Tarot divination 影片占卜_你有多傻?How silly are you? (English、French、日文、한국어、Deutsch、 subtitle

What do you think the title of this film is…? 1. 摇 2. Death 3. Floating 4. Other Hello, Hello. After watching the movie What do you think is the title of the film? If you choose 1. In fact, you used to be stupid. It may be cheated Being kidnapped Then it’s bad for you to be said by many people. But you have not found But now you are actually not stupid. Because you have found that those people love to lie to you Or the fact that the information you received is not really packaged. Then disassemble and reassemble it into a fake thing and send it to you. So you will find that you may have been cheating in the past. But now because I have been cheated too many times So now it’s quite savvy If you choose the second, you will be represented. Actually, you are not stupid. In fact, you are quite smart. But you didn’t want to let other people know Actually, you are not a fool. Maybe you will seem to be a bit slower. Or it seems that the brain has not turned so fast. But in fact, you are a pretty real You know very well about this world. If it seems to have a white lunch, In fact, there should always be some problems with mystery. So in fact, you are a very low key. But not stupid people Just everyone may not see it big Next choose The third floating words mean that you are not stupid. but Many times you will become silly What kind of situation is this? That is, you always feel that there are many things to deal with. Always confused Then always say that someone is looking for you Then I said that this happened suddenly. No one can handle Just looking for you So you always have too many things to get to the end Even if you don’t want to be stupid, you become silly. Because you are in a chaotic situation You can easily make the wrong decision Telling the wrong words or being right people Sometimes this person shouldn’t be so fierce. But because you are too busy So I accidentally murdered him. But you are a fierce this matter Finally, continue to develop It becomes very difficult For example, you are fierce. Should not be fierce, the fierce customer should not be the fierce leader, the fierce subordinate should be so fierce. Those people may have a good relationship with you. But this is being murdered by you. As long as they just don’t want to work with you So you have to be silly But if you adjust your emotionalization Maybe this situation can be improved If you choose to 4. Other words represent Actually, you are really stupid. Your stupidity is stupid. It is easy to be fooled by another half or intimate people. Maybe this is your good friend. You trust him very much But I don’t know that he has been secretly selling your things. Or is he actually using you? But you didn’t find it That is The friends and family you trust around you will use you. Then deceive you and then You haven’t found out that you have been kept in the dark. So in this respect Actually, you are a bit silly. The above is to do this test with everyone, I hope everyone will like it.

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