh let’s pull a couple
cards for love although I don’t even
want to get that much into it I never
really like to get into love readings
and my Monthly’s honestly but people
like them I know you all like them you
can take this whole message as a love
reading if that’s where it fits their
general readings they’re not supposed to
be super specific and this month with
Scorpio season it’s not gonna be that
way it’s too deep in everybody’s depths
go to different places and I can’t pick
up on exactly your depth unless I know
you your name and your energy so for all
of you this year this is gonna be
different and you have to look at your
other placements and really see what’s
happening for you the emperor this is
where you’re gonna become stronger you
also might be meeting your divine
masculine there’s also a knee I mean
yeah there’s if I’m masculine energy
here but it’s also like I said in the
beginning taking control of our life I
need to take control of our love life
here should get back in the throw of
things to put ourselves back in the
driver’s seat it also might be that our
partner if we have a male partner or not
even a male partner is coming in very
strongly well the Emperor and the ton of
coins if you’re a female Torres I just
get like if you have a male partner
and/or not even a male partner this
person could just be very fiery and very
much that Emperor type of energy they’re
really you know bringing something is I
feel like they’re just honestly they’re
just bringing a lot of money home a lot
of comfort and stability maybe even the
option to finally move some
to get to that ton of coins they might
be part of this door that opens for you
if you’re in a partnership they might
help you in some financial home area
here building a lovely home together
getting your home in order also taking
back control of our health and lifestyle
getting hot getting hot and sexy again
um devil does shine and miss it I
thought I had it and then I whatever it
comes out or comes out and I thought I
saw it and then I lost it so let’s see
what else happening for love this month
three of cups have some fun when you can
try not to get worried about third party
situations for me honestly on the third
brief cups comes up with nothing
negative around it it’s just saying to
get back into that friendship energy if
you’re single you know feel really good
about yourself you know this is like
literally like feeling good about your
body taking back control of your body
and your physical appearance and
dominating you know relationships
conversation it’s like having that
energy there especially you get the
Emperor already and your Empress already
in your reading there’s maybe a divine
pairing here that we could be open to
somebody that could last a lifetime but
you might meet them through your friends
so hit up your friends go out with
friends communicate on a friend level
first don’t try to jump into
relationships and Mercury retrograde
especially Scorpio there are deep things
that are need that still need to be
worked through and come out here and
it’s time to really just have some a
light more lighthearted connection here
rather than like I’m looking for you
know a wife and 2.5 kids and we’re gonna
get married right away it’s like no no
no take a step back have some fun first
and see what I see how it goes
don’t put pressure on relationships it’s
really what I’m getting I’m in terms of
that Empress oh my god Emperor and
Empress show up we’re done you guys have
a divine union here a soulmate pairing
for some of you if you want to call it a
twin flame relationships go ahead I
don’t like using that term very much
because I think people go a little bit
nuts with it but Emperor and Empress
show ups you have a divine union
something that’s meant to be I know this
is like all the guys from The Hobbit and
Emperor but this is still a divine union
when you get the Emperor and the Empress
together this is something like your
perfect match you know you’re the yin to
your yang the Yankee again whatever you
want to call it this is beautiful and
you meet this person by being totally
comfortable in yourself and just
enjoying a more lighthearted friendly
energy and that’s all I have to say
about love this month
just be open enjoy the energy be present
I feel like Taurus is you guys like
October November so just enjoy it okay
it’s a good time of year let’s have fun
especially in terms of love it’s just
like wow once you release and you stop
putting pressure on yourself in most
ways in your life it’s like that’s when
things get the breakthrough that they
need you make that decision and you just
let it go all right let’s pull a romance
angel ooh
Taurus whoo sorry you’re stuck together
already entrusted getting to know each
other as you reveal your innermost
selves to each other your bond be thin
so we’ll see if everyone pops out again
codependency all right addictions are
affecting your romantic life
so again if there’s a codependent
relationship here it’s need to take more
time for you giving them time for each
other and communicating what needs to be
communicated diving deep to realize that
maybe this relationship this
relationship means more than
codependency stop relying on your
partner and stop needing another person
to complete you okay there also be
codependency on you know alcohol drugs
whatever it might be but it’s that we
rely too much on others when we need to
find reliant you know we need to rely on
ourselves here and also communicate
again our innermost self to each other
that’s when our bond deepens and again
there is this like deep friendship kind
of energy and I feel like again Scorpio
season is the capacity for such deep and
you know in-depth conversations over the
learnings such deep things about each
other and this is this is the season to
do it so if you want to know somebody on
a deeper level invite him out have some
fun go get some food you know make them
dinner you’re a Taurus you love doing
I love making people food it’s like my
favorite thing to show somebody or
people that I care is I cook for them
and like it is my most tourist Venus
quality I think I’ve like ever but
anyways let’s pull one more Halloween
Oracle and let me know below guys what
you dress up as ok the Veil the future
okay we’ll take it we’ll take it alright
so ancient Celts used to call the time
of the longest night of the year so when
they believed that there was a misty
veil that separated the world of the
dead and the living but on two nights of
year saw when in Beltane the shortest
night that the veil would that the veil
would thin the fineness of the veil
meant the ancestors were closer than
ever and either the gods would be close
this would mean that communications from
the dead were more likely to occur in
that divination the divine speaks
through something would be more
effective so while using this Oracle as
the veil lifts know that the others
worlds are closed let’s in a particular
to what messages may come forth around
your future look to what you want to
happen plan set intentions and think big
that’s the perfect sum up alright have a
wonderful and blessed November guys make
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wonderful blessed month namaste

  • Thank you for this reading… it has been so so intense, I do feel the change is in play, but it has had me on my knees at times… 🖤🔥another brilliant make up ❤️

  • First of all, when I was driving I saw a license plate that said “deku” and i don’t watch your videos quite often so I remembered about the sync and clicked on this video. Secondly, can I just say how spooky accurate this reading was for me!!! Like meant to watch it or something. I am literally in a transition between quitting a job not meant for me and weighing my options about moving across the country (Ohio to Hawaii)!!! Although mercury is in retrograde, and things may be unclear, this is something I’ve been wanting for years like you said. And it’s that ending/new beginning energy your speaking of! Crazy. Also, I met a divine masculine man last month and we have kept in contact although far apart, and we’ve had a very strong friendship soulmate connection. Very spot on reading. Wow just wow. Thank you & happy Samhain

  • Hahaha… difficult doesn't cover it. Especially when you are a Taurus with Scorpio rising. This month should be interesting…

  • It's hard to be my true self when nobody seems to understand me; people who think they know me don't seem to know me at all.
    It's so disheartening when people misinterpret what you say or treat you like your someone you're not.
    PS I love making food for people too.

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