Tarot Reader – Kathleen Robinson | 2097: We Made Ourselves Over

I’m Kathleen Robinson and I’m a Tarot
card reader. Tarot is an ancient form of divination for telling the future if you like. It originated
way back in the early 14th Century, it was brought across from India and along the way
it stopped off at the courts of the Italians and it was classified as being a great theme
for entertainment. Okay, so today we are going to ask a very unusual thing, we are going
to project ourselves forward another 80 years in time and ask the universe out there a couple
of questions related to, how things might be different for us when we reach 2097 and
hopefully with the aid of these Tarot cards we’re able to get those questions answered.
So, let’s see what the universe has to say. So, I’m going to mix the cards with that
all important question; what three things? so, let’s see. Well, the first one is money or being able
to manage that very well. I’ve got the King of Pentacles here and when that’s in the
upright it means everything that is to do with success, its more than just making money,
it means establishing yourself in a field. Now I’ve got the King of Rods reversed around
us and this King when it’s presented in the reverse is indicating that there might
be a lot asked of us in that day and age, but we know when to say no, its not like we’re
going to be taking life for granted. And the last card that we’ve got is the Judgment
card, now that’s a rather large card, it’s called a Major Arcana and judgment is like
re-birth and when it’s reversed it’s indicating that we are very much starting a new era and
looking at things in a different light, but we’re still hanging on to things that maybe
we should have let go of by then, but we are still not quite sure of that so we’ve got
a few loose ends that we need to tie up before we can be really liberated to start a-fresh
on something new. So, I’m just looking at the response for
Aarhus and it’s really strange we’ve almost got a parallel answer here coming back. The
4 of Pentacles upright, it means that they can thank their lucky stars for where they
are financially they are really, really secure, very solid foundations money wise around them,
which is lovely to see. And I’ve got the World card here which is reversed, now that
card is getting towards completely liberating yourself from the past and having a new adventure,
its where the saying, the world is your oyster, you know, the world is whatever you want it
to be and this reversed card is suggesting that they are on the precipice of something
fresh. I’ve also got the Judgment card around Aarhus as well, now we know that we’ve had
that for Hull but this Judgment card is now the right way up for this particular city
and it means that they have absolutely got themselves, reinvented themselves and they’re
ready to start afresh on whatever their goal is going to be. It’s actually quite funny,
I’m laughing at this, the security and the verge of moving forward is very much sort
of linked to both of our cities, so it’s very interesting to see that answer. So, lets just see what they say. The cards that I’ve got back are very interesting indeed, I’ve got the Chariot upright and
this card normally is connected with travel and the means of travel and things like that,
so possibly its indicating that we’re facing challenges of how we move around this planet
in the next 80 years, maybe we are more aware of how to conserve our energy as we are moving
forward and that’s a positive challenge because the chariot always is ready and eager
to get things done and it’s fast and furious with a little bit of stress but always a positive
outcome so it’s nice to see that card there. I’ve got the 8 of Pentacles, that’s about
work and how we work together as a community in order to achieve results
and it’s a very positive card, so its very good to see that card in a global reading
because it means stability in the financial markets around us and that’s always good
to see. And the final one I’ve got is the Knight of Cups upright, and that is a lovely
card to have, it means being so focused in on something where you are absolutely committed
to a cause, now it doesn’t say what the cause is going to be, but as a group of individuals
all working together we are finally signing on the dotted lone to do something worthy
and have that as a result. So this wonderful Knight of Cups is an honourable card to have
and it’s suggesting that we’re making sure that we are all focusing in together
to get a positive outcome on something.

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