Tarot divination影片占卜_你的剋星是…?Your natural enemy is? (English、French、日文、한국어、Deutsch、 subtitle

What is the number of seconds in the movie when you start to watch the movie impatiently? 1. 40 seconds or less 2. 41~70 seconds 3. 71~80 seconds 4. 81 seconds or more Hello, Hello. When you watch this video When you feel impatient That number of seconds is the second few seconds. If you choose less than 1.40 seconds Your nemesis is actually a noisy people. That is No matter which environment it is. If you hear a bunch There should be a bunch of meaningless quarrels For example A has always said that he is right. B, if I am right, C said that you are all wrong, I am good at speaking. This kind of has been noisy Always busy Then there is no reason and logic. Is purely a different personal position Interest relationship is interest If the stakes are different You will always feel annoyed Then there is no way to calm down I can’t think about what I have to do normally. So your nemesis is actually a noisy crowd. If you choose 2. 41~70 seconds The nemesis that represents you is the result of no way to avoid For example, there are some things he is accumulating May be fate This environment has these things He may be A feels that he is right. Then B said that you are doing this right? Then it looks like nothing Finally, reconcile But after a few days Another change to a new policy Come down again This time other people will say Oh, I think there is a problem with this policy. Then I have my own ideas for A and B. Then things seem to be fine again. Have a new conclusion But after a while, another company has a manufacturer Oh, actually, I think you are really not doing this. I think we should change this time. Accumulate one thing at a time The result of the last explosion is that everyone will have a big fight. Then just say don’t do it. Otherwise, it is better to give this case to anyone. At last That result Actually it’s accumulated Then the thing happened again and the variables finally accumulated and became a result that could not be recovered. This is actually your nemesis. You are afraid Is the kind that has accumulated to a point Then explode Then I can’t save it anymore. For example, after one thing happened For example, gas has forgotten Is that it may explode The situation that can’t be avoided completely is your nemesis. If you choose 3.71~80 seconds, it means your nemesis. In fact, why are the friends and family around you? Because you have experienced one thing together Or there used to be some pasts that didn’t want to look back. For example, it may be around your life. You have a neighbor together That neighbor may be a person whose character is not so good. He may often litter or be Often loud bickering and then Plus he may not be very friendly to people. Not very polite and then There are often some strange strange people coming in and out. So that neighbor may be your common memory. a hard person but He may have a little connection to your home. For example, maybe he is your relative. This is you guys You are afraid that your nemesis is around your life, but He is very close to you But you don’t want to face him again. For example, that person is your relative. But you do not want to admit But you can’t avoid the littering of him. With some very strange people coming in and out Then it was very noisy at night. You can’t avoid this situation. So in fact, these people around you are your nemesis. If you choose the fourth 81 seconds or more Representing your nemesis is a work of economic status and stability This is your nemesis Maybe you always hope that your work situation is stable. Then the economic situation does not need to worry Is a normal life It’s good to go like this. But if your life has always been the environment is constantly changing For example, if you suddenly ask yourself, is this job suitable for you? Then the family suddenly needs your help. Suddenly you need to pay a small fee So this time your nemesis will be your life. The daily economy and the money have always been a problem that you find it difficult to deal with. The above is to test this topic with everyone. I hope you will like it

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