Tarot divination_你天生搞笑程度?You are born to be funny?(English、French、日文、한국어、Deutsch、 subtitle

Which part of the film is most attractive to you? (There are 4 areas, please choose the area that is most attractive to you) Hello, Hello. What part of the film that attracts you most is 1234. If you choose the pattern of the first block. Most appealing to you The natural level of hilarity is actually relatively low. The reason is because you actually pay more attention to security. Like a sense of security in economic and financial conditions And to make the whole family or your family more stable and sustainable. Then there will be no external force to destroy So in fact, what about you? Is the situation weak but Your management of the economy and finance will be stronger. If you choose the pattern of the second part More attractive to you In fact, you really want to be funny. But sometimes you can’t put down your body So if you can feel like your own funny and humorous Can be promoted You can try not to care about who you are or who you are. Who and then where to sit In which department of the company, what position does it hold? When you put these identities down, you can more naturally integrate into the crowd. Then let your own sense of humor and funny ability come out Next The pattern that is selected to the third block is most appealing to you. Actually, you are a cold-faced laughter. In fact, you can make everyone feel pretty funny. Very happy But you are not willing to do it yourself. Or you may not express your true feelings and emotions yourself. Maybe everyone always thinks that you are very interesting But you often feel a mystery I don’t know what you are thinking about. Or to guess your true thoughts So in fact, you still have a good sense of humor. With funny talent If you choose the fourth block Actually, you are a very funny person. It’s always making your friends feel that this person is really funny. Too interesting then You are actually born to be a very funny one. Don’t need to deliberately show what Or someone might want to learn and practice There is a way to make people feel that this person is very humorous. But you are born to be an action An expression doesn’t even say anything People feel very funny This is also a natural gift for you. The above is the subject to be tested with everyone. I hope you will like it

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