Tarot for the Autumn Equinox – Mabon Delicate Balance Spread

Hello! Georgina here, with another Tarot
spread to mark the changing of the seasons. This one is for the upcoming
Autumn equinox based on the Mabon Delicate Balance Spread in Sasha
Graham’s book 365 Tarot Spreads. I’ll be using the Field Tarot by Hannah
Elizabeth Fofana. This deck is a wonderful mix of original art that
borrows from both the Rider-Waite-Smith and the Thoth traditions. Some of
the Major Arcana do have alternate titles, but if any of
those cards appear in today’s spread, I will refer to them by their traditional
names. Details about the book and this deck are down in the video description.
The Mabon Delicate Balance Spread is a nine card spread formed by three trios
of cards that form individual pyramids. The first pyramid represents our
relationship to the earth. The second pyramid represents our relationships
with others. And the third pyramid represents our relationship with
ourselves. The top of each pyramid (and that would be positions 1, 4, and 7) indicate
what we take. The lower left of each pyramid (that would be positions 2, 5, and
8) show what we give back. And the lower right of each pyramid (that would be
positions 3, 6, and 9) offer advice on how we can honor each of these relationships. If
the cards in the other positions of the pyramid are negative, then the cards in
positions 3, 6, and 9 offer advice. This will be a general reading, seeking
knowledge and guidance for the upcoming fall season. This reading is for all of
us! I shuffled, cut, and laid out the cards prior to recording. Let’s see what they
have to say! The First Pyramid. This would be our Relationship to the Earth. And
Position 1: What do we take from the Earth? The card here is Death, reversed.
This is the card of natural endings, but when it’s upside down it suggests that
we are reluctant to allow the natural time of decay to occur after the more
popular times of growth and harvest. But winter will and must come after autumn.
It is all part of nature’s way. Position 2: What do we give back to the Earth? The
card here is Eight of Swords. Eight is the number of power. And the suit of
Swords relates to analytical strategies. Taken together, I interpret this to
indicate the preservation of land in the form of natural parks. Restricted access
may be required to protect these vulnerable areas from abuse. Position
3: How can we honor the Earth? The card here is the Universe, reversed. This
card is traditionally called the World. The message is clear: We must
recognize that we are only one small part of a much larger world. And more
often than not we make a negative impact on it. We have a duty to care for the
planet that we all live on. Second Pyramid. This would be the Pyramid of
Relationships with Others. Position 4: What will we gain from our relationships
with others this season? And here we have Three of Wands, reversed. Threes mark the first tangible benefits resulting from effort. And Wands is the suit of
energetic enterprises. But the reversal indicates that we are unlikely to reap
any benefits from our efforts this season. Perhaps we are not putting the
right kind of energy into our relationships. The keyword on this card
is “Vision,” The reversal suggests that perhaps
we lack common goals with our significant others. Are we looking
forward together or in different directions? Position 5: What can we give
back to our relationships with others this season? And the card here is the
King of Cups, reversed. The keyword on this card is “Control.” And relinquishing
control is challenging if you are used to being the leader. But it may be just
the thing our significant others need from us this season. So let’s let them
lead for a change! So how can we better honor our relationships with others this
season? Let’s look at Position 6 for more guidance. The card here is Queen of
Swords, reversed. Queens are masters of interpersonal affairs. And as I mentioned
earlier, the suit of Swords is all about analytical strategies. The reversal
suggests that a lighter hand is needed when managing our relationships this
season. But you’ll notice that the two cards of the King and the Queen here are
looking at each other. So with a little bit of work, some positive progress is
possible. The third pyramid is Relationship with Oneself. Position 7:
What do I take for myself? And the card here is Temperance. This card is all
about seeking balance between extremes. This is a very positive card! Position 8:
What do I give back to myself? And the card here is Five of Swords. Now in my
system, this card is associated with bullies and aggression.
So do you “beat yourself up” with negative, overly critical thoughts? Hmm…what can we
do about that? Let’s look at Position 9: How can I honor who I am?
The answer we seek will be in this card. And it is…Oh! The Ace
of Cups! Excellent! The keyword on this card is “Love.” That means accepting
ourselves for who we are, faults and all. And this concludes our reading. I wish
you all much love and joy this autumn season! If you’ve enjoyed
this video, give it a like. It helps others find the video and it lets me
know that you are interested in Tarot spreads that celebrate the changing of
the seasons. Until next time, remember: The magic is not in the cards, the magic is
in you! So be good, be kind, and as always be awesome!


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