Tarot divination[塔羅Lab.研究生]2020適合的存錢方式?The right way to save money in 2020?(English、日文、한국어、subtitle

Hello everyone See A on the screen BCDE five cards This question is about how to save money. I believe everyone if No matter if you are just out of society Or are you a student or a member of the community After working for a very long time Financial management Save money In fact, it is a daily life that must be encountered in life Because it costs money from the moment you open the door Then you get sick I need to see a doctor Then you usually Drive a bike or you have a mortgage To bear any debt Actually all use money So money is actually for each of us Is a very important being So some people find it easy to save money Is that he sets goals He can save that number But for some people What sense does he think I save? Because you may feel that the amount of salary has not reached your ideal Do you think that the saved money is really helpful for yourself in the future? In fact Actually former people He may need to live to forty 50 years of age is already considered longevity Because previous medical care was not as advanced Then sometimes some disasters or more turmoil So Not long You do n’t need that much money Modern people may have lived to their 70s and 80s That age is very different So in the past, saving and saving money did n’t even show some nasty old people. You will find that the concept of life is not as long as imagined Many disasters or miserable things happen that your life is very long But your money The money you saved is either your investment or wealth management or you haven’t done any money allocation He is not enough to cope with your old life As time goes by Getting older Our physical strength will also decline Even some people ’s heads Not as brilliant as before Of course, it may be that when I was young, my head didn’t feel so smart. It’s like I don’t feel very smart myself So whether it’s physical fitness or self-awareness What about this situation We all go with the years Then gradually go down Let ’s talk about this first By the way, it ’s about saving money. In fact, some people said that they should not save money Inflation will eat our money Use value is book value Well, if you think about it, it ’s actually a piece of paper. but We all acknowledge that he has that value It’s as if we wouldn’t admit that Monopoly toy banknotes have practical value But we are willing to acknowledge the paper money in our wallet He is valuable But if for other creatures that are not on Earth, He would think that it was just something that looked like colored paper What this means is to explain that the value of money is actually what we have agreed to We are willing to believe but Its value will follow as the government The more banknotes the central bank should print, the more it will dilute the value on the par After 30 years The one hundred we saw His actual monetary value is only fifty dollars So he just cut off the remaining half of the face value So if only saving money But you didn’t make your money available for investment When managing money No matter what kind of investment and financial management you do, its value If you simply save He can’t help it Increase his compounding effect and value over time But even more realistic is If not even saving started It’s a word about depositing the principal without the principal that If you want to talk about investment and wealth management or the allocation of more diverse assets Harder to understand Or more difficult Because there is no principal Would be equal to 0 times 0 Any number will be 0 I believe everyone has already chosen On screen A
One of the BCDE cards So how about today Start with the A card This card represents 2020 The way to save money for you is to touch less advertising Talk to your favorite influencer or your IG influencer or a famous person or a special person you like What they advertise Like the bag he took He wears the latest sunglasses Then she wears the latest clothes or accessories His necklace ring And who does he work with? What product did he make And as you get bombarded with more and more ads And the person you are following You will want to buy what he bought But this is very normal This is because people see people who like or pay attention After he is attracted to what he has, he will want to own it This is quite normal. But in 2020 If you wish you could deposit a little more money Or the number you want to save Suggest you can temporarily Don’t follow or reach people you like every day He advertised Those ads Very effective to make you want to involuntarily empty your own purse If you do n’t track those ads for now And then go out a little less to do high consumption and entertainment costs may be ordinary people She went out shopping May cost about a thousand dollars But sometimes you want to see better or higher quality It is a brand-name thing You can’t help but want to have Will continue to increase. You may have only bought one thing in the beginning. I also want to buy accessories and so One-time consumption Maybe you spent more than five or six thousand Even tens of thousands are possible It ’s all based on the situation and mood you ’re experiencing So if you want to save money Exposed to advertising or tempted you Or a sales promotion When someone keeps selling to you It is recommended to keep a safe distance from them appropriately Will be safer for your purse If you choose B, it means you The way to save money in 2020 is actually a very traditional way to save money Some people think that fixed deposits seem to be very incapable of achieving the maximum utility