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Hi Taurus, I’m Kelli Fox from Astrology.TV with your astrology horoscope forecast for 2020. 2020 is shaping up to
be something of an intellectual and ideological battleground for you Taurus.
A major Saturn Pluto conjunction occurs in your philosophy zone on January 12th,
but this influence will remain in play for much of the year – challenging you to
move beyond the truths you currently hold on to and enter uncharted territory.
This could be quite an uncomfortable experience at times, as you’ll find your
ideas being questioned and your principles mocked, which is not something
Taurus ever enjoys. This energy is about dealing with criticism and using it to
grow, rather than being diminished by it, but that’s easier said than done of
course. Don’t be surprised if you feel an urge to go back to school early in 2020.
A lunar eclipse in your learning zone early in January is followed by a tricky
Mercury retrograde in your social zone in February. And the influence of these
two influences, combined with the Saturn Pluto link-up, could leave you feeling
like you’re not as smart as those around you. You most certainly are, but your
intellectual confidence may be fragile. Education or training could become key
at work too during the first half of 2020. In March
taskmaster Saturn changes sign and shifts into your career zone, so you’ll likely
feel tested and under pressure at work. Fortunately Mars also moves into your
ambition zone so you’ll have the energy, motivation and enthusiasm to meet this
challenge head-on. Astrology shows that spiritual challenges are likely to
develop during April and May, when both Pluto and Jupiter turn retrograde in
your philosophy zone, leaving you with far more questions than answers. This is
a good time to develop mediation skills or to focus on a prayerful practice of
some kind. Taurus, you relish the privacy you have at this time of year, so
make the most of the quieter period while you can. While Mars shifts into your
spiritual zone in June you’ll be highly motivated to learn and
develop new spiritual skills, but you’ll also feel threatened by someone’s
scrutiny of your spirituality. June also marks a return to the theme of criticism
against your ideas or skills. A solar eclipse falls in your skills zone, and so
does a Mercury retrograde period, so you again may feel that you’re not quite
reaching the mark. This waver in your confidence level isn’t helped through
July, when the Sun opposes the loose Jupiter Saturn and Pluto conjunction,
once again disrupting your intellectual confidence and making you second-guess
your abilities. Fortunately the second half of the year is much brighter, and
you should feel your confidence returned from August onwards. In September, Saturn
and Jupiter end their retrograde motion and you should feel able to move forward
once again in education, training and in your career.
The major Jupiter Saturn conjunction in December is a very positive boost for
your working life Taurus, giving you the chance to solidify and consolidate
career progress towards a very personally meaningful goal. Wrestling
with the criticism and self-doubt in the first half of the year won’t be easy, but
you’ll emerge from 2020 as a much much stronger person. Be sure to tune in to
Astrology.TV for amazing new insights every day.

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