Tarot divination[塔羅Lab.研究生]圖案占卜_2020課題是什麼?What is the subject of 2020?(English、日文、한국어、subtitle)

Hello everyone See it on the screen today This topic is You have a friend He is doing laboratory work and then He likes to look inside the microscope Various situations (strange shapes) So what do you see here? What everyone sees on the screen 123456 He can take a screenshot of this picture And said to give it to you (meaning you can’t refuse) Although you can’t understand what it is But what He asked you to choose the one you like (forced winning) Then use your instinct to choose one you think you will want to get How’s everyone’s 2019? It’s now 2020 What’s the topic today Just to test it with everyone What are the issues in 2020? If you have tested the topics in 2019 By the way, you can compare the issues of last year. Is it related to this year’s topic? What did you realize yourself? What test did you feel? Or feel like you’ve grown If everyone can choose now, Let’s start with the first picture 啰 If you think of this picture Actually it means 2020 Your subject is stability and maintenance And how can you continue to manage what you want to have? Or want to go Specialization you want to go For example, you may feel that you need to improve and improve Do you think you are at work Can specialize this technique again Or do you think your education is not enough You want to go to study Some people may be more technical It’s maintenance Or do something more technical Then you may also think that you should go abroad to learn more Or more advanced studies Then continue to study You will also think about this piece Then sometimes I actually think Thinking about what you didn’t do When time passes, I forget So in 2020 What you want to do is possible Actually it has been done before Your 2018 2019 You have already continued to learn and ask or understand Then by 2020 All you have to do is make you For example, some people like Develop a good life He hopes to sleep at normal times Or exercise at normal times Or the food is nutritious and healthy Then by 2020 Your project is to keep doing these good habits that you hoped to do before Then you may not like the conditions you want to rule out Just keep it up If you tell you Say for yourself that you do n’t want any more bad habits For example, if you like to stay up late What about 2020? Your test will be how you want to maintain this good habit Then don’t stay up all night Next select this picture The test of 2020 is when the environment Or you have some insecurity inside Or fluctuations Even your thoughts There are many Think it might be better to say that I might do this? Or is it better to listen to a friend? Or is the conclusion better after discussing with the family? The thoughts in your heart are the same as those of you Do you hear all kinds of remarks on TV or the Internet? May be war may break out Or the Cold War will happen Or is there a trade war? These will affect your judgment Or your inner thoughts Then your own subject in 2020 will become how you want to feel insecure in the external environment and in your heart. Even too many ideas Strike a balance But the reason this balance can get you a little bit is because you don’t feel secure Will this decision be a success? Will never fail Just makes you feel a little scared You seem to step on a rope You will be afraid to fall Or afraid If this decision is made Maybe another thing might be better? You will be a little overwhelmed by the choice of opportunity cost Not sure done Is the other the best choice and answer? Then if In 2020 When you encounter something small or big If you feel a little confused in your heart Or when there is a strong sense of insecurity Suggest that you can calm down and tell yourself that you don’t need to be nervous What you really want in your heart Or what I hope I can achieve When you calm down and visit yourself You can grow The so-called growth is the wisdom you can learn to choose the wisdom of choice This is a consensus you have to reach yourself in 2020 A topic to enhance wisdom So if after 2020 you If you complete this assignment after this project When you encounter some difficult or major decisions in life You can use that wisdom to solve immediate difficulties or problems Instead, he will become a precious gift in your life The next choice is the third picture. Represents 2020 For you Actually your subject is something learned Have made some results For example, you may not be the one who knows you well Already different Has grown Already understood and then Others also think that you are actually somewhat capable Others recognize you too Everyone knows in such a Actually you are capable Your topic for 2020 is how do you start planning What will you do in the future to make you better now than before You have grown You have learned that when everyone reaches a level and a stage Usually we have a voice in our hearts Say if you should move on to your next assignment Or move on to the next goal You can learn more Or it could be better than before So in 2020 Actually your subject is how do you want to discover Or how to plan your own future How to actually do it and then What are the details? The part you can do Where can current capabilities do it? and then Is there any part that has not been thought of yet? But you actually have ideas too Or interested in doing it About this piece In fact, it’s quite different for people to plan. Probability of future self Is that you can think about it Maybe the piece you didn’t expect Maybe even if others feel your ability You didn’t expect it at all You may feel that you are just doing a very ordinary job All live a life of little change But others see me see some of your talents And ability you have not found For example, some people may notice that you are careful Or notice that you care about other people But you don’t pay special attention to yourself Have this ability or this characteristic advantage Then in 2020 In fact, you can improve your ideas and horizons Is to