and efficiency of money. After all, interest rates are not high, but For you You like the conservative way You believe in saving money slowly Actually you will feel safe How much money do you think I save each month Then I can see how much he has accumulated. You all feel at ease Very stable Then because You ca n’t just spend money at any time So he will be very stable there In this way In fact, it is also suitable for more conservative hearts. Because you can save money And can feel at ease This way I ’m afraid it ’s too risky Suggest you to save money You can divide the time into different actions Maybe you want to save 50,000 yuan You can divide into 5 pens And then save for five more months in this way If you need money temporarily You do n’t have to cancel Use the money in the event of a default So like this You can save money with peace of mind And you do n’t need to make losses Loss to the interest rate you want to deposit This is a way that works for you The next choice is C In 2020 The right way for you to save money is to reduce going out for entertainment Then minimize The one who rushed to pay when friends were gathering Actually you are a very generous person You feel going out If we are happy together Spend money is small And sometimes when you ’re suddenly too happy, you feel like you ’re paying for it Even if your moment Said these words You all feel very happy I’m in a good mood But wait till the end of the month I feel sad when I look at the bill and the balance of my account. I don’t think I can save any money So sometimes you ca n’t help but live in a circle of friends When a boss wants to show that he is great I can control this place very well And I actually have a lot of appeal And then make myself feel very face-saving But because you like this state, you will also spend a lot of unnecessary money virtually. on this side If you want to save money recently When you can’t help but want to say this time you treat You can hold back first Or thinking about how much you spend Did you really make the best use of this money? Spend this money on other things Maybe you go to study Maybe study or you donate it to someone in need Maybe he used more potency For example, if you just entertain yourself, it will cost tens of thousands. Or one bottle of wine cost 3,000 yuan Is there any value? So when hanging out with friends Especially when you are very prone to spend a lot of money If you choose D, it means 2020 In fact, you may find it difficult to save money financially Because it feels like the money coming in is not as much as expected Or I feel that the money I make always seems to be insufficient People think you can do it How can i feel insufficient But you think the rent is also high Then you have to pay more for transportation And then take the mortgage Have children Many more things Then all the bills you have to pay will follow So it always makes you feel like you ca n’t catch up with you The bill you have to pay Your salary has never caught up So in 2020 You will also find it difficult to save money. Then the right way to save money is actually with your good friend Or your partner Or your family Let them know you want to do this again You will feel like you did Because there is a companion and someone beside you Let me remind you Remind you how much money you should save this month Or where did you save your money now What about these actions Let you remind yourself that I want to save money I need to do this Need to make your money accumulate as much as possible So if there is someone beside you Whether he is your good friend Or your partner Actually they remind you to work with you to save money later You can feel happy and secure in this interaction Just think I do this now Someone followed me So we are safe and secure This can greatly increase your chances of saving money. If you choose E in the last picture, The representative said Actually your financial situation is actually pretty good now The economy in 2020 is not problematic Maybe you do n’t even need to save money You can have a lot of money and wealth Then picked this card If you still feel that you need to save some money, Basically pretty easy for you Because you do n’t feel like you ’re spending too much on money Don’t feel like I have one A situation where every month is spent So you know how to manage your finances. How to deal with your own money Then your money concept is also OK. It’s alright The way to save for you Is based on your own personality and your money situation may have been Your fixed money for a month has been distributed This money should be used by everyone in daily life May have to pay off your mortgage Or to support the family So in fact you know very well When you come in for every salary He will go to his right position and then You are not going Because I spend money on a whim So it ’s actually a pretty mature person in terms of money. and then Neither Troubled by lack of money Best for you The way to save money is exactly according to your own ideas If you think you can save money this way In fact, it has been proven in the past that you have saved money this way Then you continue to do this Do you think you want to get better results Words of benefit I suggest you can go to study later Then take a lesson This way of learning gives this person more knowledge about money You can understand financial management at a higher level Then more diverse ways to deal with money The above is the subject tested with everyone today I hope everyone in 2020 Can be smooth To save the number you want to save With trees


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