go to other places to see more travel Communicate or chat with different people In this process Once you Leaving the comfort zone You will find that there are actually many things You don’t know yet But that one is curious Even a very important factor that will affect your future planning is hidden in it So suggest 2020 Can walk around Try to do things that have not been done And go to places that I have n’t been Whether it’s work Or travel Or is purely purposeless Just want to check it out Any place I have n’t been This way you can help you have greater breakthroughs and possibilities when doing some future planning. Next, if I choose the fourth picture, What is your topic in 2020 When explaining your thoughts and wanting to get what you want Can stay sane Then you can bravely say what you really think To talk to people outside and even the atmosphere of the outside environment As a rational communication and explanation Sometimes when we want to do something But the people around you may be your parents Or your elder Still your friend Your boyfriend and girlfriend your family They may have their own ideas I feel that you are doing something inappropriate or wrong If someone has a more direct personality at this time, He may express his opinion in a quarrel Some people He might say yes on the surface Then it may not actually be the way of identification Even now He just suppressed his emotions to express himself Then in 2020 Your subject is You have your idea People nearby also have their own ideas These ideas are not right or wrong It’s just your position It ’s different from what you want So the question of vaccines that cannot be used will be to express yourself But in a state of reason and reason In the end there was no consensus Disagreement That doesn’t matter Then you can get some suggestions from others in this process It ’s good to think So in 2020 If you disagree with someone Suggest to calm down first Will be more helpful to yourself Then you can also understand the thoughts of many people in this world through this process. Actually different from myself But there is no right or wrong The fifth pattern selected next Represents 2020 Actually pretty good for you Quite interesting The interesting part is your peach blossom or your popularity very good Then when your peach blossoms are very popular Is actually telling you You may want to learn how to maintain a peaceful and harmonious relationship with others in this relationship Someone should notice In fact, the relationship is either that some people may be good to you Some people are not good with you Some people are unfamiliar Some people are born to deal with relationships He knows how to keep a proper distance from people What about chatting Less likely to hurt each other Or make the other person ugly Or they do n’t make the other person feel uncomfortable Some people are born stronger in interpersonal relationships It doesn’t matter if you are born to deal with relationships Or talking to a lover Coping with communication is strong or trivial in 2020 You will find In the interpersonal relationship are you It can easily become the focus You and your family your colleague Your lover Then there may be new male and female friends Or know a lot of people They can communicate with you When interacting You can Noticed myself especially when talking to people Will there be attention to other people’s emotions? Then you say this sentence, will others think too much? Or misunderstood what you mean So in 2020 Your subject will be when you are very popular When many people come in contact with you How are you going You can make the other person feel like you can get along Can continue to be friends Then do n’t feel offended or if the other person makes you uncomfortable Or someone you do n’t think is right When interacting with you What are you going to do in a vague area That is, a gray area to maintain a friendly relationship with each other This is actually quite a deep art So in 2020 You can interact with all kinds of people You can get a different idea Just no one will think like you But when they express themselves How are you going to respond very softly And make the other person feel like In fact, I can continue to be friends with you Or wouldn’t I reject to do more with you This is a subject of pretty art Although in 2020 you will feel that many people have contact with you Then you can also learn a lot of different conversations With the situation Pick to the end This one If this is the case, then 2020 Your topic is how do you start from Sadness or bad memory Come out inside Because you may have suffered some injuries before Or feel uncomfortable Still encountered some conditions you hate What about this bad feeling? You actually know that you should not continue to be addicted So in 2020 You need to face these pains and wounds And let myself come out In other words It was pitiful that you thought you were the victim In this state you need to keep yourself away So I suggest you in 2020 If you feel that it ’s hard to turn into an optimistic moment Or it’s okay to transform into one If you are in good shape You can do a transfer from your interests You may be able to cultivate new interests Or doing what you liked before Maybe you used to like playing But you have been for a while Because I’m busy with something or sad or dealing with something sad So I didn’t go to play Then you can take advantage of 2020 Go tell yourself Should return to a happy state Instead of indulging in that sad state So if you think you want to get out of this negative mood quickly Or angry These bad things will hurt you Whether it ’s psychological or physical, Suggest that in 2020 you can hurry to regain your interest Or develop new interests And get to know the new community And interact with the community You can gradually pull yourself away from that negative emotion That ’s all for today. Where are the issues for 2020? Hope everyone will like it 啰


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